14 of the Best Door Paint Ideas in 2024

Did you know you can always refresh your interior design with a new coat of paint each season? Do you need to paint all the walls for that? Surely not. Start with details. Painting the trim or doors is a much more effortless alternative. Even better if it is the front door. This article will show you the best door paint options for that interior remodel you’ve craved for so long. Beyond matching a specific design style, you can use door paint colors to reveal your personality and the color you see the world through. A small intro into your own world. Stick around for the crème de la crème (the best of the best) door paint ideas.

The Mainstream of the Season: Natural Green

One of the key interior door trends this season is natural colors. Bringing us closer to the outdoors and making us feel every letter in the word “organic”, veggie greens, evergreen sages, and forest gray-greens are the top door paint options in a world that strives for simple, familiar, and calming design solutions. 

Sky Vivid Blue

If you are not a fan of green, you should try blue as an alternative organic color. The different shades of blue that you see daily in the sky can serve as a source of inspiration for those wondering which blue works best. Add character, underline your home’s features, and witness the magic that a single coat of blue plays on your mood.

From the Flowerful Family

Bring a note of serotonin to your daily routine with blooming pinks, bright corals, or juicy peaches. Choose the most vivid tones for an interior door. You know what? You can always repaint the door if you think the color is too bright, yet you can never sleep on this amazing design era of energetic colors.

Dazzling Yellow

Why should you pick yellow for a door? If you are a logical yet impressively creative person waiting to share your personality with the world, yellow is your safe resort. Make this colorful statement in your house and benefit from the self-expressive features of a truly trendy color. Choose bright, muted, and soothing yellow, or go original with a spotlight shade of chartreuse. No, not the liqueur; we mean the color. 

Muted and Warm Colors

If you strongly want a comfier vibe in your house, it is not necessary to paint all walls in a new color. A right-painted door will do. In this respect, give muted warm tones a try. Think earthy shades, mushroom variations, pottery shades, taupes, tans, or muted tones of warm colors. 

Preserve the Rhythm: Wall Trim Color

Add an engaging feature to your home by creatively painting the doors. You can either choose the same color as on the trim, different from the rest of the wall or try the trendy “half-wall painting technique” and apply it to the door as well. 

Rainbowy Colors for the Kids’ Room

You may keep it simple and relatively neutral in the rest of the house but not in the kids’ room. Feel free to choose a bright and cheerful paint color for the door. Even better, ask your children what color they like, and don’t hesitate to pick that one. To live in a world with such beautifully vivid natural colors and still stick to neutrals only would be a shame.

Ombre-Painted Door

With a subtle transition from one shade of color to another, the ombre effect adds that statement to your room, and you no longer need to think about ways to redecorate your interior. Even better if you want to get your hands dirty and engage in a DIY project of this kind. 

Camouflaged Door Paint

Try the seamless trend with interior doors painted the same color as the walls up to the last detail. At some level, that’s another kind of accent that shows off taste and style. Think of it the next time you want to repaint a room and get that stylish look you’ve dreamt of for so long.

Gold Front Door

Whether from inside or outside, go bold with a metallic gold coat of paint on the front door. If you make a statement, make it right. This color option looks premium on a white background, although darker colors are not far from this level of perfection. Most importantly, a gold-painted door doesn’t look overly fancy but elegant and high class.

Explore the Colorful World

Think out of the box and explore the trendy colorful world when choosing the paint color for your next front-door remodel. Bright greens, smiling yellows, watery teals, gorgeous pinks, and the top trend of the season – purple. Make an intro to your house that your guests will remember for a long time. Find out other front-door trends on Hackrea.

Add Luxe with a Black Front Door

Black doors look well on neutrally colored, bright, or naturally textured walls. It instantly balances the look and underlines the house’s shape. What you probably don’t know about black used for the house exterior is its ability to look luxurious regardless of what you combine it with. A black-painted front door is your ticket to a stately design.

Back to Natural: Blue and Green Front Doors

Natural colors fit better when surrounded by nature itself. Considering an organic green or a soothing blue tone for the front door will ensure a naturally beautiful accent for your house exterior.

Digital Lavender

Why is one of the year’s primary color trends the last on the list? Not the last, but the cherry on the cake. If nothing of the mentioned colors sparked your interest, it means you should try something new, and it should be a lavender shade. By the way, you’ll always be able to repaint your front door as the trends change, yet we can safely state that purples are here to stay. 

We’ve spoken so much about inspirational ideas. When it comes to putting them into practice, you clearly need specific paint colors. Visit our new article on the trendiest paint colors from top paint manufacturers and find the “it” color of your future makeover. 


What type of paint to use on a wooden door?

Most indoor or outdoor doors are made of wood, and the question as to which paint works best is more relevant than ever. Experts state that nothing will pass the test of time better than enamel paint, especially for front doors.

What finish to choose when painting doors?

Glossy paints are regarded as best for doors. Their sheen effect helps such architectural features as doors and trims stand out. Still, for those who don’t love the gloss effect, there are satin-finish paints with a less reflective surface or, as professionals call it, medium gloss. 

What are the most practical door paint finishes?

We stop again at the glossy eggshell and satin finishes that are easier to take care of, which you can easily use in high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen or the kids’ room. For bedrooms or dining rooms, you can allow such luxury as painting the doors with matte-finish paint.

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