Dining Room Paint Colors 2023: Updated Forecast from Professional Colorists

If you took a look at the latest color trends in 2023, you have probably noticed that the once-thought irreplaceable calm and neutral paint colors are finally giving up their place in favor of new pops of color with fresher tinges and bolder intentions. Since some designers fully celebrate the colorful explosion of the upcoming season while others still pay tribute to the all-time favorite impartial shades, the dining room paint colors have been divided into two major categories that define the current trends – calm pastels with a few rich neutrals and bright paint colors with juicy hints inspired by the outdoors. 

Following the dining room trends in 2023, we can distinguish between two defining concepts – comfort on the one hand and maximalism on the other side, and depending on what works best for you, you can choose a corresponding palette. Luckily, paint manufacturers have options for both sides, and we shall discover them as follows.

Timeless Neutrals: Redefined Comfort

While amateurs of bright colors can finally celebrate their love for eye-catching shades and not be afraid of looking too imposing, those who want to stay true to their favorite neutrals can safely stick to them, at least to timeless neutrals if ensuring a calm ambiance that instantly makes you feel at home is a priority. Still, a new season implies updates, and the latest neutral paint colors will surely appeal to you. The go-to shades are ready to befriend your taste in terms of interior design style. There is one condition – they should be rich and sophisticated, which means a few hidden notes of nature-inspired hues would not hurt. In this sense, the beloved color brands have lots of choices.

Threshold Taupe SW 7501 by Sherwin-Williams

The middle-tone mix of gray and brown with neither a cool or warm appearance from the popular color brand gets inspiration from earthy shades and cultivates the desire to find balance with oneself, even in such a space as the dining area. The slightly dark color finds its way to your heart while paired with classy furniture and reflective surfaces. 

Blank Canvas DC-003 by Behr

The pearl of the trendy neutral shades in 2023 and color of the year at the renowned trendsetter Behr, Blank Canvas, resembles a white canvas waiting to be painted with your favorite colors, be they bright or calm. In the dining room, it works best with untreated wood and decorative greeneries. 

Spanish Sand OR-W07 by Behr

This richly tinged greige paint color with a seemingly impartial base that takes different effects under different lights is the no-fail color option for ultra-modern dining rooms with curvaceous forms, sleek silhouettes, and glass surfaces.

Terrace White by Dulux

Fearless off-white paint color with the most subtle tinge of bluish freshness that can easily change into gray under warmer light. The unusual and so-called chameleon neutral stands as a perfect background for daring endeavors with styles.

Green Alabaster Half by Dulux

The light gray shade with astonishingly tiny green undertones resembles a modern off-white paint color when applied to well-lit spaces and serves as a perfect alternative to old-time neutral colors due to its rich, be it hidden, undertones.

New Pastels: The Threshold between Neutral and Bold

Since there are two contrasting directions one can opt for when choosing the color scheme for the dining room in the new season, which is either a color palette that appeals to your well-being or a color code that underlines your inner self, the colorists came up with a smart transition threshold, which is fully composed of pastel paint colors, of course, inspired by nature. The following color collection works for those who want to embrace the bold color trends in 2023 yet are not ready to deal with the brightest and hottest colors of the season. 

Earthy Pastels

Toile Red SW 0006 by Sherwin-Williams

A dark red shade with a dusty surface for the most pleasant pastel variation of rich earthy color. The paint color makes for a cocoon-like environment for comfortable long gatherings at the dining table.

Redend Point SW 9081 by Sherwin-Williams

The leading paint color at Sherwin-Williams, a pleasant earthy shade gravitating between rich brown and light burgundy with the slightest trace of clay is currently among the favorite pastel paint colors and a perfect choice for spaces you would like to comfortably take your meal in.

Pure Earth PPU7-05 by Behr

A dark taupe paint color that shows nothing else but the essence of earth color in its natural beauty, which connects with the outdoors and serves as a secure and stately background for modern furniture and decoration.

Cinnamon Sand by Dulux

The pastel terracotta shade with warm orange scents works as the best paint color for those who desire a really comfortable effect. Even the coldest winter day will feel warm while taking your dinner in a space painted like this.

Juicy Pastels

Conch Shell 052 by Benjamin Moore

Elegant pink, whose stark gray undertones make for a dusty effect that allures and inspires a change with the relatively bold pinkish pillars that keep this paint color confident. It works well with light wood surfaces, particularly in Scandinavian-decorated spaces.

White Raisin SW 7685 by Sherwin-Williams

Pastel shade of mustard yellow with a pretty courageous personality that inserts positivity and hope for a better future. Not to our surprise, this paint color engages itself in a harmonious dance with countryside-style interiors, where every piece reminds you of happy childhood memories.

Half Sea Fog N470-3 by Behr

A mysteriously attractive shade of gray-blue, whose pastel effect is ensured by the foggy veil that stands behind the soothing and versatile paint color. Contemporary adaptations of styles with decluttered spaces and perfect light conditions are the best friends of this gorgeous paint color.

Hybrid S340-3 by Behr

A delightful sage hue with the most subtle warm notes that pays tribute to wildlife and brings everything natural to interiors in the softest way possible due to the charismatic pastel magic. Undoubtedly, Hybrid is a safe color option for both traditional and modern spaces.

Mornington by Dulux

Warm variation of pastel pink with an energy-radiating base that puts a good start to mornings and a comfortable ending to the day. In a few words, an unforgettable trendy paint color you cannot go unnoticed with in the dining space.

Daring Paint Colors: Tell Your Story through Your Colors

The hit of the season is the priceless collection of the brightest shades possible that bring color to our lives. Have you always dreamed of making your favorite bold color part of your interior? Have you always been a secret connoisseur of bright paint colors? Now is the time to make the most of this trend. Don’t be afraid to play with daring combinations that make sense to you only. 2023 is the year of freedom and expression by means of color and shapes. Give it a try! No wonder paint manufacturers and prominent trendsetters included lots of such paint colors in their 2023 collection. Explore the new world of colors with the following selection. 

Raspberry Blush 2008-30 by Benjamin Moore

The dynamic coral tone penetrated by pinkish vibrancy with a mind-blowing audacity tops the list of the best dining room bright color paints as the color of the year at this brand. As colorists state, this shade will surely change your perspective on color and make you fall in love with standout paint colors such as this one.

Starry Night Blue 2067-20 by Benjamin Moore

Bright, sparkling, and enchanting – the new shade of blue devoid of disturbing undertones shines in its true beauty. Quick trick! Paint the dining chairs in this shade on a light background, and your dining room will look as if out of a magazine that reveals the latest 2023 trends. 

Savannah Green 2150-30 by Benjamin Moore

Stylish and up-to-date green-yellow that brings the breezy and appealing Greek weather into your dining area. The yellow olive shade has impressive appetite-awakening abilities that would work pretty well in the room you take your meal in.

Goldfinch SW 6905 by Sherwin-Williams

With a shadow of orange, as if borrowed from the sun, this golden yellow is a true representative of self-expression for those who want to bring as much energy into their dining room as possible, which looks great when applied to pieces of furniture on light backgrounds.

Black Magic SW 6991 by Sherwin-Williams

Although not a bright hue, this is also a statement pop of color. If you decide to express your stately personality through this shade of black, consider it for the space entirely without leaving a spot to preserve the integrity of this stark color with a confident personality.

Vermilion S150-5 by Behr

Dusty burgundy hue for those who want to tell their story through romanticist words. Intriguing and drama-revealing, the charismatic paint color will perfectly suit enigmatic people who want to share and hide their personalities simultaneously. 

Sophisticated Teal HDC-CL-22 by Behr

Intricate paint color, gravitating between blue-green and gray-blue. As intriguing as it sounds, as fascinating it looks within contemporary design techniques. An accent wall painted this way in the dining room is enough to refresh and make the space feel stylish.

Pink Chi by Dulux

With pink thriving in the new season, this vivacious paint color cannot go overlooked. Still, there is something soft and up-to-date about this edgy color, which makes it a perfect inspirational source for dining room makeovers in the upcoming season.

Paper Brown by Dulux

Well, if it is brown, it is a very light one, which gives rather peachy vibes. With the softest pink trace and restoring positive energy, this paint color makes for a great background in the dining area, nurturing your soul with hope.

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