DIY Halloween decorations 2022: latest trends and ideas with 40+ photos to get inspired

Are you ready for another Halloween season? You probably still have some adjustments to make if you are here. No worries. We know what you are looking for. You want to be as original as possible. There is no doubt you can reach this purpose by coming with your own ideas for the Halloween decoration. You just need a little bit of inspiration, and this is why we are here for.

We are ready to share with you the latest and coolest DIY ideas for the Halloween decoration at all levels, including both the indoor and outdoor arrangements for the perfect and, most of all, original Halloween decor. Stay with us, and we promise you that you will be impressed both by the process and the result. Enough with the words. Let’s get to work.

Halloween DIY indoor decorations 2022: latest ideas with photos for inspiration

Indoor decorations for Halloween represent a large category of items of any shape and color. Due to the fact that every room can be decorated differently, there is a universe of possibilities. Nevertheless, you are here because you want to be original. Therefore, we will provide you with a set of DIY ideas from the latest trends of 2022 that would work for any room of your house. Here is the deal: we provide you with the coolest ideas, while all you have to do is enjoy the process and get inspired.

Pumpkin in bloom

This decoration is ideal for the living room, especially for a minimalist one. It will make you feel the Halloween atmosphere and will add a little bit of aesthetic to the room.

Here is what you have to do: choose some middle-shaped pumpkins; paint them in soothing colors, one color per pumpkin; stick some artificial flowers that would be visible in contrast with the background color. You can arrange these flowers in any way you want. We suggest you paint the pumpkin black and add some white flowers to it in the shape of the moon.

Another suggestion in this sense would be the next one: make a hole at the top of the pumpkin; scoop out the pulp of the pumpkin; paint it with a soothing pink; put inside of it natural flowers, and use it as a vase.

String art

It may sound difficult, but we are here to convince you of the contrary. This decoration will fit any room and add a little bit of spookiness to the atmosphere.

Follow our step by step: choose an image, for instance, a skull or a pumpkin; improvise it on a desk by using nails (you can sketch it with a pencil in advance); use strings and twist them around the nails to fill the space in the arranged shape. You can opt for a black background and white or any other color for the string to emphasize the product.

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

This decorative element will find itself in the bathroom, the last expected room to get scared. It looks sophisticated, but it is easy to make and does not require many units.

Here is the plan: take a transparent glass jar and stick to it the part that is used to pull out the soap; you will need some ping-pong balls that have to be painted in such a way that they would look like eyes (you don’t have to be an artist to do that, just doodle some eye-balls on them); put the products in the jar. There is no doubt that your friends will be impressed when they will find it out.

Creepy contrast

This decoration includes a creepy combination between something scary and something beautiful. It will preserve the Halloween atmosphere and add an aesthetic sense to the room decor.

Here is what you have to do: you will need a decorative skull (it can be bought at any store that specializes in decorative units); paint it black; make a hole at the top of it; put in some artificial flowers (if you opt for natural ones, you will have to add water).

Bat branch

It is not a secret that bats are a symbol of Halloween. Why not make them part of your Halloween decorations in an original way?

Here is how you do that: you will need some middle-sized branches; cut out some black paper bats ( sketch them with a pencil in advance); stick them to the branches. The result will look minimalist, at the same time mysterious.

Monster treats

This decoration will fit your kitchen perfectly. It will serve as a funny way to store the sweets and add some Halloween magic to the room.

How do you do that? Follow us: pick some transparent glass jars; play with a brush and offer them a new look by adding some monster faces or any other design; put some sweets in it. We suggest you consider different colors for each jar. This idea will be exciting for those who want to impress their kids.

Skull centerpiece

This decorative element is from the category of the scary ones, but it doesn’t mean that it will ruin the aesthetics of the room. It will add mystery and point to the oncoming Halloween season.

Here are the steps: make a wreath from middle-sized branches that are easy to be twisted; add some artificial flowers at the bottom of it (to enhance the aesthetics – put them in a hanging way), stick one or two skulls of medium size to it. Now you have nothing else to do than pick a place for it. You can either put it on a desk or hang it on the wall. You can opt for any other design.

Outdoor decorations for Halloween play as much an important part as the indoor ones. Furthermore, they lead to a first impression. This is why they have to stay up-to-date. What is more interesting about that is that the more original you will be in this sense, the more impressed your guests will be. Let’s find out how to incorporate this idea into a perfect Halloween outdoor decoration that is made all by yourself.

Jack O’Lantern Jars

It is common for any household to put Jack O’Lantern pumpkins on the porch for Halloween. What if you put some jars instead? Some original jars made in this sense will offer your decoration a new sparkle, not only in a metaphorical but also in a direct way as they will serve as candle holders.

What do you have to do: pick up some jars; paint them in any color and design you want; put some candles in them, and they are ready to become part of your decoration. We know that it sounds a little bit abstract. This is why we suggest you take a look at the photos and get inspired.

Halloween signs

Would you like to get your guests a little bit confused? There is no easier way to do that than with a Halloween sign. For instance, you can get inspired by Stephen King’s books.

Here is the plan: pick some pieces of wood and scratch or paint some specific words on them; install it outside and let your friends choose a direction.

Corpse hands

It probably sounds like a common Halloween decoration, but most of the other decorations do the same. The point is that we try to shape them in a new way and make them look original.

What do you have to do: these improvised corpse hands can be bought at any store of the kind; put them on the lawn near a decorative gravestone. You can opt in his sense for skeleton hands or those that can be lit at night to enhance the effect.

Bat cloud

This decoration will look mysterious and confusing, but this is what you want to be the effect of your Halloween decoration. Isn’t it?

Pay attention to the plan: cut out some black paper bats; stick some of them near the door, stick the other ones to the door with the help of invisible wires. This way, the bat cloud will be complete even when you will want to open the door. Have we got you a little bit confused? Take a look at the photos, and you will get it.

Watch out for spiders!

What would you say about a spider decoration that would like spiders everywhere? Do you like the idea? Then follow our steps.

You will need a thin piece of white fabric that would be hung all over the place, which would improvise the spider web, and thicker white strings that will have to be displayed in a cobweb way. Additionally, you can add some paper-cut spiders or buy a giant one from a store of the kind to emphasize the effect.

Halloween DIY door decorations 2022: wreath ideas with photos for inspiration

If you would like to get original in this sense, we suggest you introduce new elements of decor that would refer to Halloween and bring a new concept. Are you still confused? Don’t worry. Take a look at our suggestions to decorate the door for Halloween and get inspired by the photos.

Black butterflies

This is not a usual wreath. But who said that we want to go usual? To get original in this sense, we suggest you consider butterflies for a wreath as they are not peculiar to Halloween. At the same time, if you pick the black color in this respect, the mysterious effect will be preserved, and your Halloween wreath will fit the atmosphere perfectly.

What do you have to do: cut out black-paper butterflies (you can choose any other material); stick them to a thin wire. It does not mean that all of them have to be placed exactly on the wire. Some of them can be glued to each other, which would look like they are in the air.

Spider web

Instead of decorating your porch with spider web, opt for a wreath with this design. It will be easier to take it away, and it can be stored for the next year. As simple as it may look, it will offer your Halloween decoration a sense of mystery.

What you have to do: pick up some middle-sized branches that are easy to be twisted; twist them around each other; cover them with spider webs (it would be easier if you bought it); add some decorative spiders to underline the effect.

Autumn kiss

If it is a Halloween item, it does not mean that it has to be necessarily scary. You can opt for an autumn-inspired wreath.

Follow the plan: pick up different types of leaves; stick them to a thick wire in such a way that there is no space left. Additionally, you can decorate it with some autumn fruits.

Bat wreath

As bat is one of the main elements of a Halloween decoration, we suggest you use it for the wreath. You don’t have to pick difficult designs to impress your friends. You can go simple but stay original.

What you have to do: pick up some middle-sized branches; paint them in black; twist them around each other; stick to them newspaper-cut bats. The color contrast will emphasize the concept, while the newspaper material will add originality. You can opt for any other design.

The Halloween party usually implies a Halloween-themed table where you can take dinner with your friends or a table where you can serve them some Halloween sweets. We have some cool DIY ideas in this sense as well. Stay with us, and you will find out.

Farmhouse centerpiece

Would you like to add some sparkle to your Halloween table in an easy and original way? We have some ideas in this sense. All you have to do is put on your table different-sized pumpkins, which have to be decorated with paint or glitter. This decoration will preserve the Halloween atmosphere and add a sense of aesthetic to the table.

Decoupage bats

Add some bats to your table as well. Furthermore, make them look like they are flying. How to do that? Easier than you think.

Steps to be followed: cut out cardboard bats; paint them in a particular design; stick them to the other decorative elements on the table by using pieces of wire covered with thick strings.

Paper lanterns

The lighting can affect the atmosphere at the Halloween table. This is why we suggest you opt for original ways of integrating this environment. All you have to do is cover the lamps with paper-cut lanterns or hang them in the air as an improvisation.

What you have to do: use wrinkled paper in any color you want to shape the lanterns in any form; decorate them with other elements; use them to cover the lamps in the room, or hang them from the lamp fixture.

Candle branch

This is an interesting idea to decorate the table with candles. It will add mystery to the Halloween table and a little bit of aesthetic.

What you have to do: pick up middle-sized branches; paint them in black; put them around candles of a contrastive color to emphasize the effect.

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