DIY home decor & craft trends for 2021

DIY home decor & craft trends for 2021

The things we make ourselves become incredibly dear to us – and, as psychologists and designers say, these things have a unique energy. The DIY home decor is more important than ever in the coming year when the hand-made idea is being transformed into one of the key concepts of a cozy and hospitable home.

It is hardly worth expecting something extraordinary and revolutionary from such trends: all materials are already known to those who have tried themselves in home decor at least once. Many people prefer to keep new ideas secret, making them exclusively family property. And yet, the designers have managed to highlight specific trends that will allow you to create something special for your home with your own hands – and without impressive spending.

Light bulbs everywhere

It would seem that light bulbs are consumable material, and it will no longer be possible to make something new and at the same time relevant for the home. However, those who are in love with handicrafts are sure that DIY simply cannot do anything superfluous – and offer their own options for using light bulbs for home decor.

  • Decorative suspensions. To transform an ordinary incandescent light bulb into something similar, acrylic paints and a regular cord or solid thread are enough. By painting them the way you like and attaching a cord or thread to the top or bottom of the lampshade, you can create an unusual window or niche decor in your living room or bedroom.
  • Stylish vases. By carefully removing the tungsten filament from the shade, you can use the light bulb as a compact and charming mini vase for spring flowers. There should also be no problems with stands: designers suggest using metal rings for napkins with a beautiful pattern.
  • Mini aquariums. After filling the bulb of a light bulb with water, add shiny rhinestones, sequins, microscopic stones, and algae there – placing them on a shelf in the living room or hallway, you can visually unite the space and add harmony.
  • Florariums. The principle is the same as with the aquariums above – although you can do without water, using only plants and a little decorative soil.

Bottle game

The use of bottles as decorative elements dates back a couple of centuries – since they began to build miniature ships in them. DIY home decor trends for 2021 do not imply such difficulties, and it is quite possible to add aesthetics to the interior using the following solutions:

  • Garlands in a bottle. Such decor can complement New Year’s and Christmas decorations or serve as an original night light. The choice of glass is yours – someone prefers transparent, while someone prefers colored glass.
  • Painting. Using acrylic paints and several identical transparent glass bottles, you can create stylish minimalistic vases for small flower arrangements. At the same time, it is advisable to take pastel colors and stick to one pattern – this will give the impression that you have bought a full-fledged designer kit.
  • Exclusive chandelier. Bottles instead of lampshades are extravagant, and at the same time, no one will have anything like that. The most important thing is to carefully cut out the bottom, insert the light bulb correctly, and securely fasten the cord to the suspension. You can also make the base yourself – for example, from sanded wood beams or roots.

Home textiles

Good news for those who are fond of sewing: thanks to your hobby in 2021, you will be able to add fashionable and cozy details to the interior of your home. Today, designers offer to try your hand at creating charming textile accessories:

  • Bedside rugs. Natural designs like seashells or ginkgo leaves are in vogue. All you need is a pattern, a plain material with a pleasant texture, and a little padding polyester as a filler.
  • Decorative pillowcases. You can knit them from plain yarn in large patterns or sew from cotton or linen and decorate with a sequin pattern. Or you can try both. The most important thing is to feel your mood and love for your own home in them.
  • Table textiles. The relevance of your dining area is in your hands. Today, hand-sewn napkins and tablecloths showcase the unique character of the interior. You can choose a dark blue or natural gray color, decorate any item with brushes or designer embroidery – both households and guests will be delighted. The same can be said for towels, potholders, and aprons: hand-sewn from the same fabric in the same style, they will emphasize a harmonious and cozy atmosphere in your kitchen.

And a little more decoupage

Decoupage for home decor is a truly magical technique that can turn an ordinary thing into a work of art. Today, more and more craftswomen, conquered by the beauty of such solutions, fall in love with this technique. You can decorate many objects – boxes, candlesticks, cans for food, watches, New Year’s toys, and even furniture.

If you have long dreamed of doing something like this with your own hands, the time has come! It is in stylish interiors in 2021 that things with a light touch of vintage are more expensive than ever. Depending on your capabilities and experience, you can use napkins, tissue paper and towels, decoupage cards, and special transfer films. As for the actual decorative motifs, the following will be especially relevant today:

  • floral drawings in the English style;
  • ornaments and landscape fragments in the French country style;
  • images of old European streets;
  • pictures of animals and birds in a vintage manner;
  • plants in the technique of primitivism;
  • embossed decoupage in the shabby style.

Such motifs and techniques will allow you to bring aristocratic notes into your home – and you can always be sure that you will not find such decor anywhere else.

DIY mirror: a little more exclusivity

If you have found several mirrors in your home, with or without ordinary thin frames, consider yourself lucky: now you can create a décor that is not easy, unusual, but trendy! Today, shops have enough materials to design mirrored glass in line with the hottest design trends for 2021. Some of the solutions that you will probably be able to do are:

  • creating a mirror collage from inexpensive and small cosmetic mirrors;
  • mirror on a leather strap suspension;
  • decor in an asymmetric frame made of natural wood;
  • frame made of natural hemp rope;
  • voluminous structure in the form of sunbeams made of metal or wooden skewers, painted with gold paint.

As for mirror collages, you can also use mirrors of different sizes – this will make the interior more rhythmic.

The trends discussed above for the hand-made decor, relevant for 2021, are not limited. Cracked cups like succulent pots, colorful garlands at the head of the bed, wine cork table decor, stained glass windows, and stencil murals – all this will allow you to make sure that you yourself can become a talented decorator of your home.

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