Exterior house paint colors 2022: the best trends for facade and roofs

In our previous articles, we talked in great detail about interior colors that will be relevant in 2022. But what if you have no questions about the color of the walls and ceilings in your living room, bedroom, and bathroom – but the exterior of your house has long required change? Well, 2022 is the time to renovate the facade of your home, especially since designers and trendsetters have already offered a lot of exciting color schemes. So let’s find out more about trendy exterior house colors for next year.

House facade color in 2022: which palette to turn to?

On the eve of 2022, two key trends have emerged that guide the choice of color for the house’s exterior walls. Let’s talk about them in more detail – and you can choose the option that is closest to you.

Natural and close to nature

When your home blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, it creates an indescribable sense of peace and inviolability of eternal values – such as love for your home, the importance of family traditions, and the warmth of the family hearth. From this point of view, a calm and natural palette of shades will be the best solution for you if stability and respectability are vital to you. You can easily do it with the roof if you want to add color – more on that below.

Unusual and contrasting

However, if you adore everything original and do not mind expressing yourself, you may well resort to more expressive colors of the facade. Of course, too bright, marker tones are still not welcome, but in the trendy palettes for 2022, there is a huge number of complex and expressive shades, thanks to which your home will become a real highlight in a street landscape!

Trendy house facade colors in 2022: exploring shades

If you are still thinking about what color your house’s facade will be updated next year, you may well turn to the trendsetters’ palettes. WGSN & Coloro and Pantone have already presented their predictions, and large paint manufacturers Behr, Sherwin-Williams, and Dulux are not only predicting but already proposing to use these paints in real life. So, let’s take a closer look at what fashionable color you can decorate the exterior of your home in 2022.


White is still versatile for the facade – and also makes it possible to use bright details in the design of the area around the house. Whether your walls will have a soft color or will you choose a pure and bright white – it’s up to you, especially since there are both variations in trendy palettes.

  • Stowe White – a shade that can create a believable effect of whitewashed walls;
  • Winter Terrace – very cool white with smoky notes, contrasting beautifully with the surrounding greenery;
  • Vivid White – a bold and dramatic white to match with bright roofs;
  • High Reflective White – glossy white with a noticeable reflective effect;
  • Alabaster – traditional white for a classic home;
  • Whisper White – soft and calm shade for sunny areas;
  • Baby’s Breath – a muted and calm white.


To some, beige may seem overly banal, especially today, when the choice of shades is extensive. However, most homeowners still readily choose his delightful tones, using both classic and trendy. So, in addition to the traditional beige for the facades, you can choose more complex and relevant tones:

  • Butter – appetizing, sunny, and warming yellowish beige;
  • Soybean – very pale and natural beige;
  • Accessible Beige – beige with a pleasantly cool gray tone.


Gray in 2022 is by no means boring, and therefore you can safely use it for the walls of your home. You will get a fantastic result by complementing the facade design with contrasting trims, doors, and roof.

  • Lunar Surface – cool gray with a pleasant silvery sheen;
  • Nightingale Gray – graphic, dark gray, pleasing with exceptional softness;
  • Ultimate Gray – a sample of neutrality and a base for any color combinations;
  • Urban Bronze – the color of the year 2022, according to Sherwin-Williams, a deep and enchanting tone of patinated metal.


Dark brown exterior house colors are out of trend again in 2022 – unless you’re using unpainted wood, of course. However, you can use them for the roof and walls and choose more sophisticated and light brown variations.

  • Clay Pipe Half – pale, dusty brown tone;
  • Basswood – warming gray-brown;
  • Sheepskin – one of the lightest and coziest browns of the season;
  • Cocoa Whip – inspiring and mouth-watering brown.


The facade in blue looks great in combination with greenery and against the background of freshly fallen snow. In 2022, airy blues and shades with a greenish watercolor undertone are used – designers are really crazy about them.

  • Etched Glass – a blue-gray watercolor shade that is very pleasant to the eyes;
  • Clear Skies – perfectly reproduced the color of the summer sky;
  • Breezeway – atmospheric greenish-blue;
  • After Rain – exquisitely light dusty blue;
  • Beach Glass – matte blue with a confident greenish undertone.


The yellow walls of a house in 2022 can be different. So, someone can choose more pale and sophisticated tones, someone – energetic and warming. And all these gradations are on the list of popular shades for the coming season.

  • Corn Stalk – surprisingly light and natural light yellow, ideal for a rural home;
  • Illuminating – sunny and warming color;
  • Daylily – very warm orange-yellow that can add optimism to rainy days;
  • Peace Yellow – a serene light yellow.

House roof color in 2022

When talking about trendy colors for the house’s exterior, it would be unfair to forget about the roof – its color also makes a significant contribution to the perception of the facade. In 2022, look for rich, deep, and even dark shades that will create a mesmerizing contrast to the walls. We offer you several win-win colors.


An orange roof is an excellent solution for a home with blue, white, and brown walls. There are enough shades to choose from – from natural to bright.

  • Dahlia Orange – a gorgeous and warming orange;
  • Orange Ocher – an excellent solution for roof tiles;
  • Tomato Cream – deep red-orange for expressive contrast;
  • Baquelite Gold – a rich orange with a golden undertone.


The roof in red tones has long been a classic, wandering from season to season, and in 2022, shades of red are also present in the trendy palette. However, this time we are talking about dark and noble colors:

  • Winery – a fashionable variation of the shade of burgundy;
  • Red Bay – exhilarating reddish-brown;
  • Murray Red – Delightful old red wine tone
  • Sierra Redwood – a deep and intense mahogany color.


The trendy blue for the roof in 2022 is primarily a rich and natural blue. Forget about the combination of blue roof and blue walls – this color overkill is no longer in trend. Play on contrasts and give preference to a combination with white, brown, gray, and yellow – and what shades to use, we will tell you:

  • Ibiza Blue – a dark blue color, reminiscent of the evening sea;
  • Naval – a variation of the famous and beloved by all color navy blue;
  • Cascades – an unusual steel blue shade;
  • Moody Blue – light, like a dusty blue.


The dark brown roof with light walls is a bulwark of respectability and nobility. This option is considered the most real classic, and you can safely choose a suitable shade in fashionable palettes for 2022:

  • Nature Brown – a very natural dark brown suitable for modern and classic rooftops
  • Perfect Penny – a charming shade of ceramic for a country-style roof;
  • Wild Mustang – Cool brown for a rooftop with blue or white walls
  • Studio Clay – a shade of natural burnt tiles.

Now you roughly know in which direction to act to choose the current color for updating your house’s facade. Of course, you can easily use other tones from the trendy palettes for 2022. Take the time to study the color schemes from well-known manufacturers of finishing materials and weigh the pros and cons. Only with this approach will the renewed facade of your house delight you every day – and your neighbors, of course!

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