Farmhouse colors: selection rules and modern trends of 2022

Farmhouse colors: selection rules and modern trends of 2022

The farmhouse style’s growing popularity has prompted both designers and homeowners to take a closer look at its features. Simple lines and cozy shapes, natural materials, and country-style accessories are undoubtedly important – but the color palette is just as important.

The farmhouse color scheme directly addresses neutrality and classics, so you don’t have to waste time looking for a particular complex shade. The colors remain relevant for decades, and if one day you decide to change the interior, it is possible that you will not even need to change the tone of the finish.

When choosing shades for decorating in the farmhouse style, designers usually focus on large manufacturers’ palettes, where they select colors of suitable shades. For a long time, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, the leading American companies in the field of exterior and interior paints have remained the undisputed favorites in terms of brands of paints and varnishes. Let’s find out what they offer for the farmhouse style in 2022.

Farmhouse walls color: paint selection rules

When choosing paints for the rooms of your home, two dangers may lie in wait for you – the risk of not guessing with a shade and the opportunity to create something unnecessarily monotonous and neutral. That is why, in the case of a farmhouse-style interior, designers recommend focusing on the following rules:

  • Always start with white paint if you plan on using it. You can use it not only for painting walls but also for accent surfaces, ceilings, baseboards, and moldings. At the same time, it is worth abandoning the harsh and dazzling white in favor of softer gradations. Which ones – we will tell you below.
  • First, decide on a color that will be the main one. This is especially important when your home is designed with maximum open space. You will need to select all the shades you like and see how these colors work with the furniture and flooring you have chosen. As a rule, for this, designers draw a relatively sizeable colored square on a white sheet, leaving a small unpainted strip around the perimeter, and place it in the room that you plan to paint. By observing the play of colors throughout the day, depending on the lighting, you can get an idea of exactly which color you like best.
  • Experiment! Despite the light and neutrality, the farmhouse style involves the use of different color accents. In this plan, your imagination is limited only by the same palette of the farmhouse interior. You can think about an accent wall, choose other shades for the nursery or the bedroom – the farmhouse tones are so friendly and soft that you can use them without any fear.

Farmhouse palette: trendy colors (in 2022 and not only)

Before we move on to a detailed description of the palette’s key colors for a farmhouse-style interior, we hasten to reassure you: there are very few of them. However, thanks to them, you can create an atmosphere of calm, serenity, comfort, and lightness of life, characteristic of country houses with history.


As we said earlier, the farmhouse implies soft, calm shades of white with a barely noticeable yellowish undertone. Among them:

  • Alabaster White. The shade from the Sherwin-Williams palette remains at the forefront of the farmhouse palette. We can say that this shade entered this color scheme thanks to the designer Joanna Gaines, who proposed the painted shiplap as an independent wall decoration material. In this case, the shade “alabaster” can be used both inside and outside the house.
  • White Dove. Benjamin Moore’s shade has become everyone’s favorite white paint for farmhouses thanks to its surprisingly soft undertone, in which there are little to no yellowish notes. You can also use it for both exterior and interior wall decoration.
  • Simple White. Another proposal for a farmhouse from Sherwin-Williams. The advantage of this shade is that it is absolutely neutral – feel free to use it wherever you want.


Gray is essential for a peaceful atmosphere – and a touch of past charm. The most popular farmhouse variation is the Agreeable Gray. Its light beige undertone avoids a dull and boring design even when using this color as a background color. Also, it works great with most of the decorative elements characteristic of this style.

Another fascinating gray variation is the Silver Song. A rather pronounced greenish tone adds the necessary freshness and lightness and looks really cool in sunny rooms.


All fans like pale, faded, and dusty shades of blue and light blue of the farmhouse palette; however, the leading blue tone for a farmhouse interior is Waterloo’s shade by Sherwin Williams. Gray and pearl undertones make this navy blue feel more down-to-earth, neutral, yet surprisingly soft at the same time.


The farmhouse comes alive under the influence of green tones – even though this style is characterized by its light gradations as if touched by time and sunlight:

  • Sea Salt. The refreshing shade from Sherwin – Williams has an exciting feature: depending on the lighting, it can appear both bluer and more pronounced green, which makes it an excellent solution not only for rooms but also for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Silver Sage. One of the most enigmatic and pleasing variations of green with light gray notes creates the perfect neutral backdrop for any space. Plus, it’s so friendly and mellow that it’s ideal for a nursery too.
  • Pewter Green is one of the most beautiful and controversial shades of green. Expressive blue and gray tones provide the same softness, depth, and richness that distinguish the most attractive colors.


As you might have noticed, reds and pinks are not very welcome in farmhouse style, but the Blushing from Sherwin Williams’ palette is a welcome exception. It is a very soft and incredibly soothing pink that is perfect for kids’ rooms and rooms that want to be made a little warmer.

The colors described above form the basis to which other shades are added. Natural woody, beige and black tones complete the farmhouse palette – harmonious, soothing, and welcoming.

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