Estate agents give their tips on increasing your house’s value

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Everyone wants a lovely home; it’s something that people from all walks of life have in common. Whether you prefer big houses or small, quality matters, you might be looking to sell your house, or even just to reassure yourself that things couldn’t be better. Either way, here are some top tips on making the most out of your living space and maximizing your home’s value from some of the Top 10 Real Estate Agent’s Brisbane buyers agents.

Make some space

When a person enters your house, you want them to feel like they’re breathing fresh air. The first thing to strike people when they walk into a room is that it’s either very small or huge, and bigger is better. There are many ways to make a room feel bigger, when you don’t have the time or funds to renovate.

Mirrors offer the illusion of space, extending a room further than its walls allow. Light from the window is reflected, making everything seem brighter and more open. Try not to go too crazy, or visitors will feel as though they’ve just been to a carnival funhouse, but one or two nice mirrors will go a long way.

Spread the light evenly around the room. The standard in many houses is one central light-source that fades as it reaches the walls, producing a narrowing effect. This can be avoided using lamps placed in key-locations to provide more of a balance.

When you’re choosing furniture, tend towards those whose legs are visible, and offer space underneath. You can use this as storage to clear some of the clutter, and even if you don’t, the openness will make the room seem less restricted.

A fresh coat of paint

There are few things more vibrant than a brand new, clean coat of paint. Whether you enlist professionals’ help or attempt a DIY job, fresh colors will revive your home. Ideally, you want potential buyers to walk in and think your house looks new – even if it isn’t. The best thing you can do to achieve this effect is to give it a new face.

In every room, what is there more than anything else? Wall. No matter where your visitors settle their eyes, there will likely be a big patch of the wall; it’s better to have that patch looking bright and shiny-new rather than set and stale. Even if it’s the same color as before, a fresh coat of paint will breathe a second life into your home.

You can pay professionals to do this job for you, but painting your house can be a fun family activity, not to mention – it increases the value tremendously considering how little effort it takes and costs much less than hiring outside help. 

Don’t neglect the garden

It’s essential to have the indoor part of your house looking as nice as possible, but when minimal effort has gone into the garden, this shows even more in contrast. It doesn’t take much money or time to add a simple patio or even a wooden deck.

As one might expect in decorating a garden, flowers are a charming addition. You can easily turn the bare, disappointing patch of grass outside into a good part of your home. A set of deck chairs with a matching table and a few potted plants can go a long way in terms of your house’s value.

The garden is often overlooked, which is a massive oversight on the homeowner’s part. The presence of a garden at all will add value based on the space it offers, but when done up well, it stands as one of the biggest temptations to potential buyers.

Add a Driveway

It seems like a hefty task, but setting down some stones, gravel, or tarmac can work wonders. Imagine coming home from a long day at work or school and having to scrounge for a parking space on your own street – because this could easily be what a potential buyer is thinking. The addition of space at the front or perhaps the side of your house, reserved for a car, completely negates this image. Driveways add the feel of luxury and permanence to a home, which makes it seem like a place worth buying.

Also, you are now free to make better use of your garage. Many people turn this space into a den – a place to kick back and relax, lush with warm colors and comfortable furniture. The addition of a driveway hits two birds with one stone, and – in terms of added value – is well worth the effort it takes to install.

These expert tips are a few sure-fire ways to get you started. If applied properly, they will carry the value of your home skyward without the expensive, time-consuming task of renovating. Think about what you want for your house; whether you’re out for maximum comfort or a maximum pay-check, this is the best way to ensure your home is worth as much and more than what you bought it for.

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