Best Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas in 2024

Brick is regarded as a sustainable material that, together with mortar, makes for a strong and low-maintenance exterior house option. It has been used for years and hasn’t yet lost its relevance in exterior design. Although natural brick exterior walls look great, you may consider a refresh for your house by covering bricks in paint or choosing a stylish color combination for trim, window shutters, front door, and roof. We want to inspire you for a redefinition of your brick house design with these gorgeous paint color ideas.

Top Paint Colors for Brick Exterior Walls

White has always been a favorite. A perfectly chosen white paint color can transform a traditional brick house into a state-of-the-art exterior that will steal your attention at first sight. Yet, there are plenty of other color solutions beyond white. Researching the options suggested by designers and colorists worldwide, we came up with a list of trendy alternatives (in case you are looking for something new and different from the others).

Pure White SW 7005 by Sherwin-Williams

One of the highly demanded white shades at SW, with a dazzling white base diluted with the most subtle notes of yellow that keep it from looking too bright. It professionally underlines the brick texture and pairs well with various matching colors.

Blank Canvas DC-003 by Behr 

A refreshing and inspiring white pigmented with delightfully warm yellow-pink undertones, slightly perceivable. Like the previous shade, this bright white shade looks effortlessly stylish on brick and brings a charming cozy vibe to the design.

Whisper White SW1C2 by Dulux

An exclusively popular ivory-white shade that lends an impressively welcoming feeling to the exterior design, while the lush, warm undertones underline every brick in part and share an authentic sense of style.

Spanish Sand OR-W07 by Behr

Restore harmony and get an original look for your house exterior with this amazing Spanish beach-scented white tone that reveals a few secretly hidden pink pigments. It looks less stark than white, yet surely warmer and more welcoming.

Black Magic SW 6991 by Sherwin-Williams

A sophisticated black paint color with a truly dark base and slightly visible warm undertones to use on contemporary brick architectural features. Make a luxurious statement with a house exterior painted this way.

Mineral Gray SW 2740 by Sherwin-Williams

A widely embraced gray-blue, an updated navy blue, that designers are crazy about. It shares a royal feeling with the house exterior and redefines the brick texture in the most modern way possible.

Best Colors to Pair with Brick Walls

Whether you paint your brick walls or preserve their natural beauty, finding the perfect color combination for trim, front door, or other house parts is essential. Experts state that painted brick walls, primarily white, better work with contrasting shades that underline the house borders. What about the other colors, including unpainted brick? Find the best exterior brick paint color ideas and make your house the neighborhood’s main highlight.

Complementary Colors: Brick and Green

Olive, sage, or organic green all work with its complementary partner, orange or red. The two sides perfectly complete each other. Green adds freshness, while brick preserves the stately effect and comfortable feeling. This is the first and most popular combination that designers cannot get tired of.

Classy Combination: Brick and Black

In terms of contemporary design, pairing brick walls and black paint on particular house elements is one of the best combinations you can think of. It can be orange, red, or worn-out brick, and it will still flawlessly complement black. Add a bit of white if you feel insecure. 

Never Outdated: Brick and White

Modern houses, especially those with intricate geometric features, are always on the safe side with a fusion between brick walls and white-painted elements. Wooden or black-colored accents are allowed. That is the contrast brick walls have been striving for, and white fully meets its expectations.

Get the Look: Worn-Out Brick and Blue

The brick texture tested over time doesn’t look untasteful. On the contrary, it makes for the utmost stylish statement when paired with a suitable paint color, such as blue. Today, designers are switching their attention to old, traditional, and familiar, and pairing brick walls with any shade of blue will definitely make passers-by admire your house for its authentic character.

New Kid on the Block: Color of the Year – Purple

Now that we’ve covered the classics let’s dive into engaging, original, and outstanding. Brick walls are a great background to experiment with brighter colors, such as the leading 2024 color trend, purple. Mainly applied to front doors, plums, lilacs, and violets balance and simultaneously brighten brick oranges and reds.

Brick Walls and Colorful Front Door

Interestingly, natural brick walls of any shade are friendly with bright colors. Therefore, in the spirit of boldness and eclecticism, designers suggest standing out with a unique front door color. This can be mint green, bright yellow, pumpkin orange, pastel pink, and literally any other color you like.

Limewashed Brick Walls + Contrast Trim

Instead of fully covering the brick walls in white paint, consider one coat only and spread the paint unevenly to offer the clay texture an unusual whitewashed effect. Alternatively, choose limewash. It penetrates brick rather than staying on the surface, resulting in the same effect. It looks more formal and classy, contrasted with traditional brick walls. Pair the resulting composition with black or white trim and show off an exquisitely modern exterior design.


What color balances the brightness of brick color?

The most successful color in this respect has always been gray and its wide range of shades that can match any variation of brick. Unlike other neutrals, gray doesn’t bring anything new yet somewhat neutralizes the bright brick color and makes it more pleasant to the eye.

How can you refresh worn-by-time exterior bricks?

Say no more. Just paint over brick walls and reinvent the exterior design of your house. You’ll probably need more than one coat, yet the paint looks impressively modern and suitable on brick.

Do bricks fade out under direct sunlight?

For better or for worse, brick walls are prone to losing their initial color when being bathed for long in sunlight. On the other hand, even a faded-out brick shade is still natural brick, yet you may want to reconsider the trim color to suit the existing brick shade. Or, go big by fully painting the brick walls in one of the recommended paint colors. You’ll definitely not get bored of brick walls.

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