Executive office design ideas: color scheme, trends, and decoration by gender

Executive office design ideas: color scheme, trends, and decoration by gender

The executive office, stylishly and tastefully decorated, is a kind of business card of the company. Naturally, the design of the manager’s office should fully comply with the considerable status of a top manager. Even if the boss is not too demanding on comfort and is not used to sitting in a chair for hours on duty, he/she should take care not only of buying premium class furniture but also of its competent arrangement.

CEO office interior features

The executive office is an invariable component of the business reputation of the enterprise. One glance at the background is enough to appreciate the taste preferences of the owner. The female taste is different from the male one; therefore, the top manager’s gender also influences the choice of the project environment.

Consider the basic requirements for various interior items.

  • The main item in the office is the desk. Furniture with a glass top fits perfectly into the modern hi-tech or minimalist interior. A wooden item decorated with carvings is suitable for interiors of the Baroque, classic, or contemporary. Recently, the loft-style has gained popularity – it is deliberately careless and luxuriously bourgeois at the same time. A rough wood product of the most expensive varieties is the best suited in this case.
  • A meeting corner allows holding express meetings in the office.
  • A conference table is required for meetings with business partners. It can be round, square, or oval.
  • Armchair should be not only beautiful but also confortable.

Whatever style for the design was chosen, the furniture should be of the highest quality. If you neglect this, the impression of the company is, to put it mildly, not the best. Unfortunately, the bosses’ working hours are not standardized, so a recreation area is necessary. A coffee table and a set of comfortable upholstered furniture can be placed here. Beautiful figurines, decorative pillows, paintings, children’s photos on the table, and plants in elegant flowerpots give the cabinet originality and uniqueness. Aquarium with exotic fish is not only beautiful but also a useful element of the interior. Watching the fish calms and sets up a positive mood.

Office for man

If a woman, even the head of a company, is sentimental, then men have to get a robust office. Thus, the top manager’s office should reflect the strong-willed, purposeful, somewhat brutal nature of a person, the stubborn desire to achieve the desired goal in a variety of ways. Interior items should indicate, if not the rapid prosperity of the enterprise, then its stable financial position. Solid expensive furniture, expensive flooring, and textured materials for wall decoration are the attributes of a male director’s office.

For adherents of the classical style, a set of expensive wood trimmed with gilded elements and (or) carvings is suitable. Heavy wooden cabinets, a large table, furniture with leather upholstery – all this gives luxury, wealth, a desire for comfort, and conservatism.

Young and energetic directors working in the IT field prefer high-tech style or, as an option, minimalism. The ascetic atmosphere, almost entirely devoid of decor, is softened by the bright plastic of the furniture, the radiance of chromed metal, and the magnificent shine of glass. To create a complete picture of the interior, abstract posters in a modern style are suitable.

Office for woman

The main thing that distinguishes the female interior of the office is lightness and grace. That is why women most often prefer not a conservative class with a heavy and slightly ostentatious luxury, but a modern design. Women, in contrast to the more vigorous sex, can select accents. For example, bright curtains and (or) leather furniture in vibrant shades look great against a background of neutral colors. Plastic, glass, and other high-tech materials are successfully replacing traditional wood, chipboard, and MDF.

The woman’s office should be not only cozy and beautiful but also extremely functional. Shelvings for placing business papers, comfortable upholstered furniture, and, of course, the boss’s desk are all necessary attributes of the premises. 

Color schemes in the executive office

The office of the top manager is an exceptional room where crucial decisions for the enterprise are made. Therefore, it is essential to think about the color palette to concentrate on solving the most critical issues.

Designers recommend the maximum use of natural shades: greenish, gray, brown, and beige. This not only gives the room style, but also sets up visitors to the business wave.

The dominance of pastel tones is undesirable, as they tune into a romantic mood, far from fulfilling working moments. Much more correct is to play on contrasts. For example, light beige walls are perfectly combined with dark cabinet furniture. The same can be said about items of upholstered furniture. Comfortable armchairs and sofas upholstered in dark brown or black leather create an atmosphere of respectability and pleasantly contrast with a light finish.

Zoning in the executive office

Dividing the cabinet into zones is a great design solution. Even a small room, skillfully zoned, will be convenient and multifunctional. The design nuances are as follows.

  • The negotiation area must be equipped with a long table and an appropriate number of chairs. As a rule, the negotiation area is located next to the head table, but this is unnecessary. You can place it in another place.
  • The main attribute is a comfortable and expensive chair with good upholstery. Racks or cabinets for documents are located near the table. It is perfect if the head’s desk is located near the window. From natural light, the eyes are not so tired.
  • Rest zone. Ideal if it is located in a separate room or at least visually separated. A low coffee table and comfortable upholstered furniture – this is the necessary minimum for this zone.

If the office is very tiny, then due to the lack of squares, it is advisable to allocate one zone: the director’s workplace. The right solution would be to use a corner table. This will help to solve two problems: receiving visitors and organizing a place to work.

An important moment is interior lighting. As a rule, the central chandelier is not enough. The problem of lighting and highlighting zones can be solved with the help of rotating spotlights. The spots are great for a small office. Despite their compact size, they are quite able to cope with the role of instruments for essential lighting. A beautiful floor lamp is appropriate for the recreation area, the style that meets the general principles of design. The muffled and pleasantly diffused light helps to relax and distract from work problems.

Finish for executive office

Finishing materials are chosen in such a way as to ensure, along with beauty, a healthy microclimate in the office.


The best option is to use a natural parquet or laminat. A qualitative parquet will drown out extraneous sounds, and at the same time look very respectable. If the carpet covers the floor completely, it is better to choose a short-haired rug, since it is much easier to care for. 


The walls are carefully leveled. An important point is the use of modern sound insulation. The choice of a specific finishing material depends on the style of design of the office. For a classic interior, wallpapers with soft patterns or decorative natural panels are suitable. Art Nouveau, ethnic, and many modern interiors are associated with textured flat-rolled materials.


It can The floor can be simple or shaped, depending on the style of the office. If the office is spacious, plasterboard can be used, thus giving the office originality.

Furniture for the executive office

When you design a director’s office, the designer has to solve a difficult task. Firstly, the furniture should meet the style of the office as a whole. Secondly, it should be luxurious and status, more predominant than the other offices of the subordinates

Wooden cabinets and tables made of ash, walnut, oak, solid leather furniture show a commitment to tradition and the stability of the company’s financial condition. On the contrary, metal parts, an abundance of plastic and glass, or, conversely, minimalist, austere to asceticism, the interior suggests that the director can make quick and sometimes wrong decisions. But in any case, no matter what option you choose, remember: there is no place for cheap sets in the director’s office.

Decor for the executive office

The choice of decorative elements that create a stylish and complete picture of the interior depends on the style of decoration of the room.

  • For the traditional classic version, these are paintings, figurines, and a mini-garden of beautiful plants.
  • Minimalism style provides a complete rejection of the decor. Here, the role of decoration is played by aesthetic, non-standard, and expensive materials.
  • Hi-tech interior. The role of the interior decor is played by color accents (bright furniture or carpet), unusual shapes of lamps, as well as paintings painted in a modern manner.

Lighting in the executive office

Do not neglect accessories and lighting fixtures when designing the CEO’s office. First of all, think of the lighting in the working area. If a central chandelier is used, a table lamp or floor lamp must be present.

It is essential to organize light in the working area accurately. It should be distributed evenly over the entire area; otherwise, the atmosphere may cause discomfort.

Although the interior of the CEO’s office should be strict, this does not exclude the need to place decor items, accessories. They complement the decor, make the design harmonious and cozy.

Feng Shui in the executive office

The design of the manager’s office is a business card of the company, so the success of all activities depends on it. For this reason, many designers recommend not to forget about some of the laws of Feng Shui. According to the doctrine, the correct zoning and arrangement of objects will allow us to establish things, put in order thoughts, increase efficiency.

Luxurious furniture made of high-quality materials will testify to the owner’s soundness and excellent taste. The features of a man’s office are rigor, prestige, and stability.

So, a few essential tips.

  • The desk is determined exactly opposite the doorway. This increases the authority of the leader.
  • An accessory with water (mini-fountain or aquarium) in the southwestern part helps to improve financial affairs.
  • A fiery element (candle, decoration in the form of a torch) will allow the leader to make quick decisions correctly. They should be placed on the table directly in the working area.

To make the interior individual, it is worth adding decorative elements testifying to the owner’s hobbies.

The situation in the head’s office should not only be functional. She must comply with the latest design trends. Now the most popular in the design of offices are:

  • Hi-tech
  • Classic

Designers recommend designing an office in the spirit of a classic – such a style will always be held in high esteem.

Hi-tech style

This style is most often chosen by young leaders who keep up with the times. Furniture for the working area is selected practical and functional. The office will look modern, more suitable for advertising agencies or IT companies.

The design of the office should be both stylish, cozy, and presentable.

Classic style

The classical style provides for natural wooden furniture, original accessories with gilding elements, leather upholstery, and manual work.

Interior details should be in harmony with each other and leave only a positive impression of the company’s visitors and employees. This design will emphasize the stability of the organization.

How to decorate a small office?

Design solutions allow you to design even the smallest rooms. If space doesn’t let you go for a fantasy, you should resort to the basic rules for arranging small rooms. A small office, most likely, will consist only of the director’s workplace.

A profitable solution would be to use a massive corner table for work, which is desirable to place near the window. You can do work in one part of the table, and receive guests on the other side.

If the room size allows, it is worth placing a drawer for documents on the surface of which to put accessories: photos and figurines. For a small office, it will be appropriate to use spot lighting spots – they will not take up much space and will perfectly cope with the assigned task.

Observing specific rules, you can independently arrange an office for the head. The right color scheme, the selection of furniture, and the organization of space are the key steps towards a successful design of the director’s office.

Home office

Work from home is becoming increasingly popular and has many advantages.

  • Arrangement of an office will cost less than renting a coworking or office apartment.
  • No need to waste time on the road.
  • No need to think about the nuances of the dress code.
  • The ability to equip the workplace, guided only by their taste.
  • The presence of a pet nearby is inspiring. 

Before deciding on the arrangement of a home office, you need to consider several issues. How many people will use it? Why do you need your workplace? Are you working all day?

Here are some interior tips from experts on how to design your home office.

  • Combine elements of traditional and ultra-modern designs: for example, a classic rug and curtains with pieces of furniture of a minimalist design. Is debatable? Undoubtedly! At the same time, the original interior is guaranteed to you.
  • A wall spotlight or a lamp equipped with a vertical mount will help to light your workplace.
  • Do you need roomy cabinets? If at work you need to store documents, then tables are indispensable. If not, it’s better not to clutter the room with shelves that will not be necessary.
  • Compact shelving in a home office looks better than a closet. It will take up less space and provide reliable storage of business papers.
  • Use custom solutions. A cup as a pencil box or an exquisite vase for stationery – why not?
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with vibrant colors.
  • Get a magnetic whiteboard. It is comfortable, stylish, and, whatever you say, disciplines.

Leaders make the difference, and the styles of their offices are also different. Many intermediate options allow you to create unique and diverse interiors between the classic style and the ultra-modern as high-tech style is.

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