Outstanding farmhouse decor ideas: a blend of rustic and modern styles for every room of your house

Outstanding farmhouse decor ideas: a blend of rustic and modern styles for every room of your house

Farmhouse style and its stunning decor ideas will never get out of date. Furthermore, you do not have to live in the country to refer to such an approach. The contemporary decor ideas offer the possibility to combine the rustic and modern values for a fascinating result. Starting with white paint and reaching wood accents, among other elements peculiar to this style, your house will acquire a new look.

Let’s find out how this works for every room in part so that you have a clear image of this style and incorporate it either into a particular space or refer to a whole farmhouse makeover. It should be noted that it does not necessarily imply the integration of new elements since you can reach particular results with the units you already have. Therefore, the following list of ideas will inspire you for a perfect result in this sense, accompanied by practical suggestions and lots of inspirational photos to get you started. Let’s discover what the experts in the field have to say about that!

Farmhouse decor ideas: living room

Farmhouse style has won a lot of popularity lately since its nostalgic feeling and comfort are welcome. Furthermore, such features as neutral colors and nature-inspired elements bring the necessary level of coziness that many try to reach. The living room is one of the spaces that can integrate this style with almost all its peculiarities and offer your house a new vibe. Let’s scroll through the following ideas and find out how that is possible!

  • Neutral colors. Consider neutral shades for the background, such as white, brown, or gray. Opt for warm undertones and combine them with other elements;
  • Vintage feel. Opt for wood units, from the wall to particular pieces of furniture. It should be noted that distressed wood will fit perfectly for a farmhouse touch, referring to a nostalgic feel.
  • A splash of green. A perfect transition from rustic to modern values within a farmhouse living room can be done by using indoor plants. This splash of green will enliven the space and keep it cozy;
  • Mantel decor. If there is a fireplace, you can choose a particular decor for the mantel. Considering the season, you can opt for a specific vibe or a neutral decoration that includes vintage units and greeneries;
  • Country-inspired lighting. Consider farmhouse lighting sources, from simple fixtures to chandeliers, including such materials as wood, glass, steel, and simple designs to keep it cozy.
  • Vintage coffee table. From rustic style to fully painted cover and distressed surface, a vintage coffee table will perfectly complement a farmhouse living room and enrich it with a new splash of texture;
  • Personalized wall signs. Consider particular quotes or words and put them on the wall within a wood frame to emphasize them. Opt for phrases that bear particular meanings for you and make them a point of interest;
  • Blanket ladder. Decorate the room with a wood ladder, painted in white or left in its natural look, and use it as a blanket holder and decorative unit;
  • Window display. Consider a recycled window and use it as a decorative unit by enriching it with particular elements peculiar to the season or opt for a white-painted cover to integrate it into the background.

Farmhouse decor ideas: kitchen

Farmhouse style can be integrated into the kitchen by using appropriate surfaces and colors, accompanied by rustic decorations. Consider the following ideas that start with the basics and continue with fascinating decorative units to enrich this space with a rustic feel and cozy environment.

  • Black shade and wood texture. The contemporary approach involves the use of black surfaces combined with wood for a modern farmhouse style. Consider black for the cabinets and combine it with wood units;
  • Timeless pairing. White paint and wood elements will never get out of date. Furthermore, such combination works perfectly for a farmhouse style, offering the kitchen a rustic and modern look;
  • Distressed wood. Consider distressed surfaces for wood cabinets, countertop, or tables. Preserve a vintage feel and cozy environment by pairing them with white to ensure a fresh splash of color and enlarge the space.
  • Rustic lighting fixtures. Consider wall or ceiling fixtures, including wood, steel, and glass, to complete the farmhouse style with accents. Their vintage look will serve as a perfect possibility to emphasize the old values;
  • Cozy rug. Enhance comfort by covering the rough wood floor with colorful rugs. Such elements will perfectly complete the cold-colored cabinets and keep them soft;
  • Open shelves. A perfect approach to farmhouse kitchen will be to opt for open shelves and decorate them with pottery or other units that you use on a daily basis, neutral-colored, to fill the space;
  • Wood surfaces. Add texture to your kitchen and integrate the farmhouse style by opting for wood surfaces. Whether part of the kitchen furniture or separate units of wood, the natural texture will preserve the comfort within the space.

Farmhouse decor ideas: bedroom

The bedroom is a space that requires comfort and the farmhouse style is perfect for this role. From calm shades to natural surfaces, your bedroom will acquire a new environment. There is no need to mention the aesthetic look of a farmhouse bedroom. Discover it with the following ideas.

  • Shiplap walls. Usually white, but sometimes in any other warm shade, this approach is one of the main elements of the farmhouse style. It will add a nostalgic feel to the environment and offer the room a vintage look;
  • A splash of yellow. Peculiar to farmhouse style, a soft shade of yellow will perfectly complete the look, preserving comfort and softness within the space. It works well with white and any other shade, being a perfect option to use in a bedroom.
  • Nightstand alternatives. Consider practical and rustic pieces of furniture, such as a wood nightstand for a natural look, a simple wood chair for an accent, or a vintage unit to complete the nostalgic look;
  • Cozy seating. Opt for a seating space within your bedroom and decorate it with comfortable chairs, wood elements, and greeneries. Additionally, you can make the window sill a cozy place for seating, adding warm shades;
  • Dresser decor. From simple decorative units to complex ones, including vintage elements, adapt the dresser decor to the colors of your bedroom. Additionally, bring in greeneries and candles to ensure comfort;
  • Farmhouse sconces. Opt for vintage wall sconces and complete the farmhouse look with accent fixtures that will enrich the space with new points of interest.
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