Eco-Style 2024: Sustainable Interior Design Trends

Beauty, comfort, and convenience with minimal damage to natural resources are entirely in the spirit of the times, especially today when taking care of our planet’s safety is so important. Thus, a sustainable interior design practically combines ecological consciousness with well-being at home. 

Sustainable Interior Design Features

Eco-style originated in the 90s of the last century and has changed insignificantly during its existence. Today, it is still based on the following principles:

  • An almost complete absence of artificial materials. Eco categorically rejects plastic, other polymers, toxic paint, linoleum, non-woven, and similar compounds. Of course, completely abandoning them is not always possible, but their use is minimized.
  • Simple lines and precise shapes. Eco-design does not imply anything bulky, too bright, and pretentious – in a word, anything that creates an unnecessary visual disturbance. This style’s very idea suggests the harmony of soul and body, which is possible only in an environment as if made by nature itself.
  • An abundance of air and light. The more fresh air and natural light in an apartment or house, the more organic and harmonious the environment. Simple solutions help achieve such an atmosphere for eco-style – large windows, accessible layout, light sliding partitions made of raw translucent materials, and a palette with a predominance of light sunny tones.
  • Relevant technologies. Modern engineering developments aim to save resources, which entirely fits into the concept of eco-design and sustainability in interior design. Systems that save energy and water minimize heat loss in a residential building, and recycle household waste form the basis for a style that symbolizes environmental concern.

All the principles described above are pretty specific, and it is on them that eco-style and sustainable interior design trends are based, which can change over time. In 2024, this design trend has become one of the most popular, which means it is worth learning more about what it offers for a house or apartment decoration. Let’s unfold the current sustainable interior design trends!

Sustainable Interior Design Materials

In decorating walls, floors, and ceilings, practically nothing has changed: creating something entirely new from what nature offers is challenging. Nevertheless, you will still be able to add a couple of touches to your design project with the prefix “eco” – and with the help of the following materials:

  • 3D panels made of natural wood;
  • stone with a roughly polished surface and porcelain stoneware with the same texture;
  • transparent glass used for both furniture and decor;
  • patinated or light-colored metal;
  • plant materials – willow vines, rattan, sisal, wicker;
  • vegan leather – apple, cactus.

The modern eco-style is exceptionally wary of wallpaper since vinyl and non-woven coverings, recognized as environmentally unsafe, are mainly used today. If you want to use them in the interior, try to find real paper wallpapers. At the same time, it is worth moving away from bright, unnatural ornaments in favor of a discreet and natural design with plant motifs. So, non-toxic, light paint and plaster also remain a universal solution for wall decoration in a sustainable interior.

Eco-Style Key Colors

The selection of primary colors for such an interior is still relatively easy. These are shades as close to natural as possible. Consequently, a gray-brown tone of bark, a variety of earthy brown shades, smoky white, sandy, blue, pale yellow, a little black, and a wide variety of green variations form the basis of the eco-style. However, in 2024, it is proposed to dilute the usual palette with new, no less attractive, but slightly brighter tones:

  • Turquoise. The refreshing shade of the ocean waves will remind you of relaxation and create a feeling of airiness and a light breeze.
  • Mustard. A rich shade of yellow will create a colorful yet very organic accent.
  • Coral. Do not think that red has no place in eco-style – poppy fields and autumn foliage become an explicit confirmation. It is unnecessary to use such rich colors. However, a gentle red tone in a pair of accents will create the very feeling of harmonious diversity that can only be felt when alone with nature.
  • Lavender. There is no need to explain why this color is relevant when the name puts all the cards on the table. Besides, it cannot go unnoticed even in a sustainably designed interior.
  • Cobalt. The bright and deep blue reminiscent of the naval world reveals the secret beauties of the seas with an accent effect.
  • Apricot. The pastel, soft, and summerish peach color with a tinge of pink brings the delicious summer breeze in the most trendy way possible. Moreover, don’t forget that the comforting and nurturing apricot tone Peach Fuzz has been announced as the color of the year by Pantone.

New Eco-Friendly Technologies

Eco-style today is unthinkable without environmentally friendly technologies. Heat recovery systems, solar systems, condensing boilers, biogas as fuel and heat pumps, wind turbines, and solar panels cease to seem fantastic, and engineers are proposing more and more new developments. So, in 2024, supporters of eco-friendly and sustainable interior design ideas will be able to appreciate the following novelties:

  • large-format air-conditioning windows with the highest possible light transmission and high heat-saving potential;
  • glass folding systems for the entrance group, allowing as much natural light as possible into the house;
  • cold ceiling systems, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and capable of maintaining an optimal indoor climate;
  • sustainable home-based water purifiers;
  • water-saving bathroom fixtures;
  • all LED lighting sources throughout the house since they substantially overshadow classic bulbs due to their energy efficiency, affordability, and, of course, eco-friendliness.

Biophilic Design

At some level, Biophilic and Eco intersect each other. Still, Biophilic is about bringing nature closer. According to designers, the easiest and most efficient way is to revitalize the space with greeneries.  

Like lighting scenarios in all interiors, eco also implies a landscaping scenario. It’s not just about arranging live plants in pots, tubs, and hanging pots – it’s all part of a plan to create a peaceful and serene environment that also includes the following elements:

  • Vertical gardening. In 2024, the “green wall” promises to be the most suitable decoration option for most modern interiors, but it is an absolute must-have for eco-friendly. Using a variety of plants, you can achieve the effect of a real jungle.
  • Freshly cut flowers. Houseplants do not continuously bloom, and for those who lack the buds’ beauty, the designers presented a real gift – they included flower arrangements in vases in the eco-interior. Both field plants and crops with large flowers and inflorescences – peonies, hydrangeas, phloxes, and tulips – enjoy a particular preference.
  • Dried plants. Cotton, heather, meadow grasses – if your eco-interior tends to muted gray-beige tones, they will come in handy.
  • Moss compositions. Moss in the interior is a really hot trend this season. With its help, you can arrange a separate vertical panel, create a picture or three-dimensional figure, or simply cover an entire wall. Especially for this, experts grow species with different textures and shades. For instance, you can decorate your home with moss wall art.

Open a new perspective on Biophilic design with the following inspirational design projects created by professional designers from the Hackrea team!

New Eco-Style Lighting

A lot has already been said about the importance of lighting for an eco-style and sustainable interior. However, unlike other design trends that offer a balance of natural and artificial light, scenarios for it include solutions that allow you to take care of the room’s vegetal decoration.

In this case, we are talking about Phyto lamps, thanks to which optimal conditions are created for indoor plants’ health growth, development, and maintenance. Until recently, it was highly functional equipment, but today, manufacturers offer lamps with an unusual design that can become a harmonious detail both in decoration and in terms of lighting.

Save Energy with Natural Light

To save energy, promote natural beauty, and make an eco-friendly statement, think of full-length windows or ceiling windows to replace artificial lighting fully, at least during the day. Here are the outside greeneries, the sun rays, and the open landscape to redecorate your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and even bathroom. The large-scale window design is a top trend for vacation cottages in locations fully surrounded by nature where you can witness the Eco-style effortlessly unfold.

Minimalism as a Sustainable Style

Undoubtedly, one of the prominent sustainable interior design trends is Minimalism. How come? Aside from promoting decluttered spaces that nurture a serene ambiance, minimalism encourages the reduction of used materials and waste. By simplifying our home design, we reach balance and harmony with ourselves and the environment. 

Repurpose, Recycle, Upcycle

The fundamental concepts behind the latest sustainable interior design trends. Let’s see what it means! In 2024, designers and decorators want us to pay more attention to what we have at home without making unnecessary purchases and waste. Thus, we encourage you to breathe new life into an old side table by giving it a brand-new coat of paint. Or, refresh an inherited dining table with beautiful vintage features. Even more, think of repurposing a weathered chair into a new and unique bedside table. The options are many. The key is to take a closer look at what you already have. 

Glass Furniture

Unsurprisingly, the organically textured glass units are part of the trendiest furniture solutions in sustainable interiors. If you want a more eco-friendly approach to your home design this season, don’t skip the trending glass accent tables, dining tables, chairs, bedside tables, and other options. Besides, they are experts at saving space and spreading light throughout the room.

Organic Fabric

Swap synthetic textiles for organic pieces of natural fabrics. Pay as much attention to production, opting for sustainably produced textile units. The manufacturer can provide the information. Thus, in 2024, think organic cotton or linen curtains, natural jute or wool carpets, or hemp bedding to start with. Interestingly, they are impressively lasting, great for a healthy indoor environment, perfect for adding texture and visual appeal to your sustainable interior design, and not least, thoughtful of the impact on the environment. 

Eco-Friendly Flooring 

Sustainable interior design concepts cannot stand non-organic floor covering solutions. Eco options like reclaimed wood, bamboo, or cork will add more sustainability to your home. Additionally, their organic texture will serve as a complement to the interior design.

Eco-design in 2024 promises to be a harmonious union of materials created by nature itself and engineering-friendly achievements. This symbiosis creates a proper interior for the future – serene, safe, and aesthetic, providing the highest degree of peace and comfort.

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