Rules for choosing Executive office furniture: types, style, and decor

Rules for choosing Executive office furniture: types, style, and decor

When designing a manager’s workplace, the main task is to create a stylish, comfortable interior and, at the same time, practical and rigorous, allowing you to tune in to doing business. The interior should be convenient not only to the Director himself but also to the guests of his office, whether business partners or subordinates. To arrange the manager’s office, the furniture should be selected according to the general style direction and the scope of the company while also taking into account the Director’s tastes.

Let’s take a closer look at what options for the office space’s design are possible and how the furniture of a civil servant differs from the General Director. 

The main furniture for the Executive’s office


Furniture for the office can be of various sizes, depending on the area of the room. If the office has a small area, it is better not to clutter it with a large number of cabinets – one or two small drawers are enough. Shelves make space much less complicated than closed cabinet groups, so you should look at them as a document storage system in a small office.

When choosing storage racks, it is worth considering that open shelves do not tolerate inaccurate storage of folders and documents; this makes the interior cluttered and uncomfortable.


The desk in the manager’s office perform different functions. One of desk is for work, where are pleced the Directo’s computer, phone, and other business accessories. Other desk is used for meetings (usually a long, oval or with rounded edges), for private negotiations (low table), as well as a briefing one – a desk located close to the executive, designed to discuss working issues with subordinates, as well as for interviews.


A corner of upholstered furniture is provided for hosting guests and informal negotiations. Here you can arrange a short meeting with employees. Also, a small sofa is simply necessary for the office so that the boss can relax and rest during a break.

Office sofas can be straight, angular, or make up a set of modular furniture, which can be combined and rearranged. A group of furniture consisting of a sofa, armchairs, and a desk forms a separate functional area, which can also be designated as a relaxation area. It can be supplemented with a TV or an aquarium. 

Primary requirements

Since the office is usually divided into several working areas, it is essential to position them correctly:

  • the desk is placed in the center or near the wall. There should be a large desk with an executive chair. If desired, you can use the table transformer, which turns into a briefing.
  • near the window, or in the other most illuminated area should be arranged furniture for negotiations – a long table with chairs. Good daylight will allow you to maximize focus on issues.
  • a soft corner or relaxation area can be set apart from other regions, such an arrangement will enable you not to be distracted from the conversation or relax.
  • chairs in the meeting room should be comfortable, but not so that the person is completely relaxed, losing concentration;
  • on the desktop should be only the things necessary for work;
  • in a small office, it is better not to have a lot of furniture. Is good to chose tall cabinets, and a natural wooden desk. A good choice is a sliding desk or a transformer table with glass facade.

The most important thing is that the furniture in the manager’s office helps to create a working atmosphere that tunes into solving essential issues, conducting business negotiations, without escalating irritability or fatigue.

Features of the interior of the Executive’s office: room decoration techniques

When designing an office for any category of managers, the following principles should be taken into account:

  • zoning of the room. 1st zone: A meeting area, where can be placed a large desk, many chairs, a demonstration board, a projector. 2nd zone: The main place where is a personal workspace with a desk or computer desk, cabinets, and shelves for documents. 3th zone: an area for meeting visitors and business guests which must contain a comfortable sofa, armchairs and a coffee table.
  • the appearance of the Director’s room. Style of the CEO’s office must be strict, practical, convenient. You can make small personal changes: hang on wall the honorary diplomas or photos with famous people. Painting in the workplace will make the interior more diverse. Make sure that the office is well lit both naturally and with the help of lamps;
  • the presence of corporate symbols. Having diluted the interior with the help of such things, you can emphasize the leader’s status.

For an ambitious man

Distinctive features of the beautiful design of the office’s interior design for the male are subdued colors and the predominance of metal, glass, and gloss. You should not mount a collection of weapons on the wall or photos from successful fishing. Let the personal life remain behind the door. The arrangement of the male workplace should be stylish and practical. For example, a wooden corner wall will avoid the classic design of the wallpaper. The office should radiate the atmosphere of a leader.

For a successful woman

A female leader is an increasingly common occurrence. Such a person has pronounced leadership qualities, a clear presentation of personal opinion on any issue, a willingness to show aggression against a competitor. Therefore, the design of the office of a female leader in a modern style is the most popular option. Saturated colors, experimental novelties replace traditional delicate shades and soft features in furniture. Young managers prefer to see light materials, designer gizmos, photos from important conferences with influential people. As a lawyer, a woman often puts out for public display a license or certificate, honor sheets from legal forums. It is essential to arrange the room properly. For example, the table needs to be placed in front of the window opening: it will highlight the girl’s figure.

Best color solutions

To make the office space work-like, stylish, and comfortable for holding business meetings, designers advise making the most of natural shades: brown, beige, gray, green. With their help, the interior will seem expensive, and the atmosphere will be conducive to communication and work. Pragmatism does not develop into discouragement, add bright accents. For example, an orange stain in the form of a leather chair can dilute the decor in gray tones. Or in a room with brown wallpaper and wooden furniture, make a green corner with indoor plants. Properly selected flowers will fulfill a decorative function and enrich the place with oxygen (which contributes to mental activity).

Making a VIP cabinet for the boss is quite simple. Wood trim will look stylish and cozy. Properly placed and color-matched pieces of furniture will create the appearance of a separate zone, equipping a desk with a lamp in the form of an apparatus that will give the room a special touch.

Neutral tones

Beige shades are ideal for decorating the Director of the enterprise’s office or the modest bosses of the provincial state office. They are noble, versatile, and practical. To give a beautiful appearance to the room, you should correctly place accents, successfully perform zoning. An essential point in decorating the space is the curtains. 

Executive office style

Style characterizes the boss as a person, gives the key to understanding his qualities and character. This is a specific decoration of the room in which the Director will feel “on his territory.” Style solutions for a business office are fundamentally different from each other. Let’s consider them in more detail.


The high-tech style has become an example of office design for companies that have a clear, dynamic policy, modern innovative technology, and consistently high income. But gradually, this stylistic direction has moved to smaller organizations. It is made in colors such as black, white, gray, steel, and muted shades of brown. Straight lines, spotlighting, the presence of modern technology with both a practical purpose and a decoration are characteristic. Furniture made of glass, plastic, or metal is used. A high tech office is an excellent idea for the CEO of a small young company. You can arrange red chairs: they attract attention and are unobtrusive.


The classic style is characterized by the presence of wooden elements: furniture, walls, or parquet. You can even use wood to decorate the ceiling, but be careful that the room does not look like a “hut.” With wood, you can apply elements of natural colors, rich accents. If the layout of the room is simple, then this is its plus. You can focus on illuminated paintings in wooden frames.


To create a space in a modern style, select a bright dimensional room. It should arrange a minimum of furniture. But even the one that will be present must be strict and concise.

No complicated, intricate designs, all the elements are straightforward. You need to use the advice of professionals to learn how to elegantly and modernly furnish the interior.


The loft is preferred by creative personalities, which should be in constant search of muse, inspiration. The highlight of the rooms in the loft style is large windows. Thus, a substantial amount of light penetrates inside. Any material may lie on the floor: parquet, tile, or just rolled linoleum. This trend has come to us from America and has taken root due to its practicality.


If you take a large room and put a minimum of furniture in it, you get a minimalist style. Everything is concise and straightforward. A minimalistic cabinet is usually decorated in white shades.

Types of Executive office furniture

Furnishing is an essential part of the design decision. 

Solid wood furniture

The solid wood emphasizes the high status, conservatism, and wealth of the leader. The main figure in the furnishings is the desk, which is deliberately cumbersome and symbolizes stability and a strong position in the market and society. Wooden furniture creates a touch of naturalness and harmony. Someone can decorate all four walls of the room with wood. However, not every person has such an abundance of tasting.

Metal furniture

Adherents of metal furniture – people, are dynamic, purposeful, keeping up with the times. They value style combined with practicality. Cold shades of metal are associated with prudence and cunning. That is why accountants or people who keep up with the letter of the law love steel shades so much. 

Glass furniture

Glass tables and cabinets make the decoration light and weightless. But you should not get carried away: dilute the interior with more common items. Glass in tandem with steel and metal looks great. 

Plastic furniture

Plastic items are practical, convenient, inexpensive. But the economy option is not inferior in popularity to other materials. Due to its versatility, many new intricate chairs, tables, cabinets, nightstands, etc. have appeared on the market. Smooth, concise forms are in high demand.

Soft armchairs and sofas

An integral attribute of the Director’s office is the “soft zone”: a sofa or armchairs where you can comfortably sit down with a coffee for a pleasant business conversation. A sizeable soft sofa complements the robust interior of the institution; the more modest are content with a quality substitute “under the skin.” Experts say that the design of a successful male leader’s office should be brutal, dynamic, and useful.

Decor in the Executive office

When designing the layout of the CEO’s office, consider the possibility of placing a “green area”. It will become a beautiful decoration of the workspace.

It is also essential to add a few personal items to the interior of your office: work photos, paintings, letters. But a public demonstration of family photos is not welcome.

The design of a small office

Small offices are most often found among leaders in provincial cities. To ensure that the decor is stylish when designing a room, adhere to a light palette of colors, fill everything with light. Furniture should be as practical and functional as possible. Play on contrasts; resort to the arrangement of accents. 

What to look for when choosing office furniture

When choosing office furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to several essential things that should contribute to long service life and emphasize the status of the owner:

  • the availability of a complete furniture kit 
  • impressive, presentable appearance;
  • use of quality materials and furniture assembly services. In this case, you must pay attention to the provision of a warranty for operation. The supplier and assemblers of furniture must be selected from a trusted company so that the furniture’s quality is at the proper level;
  • maximum comfort and convenience for both the manager and visitors.

Most importantly, you need to remember that a successful business will not tolerate neglect of the arrangement of offices, especially when it comes to the office and furniture for the manager.

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