Dressing table: features, shapes, and colors

A cute and comfortable dressing table is not only a desire but also a necessity for every modern woman. In contemporary design, this functional and useful item of the interior is gaining popularity again. Depending on the size or design of the room, many questions may arise regarding the choice and placement of the table, and today we will talk in detail about all the main aspects and give useful tips and advice.

Design features for dressing table

The huge constructive variety of dressing tables provides each woman with a rich selection of this piece of furniture, which can be individually selected for each room and guided by personal taste. As a rule, a convenient makeup table is equipped with a mirror of different sizes. A padded leather ottoman is recommended next to it. In other cases, the item is equipped with a bench for seating.

The tabletop should be wide enough to fit all the necessary cosmetics and various little things. The structure includes both drawers and shelves for convenient storage of cosmetics, jewelry, perfumes.

Structurally, dressing tables are equipped with drawers, one or more. Dressing tables in some styles contain open plan shelves located both above and below the tabletop. They are very convenient, as they facilitate access to many things that are often used, and all kinds of little decorative things are effectively placed on them.

The design of a piece of furniture to care for a woman’s appearance makes this same care more comfortable and enjoyable.

The corner model of the dressing table can be equipped with a mirror, or maybe without it. However, this option is not very popular. The model organizes the space well and is also appropriate in any modern style. The corner model of the dressing table fits particularly well into the overall bedroom.

As a rule, it is equipped with a vast number of drawers, shelves, very spacious and will suit even the most particular fashionista. At the top, there is an elegant frame; its mirrored surfaces will add maximum air and volume to the room. An option with an add-in is also interesting.

Tips for choosing a dressing table

There are several nuances to consider:

  • For large and medium room sizes, a dressing table with a classic configuration is perfect.
  • Corner item will be the right solution for a small room.
  • The dimensions of the tabletop must be proportional to the size of the mirror.
  • For a teenage girl, you can choose non-banal, multi-colored models or tables in bright colors like yellow, purple, turquoise, and other shades. Such a furniture element organizes the order in the storage of cosmetics and instills in the young girl neatness and sense of style.

Types of dressing tables

Dressing tables are usually divided into types, based on the design of the main element – mirrors. This detail performs the main functional and decorative function, focuses attention, and emphasizes the crucial areas in the interior. Based on this, we can identify the following types of tables:

The dressing table in the classic version has a single large mirror located in the center. It is also suitable for a small room – a large mirror will make it visually larger and fill it with daylight.

Framework – a mirror consists of three parts, one central and two narrower – side. A similar design is designed for a two-sided view, perfect for self-styling hair. This feature compensates for the lack of one central mirror, which forces the use of additional glass.

Table with a rotating mirror – has a double-sided mirror that can be deployed with the usual or enlarged side. It is mounted on a movable platform, so you need to place it away from the wall so that you can rotate it. 

The console is a kind of dressing table with a hidden mirror, which extends as necessary. This option has both pluses – the mirror is less dirty and minuses – its size is always limited by the area of the countertop. You can use such a table not only for its intended purpose but also as a table for a laptop.

A dressing table without a mirror is an excellent solution for small rooms, the mirror for it is bought separately, and the hostess places it on her own. Installed on the top of the chest of drawers or hung on the nearest wall.

A dresser with a mirror is an excellent alternative to a classic dressing table, in contrast to which it expands the space for placing various objects. This is an excellent option for women who have a vast amount of makeup.

Materials for dressing table

Dressing tables are made of a variety of materials:

  • Wood. If, for example, you want to create an atmosphere of comfort in the bedroom, you can choose furniture from solid wood of various species, for instance, wenge, oak, pine, alder. Curving forged black details can decorate a wooden table.
  • Chipboard and MDF. The most common option. Products from these materials are durable, aesthetics, affordable price distinguish them, and they are also safe for human health. The chipboard is currently produced using the latest technology using modern adhesive compositions, which has reduced the release of formaldehyde vapors into the environment to normal. MDF is more appropriate to use in the manufacture of curved facades.
  • Glass. The most modern option is an exclusive glass dressing table, it can be entirely made of tempered glass, or maybe only with a glass tabletop, which holds the base of metal, wood. A metal frame is used to give furniture stability. Such a product will fit nicely into a modern interior.
  • Plastic. Plastic is sometimes used for a dressing table item: it differs in many colors and fits well into the bedroom of a young girl.
  • Rattan. For eco style, rattan is good. Wicker products are light and sophisticated.

Size options for dressing table

Standard dimensions of furniture can be very different. Choosing a product requires building on the size of the room itself and where it will be placed. The height of the table should be convenient for applying makeup or hair styling.

For example, a small and tall table fits into a small hallway, you can place it in the corridor, and a semicircular option-in a modest bedroom.

The depth of the workplace cannot be less than 60 cm. Depending on the dimensions of the room, it varies up or down. The standard for the table in terms of its width does not exist; it all depends on the style and size of the room itself.

Color spectrum for dressing table

The color of the furniture is selected, taking into account the style of the room. At the same time, a dressing table is decorated with absolutely any palette. The most commonly used colors are wenge, gloss black, as well as plastic in different colors. The shades of oak, bleached oak, beige, gloss black, silver, light, walnut, cherry, pink are standard. A combination of black and white, which are used together or separately, is gaining more and more popularity. Glossy elements add a high price to the interior.

Fans of sophisticated modern design can choose a forged dressing table. Forging makes this element of the interior unique. It will look best on white walls. Dark, stylish little tables with black accents or brown also look stylish on a light background.

Dark shades of wenge will look better in a bright room in every sense.

Currently, there is a vast color and tint range.

White dressing table

It is the most sought after solution. Even the smallest white table can visually expand the boundaries of the room and add light to it.

Wenge dressing table

The noble and expressive shade of exotic wood will undoubtedly attract attention and become a focal point in the design of the room.

Beige dressing table

It provides freedom for self-expression and inspiration and, when used correctly, helps to form a light and delicate interior.

Black dressing table

It gives the atmosphere completeness, makes its design truly beautiful and ideal, and creates an aesthetic setting.

Gray dressing table

Despite its restraint and conciseness, it has a unique charm, due to which the interior becomes more refined and elegant.

Pink dressing table

It will add to the overall color scheme of the space, some creativity, and turn the item into a charming and slightly glamorous compositional center.

Marble dressing table

It is distinguished by its unshakable style and impeccable beauty, visually enriching the atmosphere and giving it a certain mystery.

Brown dressing table

It is the most aesthetic option that always looks as natural as possible and, simultaneously, is very presentable.

Gold dressing table

It is a pleasant interior addition and gives the surrounding space completely new accents.

Silver dressing table

It becomes an independent decorative piece, adding integrity and elitism to the interior.

Blue dressing table

The multifaceted blue or cyan hue allows you to make the situation more picturesque, brighter, and more expressive.

Dressing table lighting

With the help of lighting devices, you can not only achieve a comfortable makeup, but also transform the table into a most elegant and exciting interior addition.

  • Light bulbs around the edge. Unlike traditional lighting design, outline lamps are more original and elegant.
  • Lamp. The luminaires located on top of the sides will allow providing sufficiently high-quality lighting close to daylight.
  • Neon lights. The original and stylish LED backlight, built into the mirror, will give the ladies’ element sophistication, especially in the evening.
  • Sconce. A pair of sconces, located asymmetrically to the structure, due to the correct drop of shadows, provide a clear selection of the face.

The main purpose of lighting is not only practical but also aesthetic, allowing you to give the atmosphere a special coziness and grace.

Photo credits: Hollywood Mirrors

Mirror shapes for dressing table

A mirror is undoubtedly an essential and necessary thing for every woman, but at the same time, choosing it is not a very simple task. A dressing table is an excellent option for detailed work with a hairstyle and makeup from all angles. Full-length mirrors will help not only in applying makeup but also in fitting clothes.

If you are not a supporter of round-the-clock mirrors, then options with console mirrors are for you. Several mirrors of the same shape, but different sizes, mounted on the wall at the table, are another excellent design option.

The whole process of choosing a mirror configuration depends entirely on your preferences and needs.

Sitting for a dressing table: chair, armchair, or ottoman?

The basic rule when choosing one of these furniture elements is the absolute ease of use. That is why, if you have enough space in the dressing table area, choose a comfortable armchair with a softback or a small and comfortable sofa. Having organized such a “workplace, ” you will forget about the inconvenience during the makeup or hair styling application. This is an advantageous acquisition.

You can choose a comfortable stool with a soft seat if you spend a little time on your care routines or do not have a lot of space.

Design ideas in various interior styles

French country

Wood dressing tables versions in natural colors with a vintage design, decorated with wrought iron elements, hand-painted, antique details, or decoupage patterns, will become a particularly harmonious part of a French country style room.


The elegant, cozy, and modern ergonomic style involves the most comfortable universal models or products with drawers, a folding mirror, or shelves.


A loft-style table made from natural wood can be equipped with castors, simple-shaped mirrors, a wooden chair, a stool with leather upholstery, or convenient drawers.


For the royal baroque, wooden models on curved-shaped legs are used, decorated with carvings or gilded elements.


For the classics, a dressing table of asymmetrical and moderate form with a restrained design, made of solid wood and decorated with copper, gilded, or bronze accessories, is appropriate.

Art Deco

A luxurious dressing table with unusual curves and original shapes, complemented by a pouf, is an integral element of a bright and slightly exotic art deco.


It involves graceful and elegant designs with a strict, restrained and calm design, made of expensive materials or decorated with forging, gilding, or bronze elements.


Light and simple dressing tables made of light wood species or products painted in discreet tones are especially often used for a scandinavian interior.


Functional and compact models of a simple geometric shape, can differ in low landing or constitute a console.


Metal, glass, or glossy plastic tabletops on one leg with straight hard lines and the absence of excessive decor, practical designs in silver, black and white, will fit perfectly into the innovative high-tech.


Oriental Japanese style, characterized by lower tables of laconic forms made of natural materials or decorated with hieroglyphs and ornaments.

Dressing table in various rooms

As we noted earlier: one of the essential conditions for successful makeup is the proper lighting of the dressing table. Place it sideways by the window, and you will get the right daylight for makeup and hair care.

If you do not have such an opportunity, place the table along the wall opposite the bright window. Do not put it in front of the window – this will negatively affect the use of the mirror during daylight hours. Your face with this arrangement will be in the shade, and as you know, applying makeup in such conditions is almost impossible. Also, the bright light reflected from the mirror will “hit” your eyes and make the use of the mirror uncomfortable.


A table for makeup acts as a fashionable decorative element that performs a practical function. Here, these furniture designs for women are often located at the window or near the bed and complemented with comfortable chairs, ottomans, banquets, or a soft pillow decorated with a luxurious lamp.

Girl’s room

In the room for the girl, it will also be useful to install a dressing table, which can be equipped with drawers or shelves for storing children’s cosmetics, perfumes, and jewelry.

Balcony or loggia

The creation of such a beauty zone is especially important for a bedroom with access to a loggia. Thus, it turns out to free the room from unnecessary furniture and use the balcony space as functionally as possible.

Hallway and corridor

Using the concise console, it turns out to be a great place to store various little things and not overload the appearance of the hallway.


Here, dressing table models for fashionistas will look especially appropriate, as there is a convenient opportunity to create a harmonious image, applying makeup, and choosing the right outfit.

Living room

An elegant ladies’ table in the living room will form a cozy atmosphere. It will become an unusual accent item, which can also be decorated with fancy accessories, photo frames, or a vase of flowers.


First of all, the item should be made of materials that quietly tolerate high humidity. For a bathroom without a window, structures with good local lighting should be selected.


The attic’s interior design is entirely dependent on the geometry of the space, which can have the shape of a triangle, a rectangle, asymmetry, a bay window, or a loggia. Most often, not too high mobile transforming tables are chosen here.

Dressing table in a small room

Choosing a dressing table for an small room is not an easy task. It should not be limited in functionality while having compact dimensions and harmoniously fit into the overall design. Consider the most popular solutions based on this task.

The built-in option is excellent for tight spaces. New technologies give a massive selection of various built-in modifications. A place for personal care can be part of a closet or chest of drawers or integrated into the overall concept of model room furniture. The huge advantage of this solution is a sufficient number of shelves and drawers to store cosmetics and other little things, which will help save precious areas in the room. But, if you want your dressing table to have a decorative function, this option will not work, because, in most models, it will be hidden from view.

Replacing a bedside table with a dressing table is a fairly common practice in modern bedrooms. This not only saves square meters of the room but also gives usability. It is advisable to choose a similar configuration with small chairs that will not block the approach to the bed or window. The ideal option is small padded stools or stylish ottoman. One more original solution can be attributed to this option – placing a table in front of the bed, and not on its side.

Window sill as a dressing table. One of the most original ideas for the effective use of the windowsill. It will allow you to organize an elegant and unusual dressing table at the lowest cost.

Transforming table. As the name implies, the whole idea is the dual purpose of this element of the interior. Most of the time, it will be a rather useful and compact chest of drawers or cabinet, and if necessary, with a slight movement of the hand, it will transform into a dressing table with a convenient mirror. This is a convenient and elegant solution for a small bedroom.

We tried to answer most of the questions that women face when choosing a dressing table. You can find a lot of exciting ideas and examples of implementations in our selection of photos. Enjoy watching!

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