Biggest Dining Room Trends for 2024: Colors, Furniture, and Styles

To the attention of interior designers, homeowners, and amateurs alike: we researched the upcoming dining room trends for 2024 and ended up with a huge list of design ideas. You’ll indeed find at least a few favorites. 

Generally, the new design trends for the space where we gather with our dear ones are much freer than in previous years. Experts predict more combinations of different design styles, a wider range of colors, a more emphasized focus on sustainable materials, lots of wooden furniture, the revival of botanical upholstery, accent furnishing, and statement chandeliers, to name a few. Read on for a comprehensive reveal of the most significant dining room trends for 2024.

Key Dining Room Color: Brown

We decided to start with color. It’s no secret that earthy tones are making a prominent comeback in 2024. Expect lots of brown shades in particular. Interestingly, the same earthy color can simultaneously feel comfy, stately, confident, empowering, calming, and inspiring. Yet, most importantly, brown creates an irreplaceable feel of home. We kind of need that lately. Thus, we firmly suggest you go for a brown-colored dining space, from lighter to deeper shades. Even more, a space painted all dark brown is one of the most awaited dining room color trends, even in the smallest rooms.

We enter a beautiful design era when boundaries disappear under the contemporary freedom of designing your home how you like, bringing it closer to your lifestyle. The same goes for color. There are no more rules. You simply pick the tone you want and let it define your interior design.

Don’t lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to paint your dining room in a daring and original shade of green, radiant blue, optimistic pink, courageous violet, striking yellow, or magenta rose. Unless you love neutrals so much, set an entertaining vibe in the dining space with a vibrant shade out of the trendiest 2024 dining room paint colors

Revival of Dark Wood Furniture

Integrating natural materials is a must in an age of sustainable design options. You’ll see plenty of dining room furniture made of wood in the upcoming season. This effortlessly stylish material looks great in any design style. Yet, experts urge us to pay more attention to dark wood in 2024. 

The Curved Silhouettes Go On

You’ve probably noticed the abundance of rounded shapes in the 2023 season. Luckily, they go on this season. Unlike the austere character of sharp lines, the soft and inviting curved edges bring many valuable features to the dining room furniture and accessories. They visually add more free space, make the design flow harmoniously, and, not least, look trendy. Yes, curves are another dining room furniture and decor trend.

Back to Upholstered Seats

One of the best dining room chair trends this year is upholstery. The comfy seats are finally back. Trendsetters care about comfort the most, and the ergonomic chairs with soft upholstery surprise us with a wide range of colors and textures this season. 

Statement Dining Room Chairs

Look for accent chairs in your new dining room and let them steal the show. It’s time you added more individuality to your dining space, and unusually shaped seats together with bold colors will perfectly underline the updated character of the new design. 

Aesthetic Glass Effect

Add aesthetic value to your dining room with the trending acrylic chairs. Similarly to the latest living room trends, glassware is one of the most prominent dining room trends. Aside from making this space larger, glass-like chairs update and elevate the interior design. You’ll find yourself admiring them unconditionally.

Statement chandeliers are mainstream. The design is up to your taste. Still, pay attention to natural materials, oversize pendants, and custom designs. For instance, the unforgettable Japandi fixtures, round and made of organic fabric, are a leading trend. Simultaneously, designers favor all types of rounded lighting fixtures.

More Textiles, More Comfort

For years, we tried to skip carpets and rugs as much as possible. The overly-trending minimalism might have been one of the reasons. Still, 2024 is a whole new story. Designers encourage us to swap uncovered flooring for soft carpets or area rugs. What’s more, bright-colored textiles are gaining popularity together with traditional prints. Alternatively, think of organically textured pieces, such as jute rugs, which are highly durable and perfect for high-traffic areas.

Banquettes Are Back

Did you miss them? We surely did. Expect to see the revival of the so-called benches in the 2024 dining areas. They work perfectly in small open-floor spaces that creatively combine the dining space with a cooking area. What’s new is that designers urge us to use as much creativity when designing a banquette: statement chairs, expensive-looking tables, accent pendants, and new colors. The best thing about the recent dining room trends is probably the ability to make a piece of art out of everything. 

Cottagecore Aesthetics

Natural wood furniture, vintage accessories that remind us of the good old days, floral prints, handwoven baskets, cute printed textiles, and life feels better. The emerging dining room style romanticizing the quiet cottage life is all the rage now. If you want the slightest hint of peace far from urban life, redecorate your dining room this year in the beloved Countryside style.

Eclectic Dining Room

Stay updated with the latest dining room trends by opting for the emerging Eclectic style that celebrates the originality of pairing various colors, shapes, and pieces from different styles that wouldn’t usually go together, all to achieve a visually appealing interior that shows a unique personality. That is one of the top choices since creativity and individuality are the core principles of designing a contemporary space.

Vintage Holds the Lead

Authenticity will take the fore in 2024. Purely functional dining tables and chairs are no longer in trend, especially when every second home is decorated this way. A gorgeous Vintage table inherited from your grandma undoubtedly overshadows modern dining tables. Alternatively, visit a flea market and hunt for the most unusual pieces that tell a story. As easy as that, your dining room will radiate character and stand out from thousands of dining room design concepts.

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