DIY home decor you can do with your kid

DIY home decor you can do with your kid

Parenting is not an easy thing especially if your children are 5-12 years old. They always demand attention and in this busy routine, it isn’t possible to give all your time to your kids. Therefore, introducing a hobby to them or making them do some DIY projects is one of the wisest choices that can help your kids grow faster and can boost their skills as well as increase their thinking capability. 

You can also let them help you in simple home décor work through different do it yourself projects that are not only easy to adopt but are a fun thing to do. And they allow you to spend quality time with your kids. These ideas can also help you in decorating your house with beautiful things created by your kids. All you need are some small tools and things that are usually of no use to you but can serve as useful material for kids. You can also use some kids’ woodworking projects to enhance their learning process. These projects are creative, and economic at the same time that can help you upgrade your space. 

Your kids will love you more after practicing these cool ideas which we have arranged for you after intense research:

Wall Art Projects

Children love painting and drawing. You would often have seen their cute drawings that melt your heart. Why don’t use them as wall art? You don’t have to buy expensive wall art from the market, you can use the drawings of your kids and put them in a frame. You can also teach your kids how to make picture frames by themselves. For this purpose, you need four wooden sticks and a woodwork glue. Then assemble the woods and a beautiful frame for the painting is ready.

Another wall art project is to make different shapes from cardboard or glace paper. You can ask your kid to make different geometric shapes like rectangle, circle, or triangle and then paste them on the wall in random order. It will help you in renewing your old walls and you won’t need to paint it. This will increase the creative skills of your child and it will not let them get bored at all.

Wall clock

One of the easiest and trendy do it yourself decoration projects is to make a beautiful clock. You can use wood or cardboard for this purpose. Cut the board into numerals or simply make small circles to show digits of the clock. Another method is to make a schedule clock for the kids. You can make a timetable on it that will let them know what to do next and it will motivate them to follow the routine. 

Pencil Holder

Kids love to play with colors and they often have pencil and color kits which they use to make charming drawings. However, this increases your work as you often have to collect those pencils from different places in the house. To get rid of this jumble you can help out your kids to make a pencil or crayon holder. 

It is very easy to make a pencil holder, you need a small piece of wood and a drill to make small holes into it. To make the edges smooth you can use sandpaper. After making the holder, you can ask your kid to paint it and let it dry and an ample pencil holder is ready to use. 

Upgrade your mailbox

One of the most fun things to do is the upgradation of the mailbox. Your kids can do this job in the perfect way under your supervision. In this regard, two or three paint colors are enough to makeover the mailbox. It does not require any skill or experience, as a kid with a simple painting brush can do the job efficiently. Let the mailbox dry after painting and it is ready to be used.

Make a rainbow fan

You may have some rechargeable fans in your home. You can help your children in making a rainbow fan for their room. For this purpose, you require colors, papers, and glue or you can use fluorescent paper on the blades of the fan. Another method is to paint the blades of the fan or the kids can make some drawings or shapes on the blades too. It will brighten up their room.

Address sign

Making an address sign is very easy and simple. You will need a wooden board, sandpaper, hammer, nails, and paint. Though this is easy, you have to supervise your kids during the whole process of making a DIY address sign board. Firstly, you have to make the wooden board smooth with the help of sandpaper. Then let your kids write the name and address on the address signboard with paint and then nail the signboard on the outer wall 

Bookends formation

Bookends formation is another very easy and innovative DIY project. Bookends are used to arrange the books in an orderly manner. Different types of bookends can be made easily by the kids. For example, animal bookends can be made by sticking animals on the wooden stand with the help of a glue gun. Or simple bookends can be made by cutting wood in any desired shape and then painting them with different colors. This is a very easy and productive project. 

These are very simple activities that you can perform with your kids to spend the summer vacations doing fruitful tasks to refurbish your home. DIY projects are always very innovative and they enhance the confidence of the kids as they start thinking like artists and develop new ideas which are a sign of being intelligent. However, it is very necessary to keep the kids under your supervision during such tasks because these projects include the use of tools like hammers, nails, scissors, and a glue gun. Without proper care, kids may harm themselves instead of learning something new. 

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