Dining room wall decor: 2022 trends and ideas with photos

The interior of the dining room is a kind of design quest. Whichever style you choose, striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality is key to decorating a room. If everything is already in order with practicality and comfort, it’s time to think about the decor – and pay enough attention to the vertical surfaces in the room. Let’s look at what wall decor in the dining room is especially relevant today and how you can successfully use our proposed ideas for your interior.

Thinking over the design of the walls in the dining room: important points

Whatever your idea of the walls in your dining room – be it an accent element, a collection of your favorite posters, or a spectacular clock – there are basic rules to keep from being overly or inappropriate. Let’s talk about them in a little more detail – especially since there are very few such rules.

  • Consider integration into the interior. The wall decor in the dining room, consonant with the general style used in the room, is the most reasonable solution. However, if you like experimenting, then you can easily try both contrasting and eclectic accents. However, first, make sure that it really looks beautiful: a wrong choice can be annoying to the point that you can’t even eat normally.
  • Pick one decor type. It is difficult to combine several decor types on the dining room wall at once: if the room is not too large, it will ripple in the eyes. Act on the principle of “less is more” and give preference to the design you really like.
  • Don’t forget about comfort and safety. Convenience remains an essential condition for the harmonious decoration of the walls in the dining room: it should not interfere with anyone. Ensure that no one in the household touches him when passing by and that nothing breaks off and does not fall under his feet or under the table.

So, we figured out the critical features of decorating the wall in the dining room. Perhaps it’s time to move on to the most interesting – namely, to ideas that can communicate completeness and individuality to the interior of a room.

Paintings, panels, photos, or posters

Let’s start with the most simple and complex at the same time. Simple – because this decor option seems quite obvious and complex – because you still have to think about which paintings you will use and in what quantity, as well as how you will place them. Today decorators recommend looking at the following options:

  • a small collection of graphical black and white images of various sizes;
  • one large painting on the wall;
  • a complex composite panel of several photos with wooden or metal elements;
  • a collection of paintings in one genre (still lifes, landscapes, etc.);
  • reproductions or bright and funny children’s drawings, arranged in a row or several rows.

Also, do not forget about the frames of paintings, posters, or photos. Lush classics, graceful in the spirit of art deco, simple in wood or metal for Scandinavian or minimalism, should connect the decor and the interior.

Decorative plates

Want to show off the perfect country, French country, or farmhouse style dining room? Then feel free to arrange a collage of decorative plates on the wall! This wonderful accessory can be turned into a bright accent by choosing a design you like – simple or glazed ceramics or majolica, Meissen blue and white porcelain, or Russian Khokhloma. The flexibility of such a solution remains an important plus: decorative plates look beautiful even on narrow walls if you arrange them in a row.

Accent wall

If you do not feel the desire to use too many accessories in the interior of the dining room, we propose to do it in an easy way – and just make the plane of the wall accent. Such a solution is possible thanks to the following techniques:

The accent wall in the dining room will be an excellent backdrop for furniture. A sideboard or a console, a long bench, or a bar trolley with beautiful tableware will look great next to it.


An always up-to-date way of decorating, which allows you to kill several birds with one stone, is to give the interior of the dining room perfection, bring a zest to the design and visually enlarge the room. As a rule, wall decoration with mirrors is appropriate in such styles as classic, art deco, modern, minimalism, Provence, and Scandinavian. Based on this, you have to choose which mirrors you will use – tall in lush baroque frames, spectacular oval and round in Venetian frames, rectangular with a simple wooden frame, or something completely unusual in shape. Decorating the wall with beveled mirror tiles and mirror panels is also welcome today.


And this way of decoration will surely attract the attention of those who would like to combine aesthetics and practicality. Open shelves, located on the wall in the dining room, will become the base for displaying your lovely tableware, a collection of porcelain or glass goblets, candles, or ceramics. All this you can intersperse beautiful accessories with green plants in pots or your favorite books. Most importantly, do not forget the rule about security. All decor should be securely on the shelves without the risk of falling on the head or under the feet of passing households.

Wall clock

Are Happy hours not observed? Perhaps. However, you are unlikely to refuse to decorate the wall in the dining room with stylish clock options. In favor of clocks as a suitable decorative accessory for the dining room is the fact that today there is a vast number of clocks of all sizes, shapes, and from the most unexpected material combinations. You can even try a vintage-style dining room cuckoo clock or prefer a decor in the spirit of the famous Dali painting for a modern living room – the effect promises to be amazing. In addition, you again have a choice – a massive accessory on the entire wall or a collage of several clocks in different sizes.


If it seems to you that your dining room is short of life, follow the difficult but very effective path – embed an aquarium in the wall. So you can admire the beauty of colorful fish, the unusual shape of corals, and the mysterious swaying of algae at least three times a day. In addition, the aquarium can act as an additional source of lighting, creating a cozy and mysterious atmosphere.

Chalkboard wall

Turning your dining room wall into a whiteboard is a great idea! You can write down your favorite recipes and menus for dinner on it, make shopping lists and jot down ideas that arose spontaneously, leave funny messages for the whole family or remind relatives of something important in your absence – and it will look very organic. As for the material, slate-coated walls look especially impressive; however, cork or magnetic boards can look no worse.

Flower arrangements

If the placement of indoor plants in pots on the wall in the dining room is more or less simple (use all the same open shelves or hanging pots), then the issue with flower arrangements is much more exciting and controversial. Wall panels and flower wreaths add grace and naturalness. The only difficulty is that it is challenging to find ready-made decor options that would suit you perfectly. The most intelligent way out is DIY. You can try your own hand or order from someone from talented artisans – maybe even on the recommendation of someone you know.

Wine cabinet

Good news for lovers of good wine and those who like to sit with a glass in a friendly or romantic conversation. Simply arrange your wine collection in a cabinet built into the dining room wall. Not only does this look highly stylish, but it will also allow you to visualize the assortment from which you will choose red, white, or pink for dinner. Whether it will be just built-in glazed shelves or an authentic backlit wine cabinet depends on your wishes and possibilities.

Living walls, decorative stickers, vintage accessories, panels of spoons, forks, and knives – at your disposal a great variety of ideas for decorating the wall in the dining room. Think carefully about the options you especially like and feel free to bring them to life.

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