Doorless walk-in shower: 17 modern ideas (with photos)

Doorless walk-in shower: 17 modern ideas (with photos)

Small apartment owners go crazy looking for unique bathroom ideas. The owners of large estates, oddly enough, too. The bathroom presupposes a specific set of things, and the design does not change from their rearrangement.

If you are puzzled over this problem, take a closer look at the doorless shower – an unusual model that is not yet often found in apartments. Setting up will require investment, but it will pay off with complete freedom of movement, which cannot be felt in a confined space.

And the following 17 doorless shower ideas will provide exciting options for everyone.

Shower “without limits”

Minimalists will appreciate the option of a complete absence of borders when the whole room or a separate part of the shower is diverted without the intervention of various partitions. In this case, the main blow falls on the room’s design: the walls acquire matte pastel shades that are in good harmony with the decor in the form of delicate towels, glass jars, and flowers.

And, of course, forget about cheap, plastic faucets – only round or square metal structures.

Glass shower partition

Wiping a wet floor is clearly not something a tired person wants to do after work. To prevent water from spreading during the shower, it is enough to purchase a glass partition. By placing it on one side, you will not lose natural light and the sense of spaciousness.

It is easy to install, and it is even easier to find a suitable size and option. Most of them are ordinary glass, slightly different in color, but you also can discover painted models and unique works combined with metal or wood.

Closed glass enclosure

This simple glass structure with an empty entrance opening is ideal for small bathrooms. Thanks to the almost solid wall, water does not get outside the shower stall, while the structure does not have a door mechanism that only slows down movement around the room.

Transparent walls will allow you to enjoy the interior. But it is worth noting that cleaning the shower will take no less time than the option with a door.

Shower with half-wall curb

This is a doorless walk-in shower design for shy people or those who value privacy and intimacy. A low curb occupies half, and the top is open or covered with transparent glass. So the lower body will remain invisible, even if the partner comes in for a forgotten thing.

It also works well for dividing a small bathroom into zones: for example, to separate the shower from the bath, toilet, or washbasin, allowing family members to use the bathroom at the same time.

Side shower enclosure

It is an ordinary narrow wall, which is also attached to the bathroom to divide it into zones or hide from prying eyes. Such a structure is often installed next to a large window or even outside the bathroom, for example, in the living room, if a person lives in a villa by the sea and likes to rinse himself on his return.

The wall allows you not to worry about your personal life because you are carefully hidden from prying eyes, even if someone walks by the window.

Cylinder shower

It does not carry much functionality, but it amazes with its uniqueness and rich appearance at a relatively low cost. Some design models make the back wall out of concrete, allowing you to add interesting and convenient innovations: a seat or shelves for bathroom accessories.

But you can get by with an economical option for small bathrooms – a conventional model consisting of a full-fledged glass cover and a metal faucet.

Round glass-block shower

It is an unusual structure made of thick glass, which was popular in the 80s and often adorned in the living room of hospitable homemakers in the form of an old chandelier. Glass blocks reflect light well, making even a dark room brighter and more comfortable. It also completely hides the human figure without forgetting about intimacy.

Although the 80s are far behind, the atmosphere continues to evoke memories, which is why the walk-in glass block shower will especially appeal to the older generation or the lover of antiques.

Full metal doorless shower

The massive structure stands out firmly against the background of doorless showers: it takes up a lot of space, is custom made to fit the size, and is not cheap. On the other hand, this type of walk-in shower attracts attention like no other type. Thanks to the recesses in the structure, it has shelves for small bathroom items and sometimes a seat.

Suitable for any dark interior – except for black: gray, brown, burgundy, marsh. For the design to be harmonious, the bathroom must have a sink of the same material and other white surfaces.

Private shower room

If the size of the bathroom allows your imagination to unfold, you should not limit it. For a shower, you can build a separate room and even give it a unique style that is slightly different from the primary palette.

For example, a gray shower is suitable for a white interior and orange or yellow for a beige one. Inside, the shower can be covered with tiles or bricks, and you can add shelves for bathroom accessories, install a small window and even hang pictures.

Doorless shower with a comfortable seat

This is a practical option for the older generation and people with health problems. The designs are different: water pours on the head, on the legs, or does not get on the seat, so that a person can do other procedures there, for example, relax with a nourishing mask on the hair.

Some of them have an inner storage box for bathroom accessories, which is convenient for those who want a minimalist interior or simply do not have room for additional shelves.

Walk-in shower with wooden floor

Wooden surfaces make the bathroom especially attractive: they suit almost any interior – light or dark, give peace of mind thanks to natural motives, and they are just pleasant to touch.

Unfortunately, wood does not get along well with water and moisture, so one element for the interior will be enough. Leave the rest in the hands of substitutes – for example, decorate the walls or floor with painted wood-like tiles. Or take the risk of combining both options, finding similar patterns of opposite colors.

Bright shower glass

If you are a happy owner of a doorless shower, but your heart does not flutter from a dull look, replacing a glass partition will be the easiest and cheapest option for changing the environment. Modern designers offer a wide range of new products that differ in color palette, transparency, opacity, and even pattern.

To draw additional attention to the bathroom, you can install accent glass in a bright color. Lemon, sky blue, and olive are suitable for white interiors, and marsh or cobalt for black ones.

Walk-in shower with unusual patterns

Sometimes it is enough to change the style of the room for the environment to sparkle with new colors.

Move away from clichés like nature panoramas and large floral designs and look closer at simple structural patterns.

For example, stripes are suitable for small bathrooms: horizontal ones will visually enlarge a narrow room, and vertical stripes – a low one. Also, the “honeycomb” print mainly used in the kitchen has slowly moved into the bathroom – choose tiles in three shades of blue or gray to get a suitable design.

Loft open shower decorated with brick

One of the more common shower room design ideas is to brick the walls or use realistic imitations. Using different shades, they create an embossed loft-style design.

For those who are not familiar, this is the style of industrial factories, where bare brick is combined with metal details and original decor. Well suited for a bachelor male apartment. But women will also be interested if you choose green shades for bricks and dilute the interior with wooden furniture, which will soften the atmosphere.

Masonry doorless shower

For masonry, you can use a stone that not only gets along well with moisture and looks beautiful in design but also cleanses the soul thanks to its natural component.

The color and shape of the stone create an atmosphere to taste: for example, a round stone of gray or black color is associated with spiritual practices, Zen, massage – it evokes calmness and tranquility. A square yellow stone reminds of hot countries, so it is ideal for outdoor buildings or placement by a large window.

Doorless shower with patterned floor

The emphasis can be transferred to the floor. The color scheme is not rich here: any color except white-gray-black will look bright. But these colors add up to any pattern: squares, triangles, circles, or honeycombs.

Create the rest of the bathroom in a classic style: paint the walls opal or jasmine – grayish-white shades help eliminate hospital sterility, choose furniture in white-blue-black tones, add green plants to smooth out the atmosphere.

Doorless walk-in shower with nautical motives

A nautical style for a shower is not a new idea, but few people manage to withstand a stunning design. An open shower with glass partitions is literally designed to let in color and natural light.

The main idea is simple: not to speak directly about the sea, but to show it. So get rid of the sea panorama and cheap seashells collected on vacation. Put pale blue tiles on the walls, get rounded furniture that resembles the curves of a wave, put on a straw laundry basket, and choose towels in white or blue.

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