Dining room wallpaper trends 2022: modern ideas to keep it up-to-date

The classic wallpaper has been on stage for a long time and does not plan on getting out of trend. This aspect refers to all rooms, where the dining one is not an exception. Considering the latest trends and adding a little bit of creativity, this space can be transformed into a real escape from the daily routine. Make every breakfast or dinner a pleasant experience with a modern arranged dining room. It is easy to set by decorating the walls appropriately. 

Whether you want to keep it simple, go bold, or find a point in between, we are ready to meet all your preferences and provide you with the latest wallpaper trends for this room. Experts suggest you prepare to deal in 2022 with natural colors and elements, simple designs, original patterns, and bold shades. In the same flow of ideas, we would like to draw your attention to the following list with the top ideas for modern wallpaper in your dining room.

Stick to geometric shapes

Geometry is not ready yet to leave the stage and even penetrates deeper into the interior design. It is not a secret that the various forms bring texture and shape substantially to the overall decor. Nevertheless, this year is dominated by geometric patterns that refer to natural elements, particularly popular being the beehive one. 

You do not have to go too extra in this sense for a perfect result. Stick to pastel colors to accompany the bold forms for a balanced environment. Particularly fascinating will look this wallpaper as a background for wood furniture, adding elegance to the room.

Breathe a new life into your dining space

There is no easier way of changing the overall picture of your dining space than applying the idea of the murals to wallpaper. Make this place an escape into the mountains or the jungles by opting for murals of this kind. Of course, it should be considered for an accent wall only as to not overload the room. 

Consider neutral colors to keep it in harmony with the other elements of the room. Depending on your perception of comfort, opt for a specific theme and integrate it into your dining room with an accordingly chosen wallpaper.

Bring in elegance 

Whether you opt for a minimalist style or an eclectic combination of ideas, a splash of elegance will fit as the last piece of the puzzle. Easy to integrate, pleasant to admire, marble wallpaper will achieve this purpose. Consider wallpaper that imitates marble exactly, which is an affordable way of bringing this popular material into your room, or opt for blurred simulations for a new look. 

Once more, neutral colors are to be considered as the pattern itself is bold. Furthermore, swinging from one color to another and playing with the undertones can lead to a soft environment to fill the space with warmness or a cold one for a formal setting.

Art Deco is back

Art deco is back as it has never left. New variations come every year, but the style itself is now more popular than ever. Why not integrate it into your dining room, even if the other elements do not reflect the same style? You should not forget that 2022 suggests the eclectic combination of various units.

Consider the peculiar to this style colors, such as dark blue and gold, and interestingly shaped patterns. If the design is bold enough, opt for an accent wall in this sense and cover the left spaces with a background color to fit the style.

French province in your house

We suggest a French province-themed wallpaper for lovers of a conservative style that imposes a formal environment. Soft colors and thin patterns are all you need to keep that atmosphere within your room. Consider bringing in the old values and setting a modern arrangement by complementing the background with stylish pieces of furniture.

Take into account that such a style is not easy to play with. Once you decide to go this way, make sure that it fits the overall picture of your interior design. As different as the rooms may look among themselves, they should complete each other and form an entity for a coherent switch from one style to another.

Raw background for a modern setting

The modern tendencies suggest a raw approach to interior design to keep it simple and stunning at the same time. Consider concrete-resembling wallpaper with sparkling patterns to reach an original result. First of all, the roughness of stone will balance the contrasts. Furthermore, the new sparkles that accompany it will enrich the environment with new points of interest. 

The bolder the design, the bigger the need to apply it only for an accent wall. It will serve as a perfect background for your dining place, allowing the other elements to stand out and balance the picture.

Keep pace with modern colors

As simple as it sounds, the wallpaper that lacks patterns or implies their blurred imitation and fascinates with its color will compliment your dining space perfectly. The only thing you should consider in this sense is an appropriate shade. The current trends suggest you opt for the following colors:

  • Mint green for a fresh effect that would match the Mediterranean style particularly;
  • Naval blue for a formal environment that would fit any style, especially Art Deco;
  • Soft pink for a pleasant atmosphere that would work as a perfect background for any style;
  • Muted orange for a vibrant effect that would fill your room with energy.

If these shades seem bold to you, consider the neutral ones since they will always be in trend, such as gray, beige, or even white. Furthermore, listen to your feelings and opt for the color that suits you at the emotional level.

Functional settings require practical solutions

Whether your dining space is a separate room or part of the kitchen, it has to deal with food. There is the risk that your wallpaper may get stained, and this is why we suggest you stick to a practical approach in this sense. Consider vinyl wallpaper to preserve the beauty of the walls.

You probably associate this surface with the kitchen particularly and do not see it suitable for a more formal area as the dining one. We would like to convince you that this option will reach a practical and stylish result under appropriate conditions. All you have to do is opt for one of the earlier-mentioned designs and consider a vinyl surface. The latter will also serve as a reflecting background, enlarging, thus, the space.

Black for a statement

Last but not least, this idea is simpler than you think. Go black, even without opting for particular patterns, and you will surely make a statement. Consider black wallpaper to fit a contemporary style. It should be noted that it is not that easy to play with such a bold color. You should consider an appropriate contrast and combine it with other shades to balance the environment.

Opt for appropriate lighting and furniture so as not to overload the environment. Black wallpaper will work perfectly for you if you are looking for a formal result. One last thing to consider: make sure that such an option suits your overall interior design.

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