Farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas: bring tradition into a contemporary setting

Farmhouse style is one of the most referred to in the context of establishing a functional, comfortable, and welcoming setting. In an era of minimalism, many look for a cozy environment with chic elements that embrace tradition. The farmhouse approach can be integrated into any room, from the hallway, going through the living, bedroom, and reaching the kitchen. Furthermore, the latest techniques allow you to adapt the farmhouse values to contemporary settings and make the most of such a style. 

This article will tackle particular aspects as regards a farmhouse kitchen. We would like to offer you a general image of the farmhouse integration into this space and how it can be completed by an appropriately chosen backsplash. Bring more coziness and an inviting effect while preserving the contemporary look of your kitchen with our inspiring ideas for a farmhouse backsplash. Add a pinch of individuality to one of the following suggestions and ensure the stylish look of your kitchen!

White Beadboard

Beadboard is a perfect alternative to tile, representing decorative beading featuring paneling, peculiar to the Victorian era. Affordable, easy to take care of, and fascinating looking, a beadboard backsplash, particularly painted in white, will complete a farmhouse look. Beadboard has become a kind of classic, and we all know that you cannot go wrong with an element like that.

Brick Texture

Another classic in this list. A brick backsplash is one of the leading trends when it comes to a perfect companion for a farmhouse kitchen. From real brick to faux elements of this kind, bring the countryside feeling right inside your house. Furthermore, you can add individuality to your kitchen by opting for a unique layout. What would you say about herringbone? Quite unusual but definitely original.

White Tiles

This time we stick to white as well since there is no other color that will emphasize as perfectly the wood elements and complement as stylishly cabinets of the same shade or any other color. You can stay at ease; it will not look at all boring. Such an approach comes with an array of possibilities regarding the shape and layout of the tiles. From unusual geometric forms, brick replications, subway tile design to such layouts as herringbone or chevron, you will receive a perfect background and enrich the environment with a feel of freshness.

Rich Patterns

If you look for a sophisticated way to complete a farmhouse style, tiles with repetitive patterns are a perfect option. Consider a color that fits the overall design, enriching the space with new scents. Embrace tradition and adapt it to a contemporary setting, stopping the time in your kitchen that will radiate both traditional and modern values.

Wooden Surface

What can add to the coziness of a farmhouse kitchen more than wooden surfaces? This comforting texture is more than welcome in such a setting. Undoubtedly this approach is not quite common, but who said that we look for popular options only? Furthermore, the more unusual the design, the more original the result. Consider a wooden backsplash with a specific cover that makes it easy to take care of this element of your kitchen. From colder to warmer shades, such a background will accompany surprisingly fascinating a white kitchen cabinet in particular.

Raw Stone

It is noteworthy that not only wood is a surface peculiar to farmhouse style. Stone fits as perfectly a setting decorated this way. We hope you did not forget that a modern farmhouse style combines tradition with contemporary values for a timeless result. You can either keep it smooth or preserve the natural surface by referring to raw stone texture or stone tiles. Imagine the effect of this eclectic combination of warm colors and a cozy environment with a raw, rather cold background: perfect interpretation of the product that results from combining values from two different approaches.

Contrastive Pegboard

Even a full-farmhouse kitchen without an appropriate backsplash loses its aesthetics. A pegboard will complete the interior design in this style and enhance the beauty hidden behind every element of this space. Besides its functionality, a pegboard backsplash adds a clean effect that is welcome in any farmhouse setting. That’s not all! The holes within such an element can be used to insert hooks and use practically the space. Affordable, offering an extra place for storage and completing the overall style, this backsplash is a perfect option for a stunning effect with less effort.

Marble Elegance

The pearl of this list is the marble backsplash that perfectly reflects how you can stylishly combine farmhouse elements with contemporary textures. Consider marble tile with a chevron or subway layout for a traditional look. If you want to go further, opt for large pieces of marble and cover the area above the working space. The bold patterns will be more noticeable in the second case and add contemporary air to the environment.

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