Farmhouse style curtains: how to choose and design ideas

Farmhouse style is an expression of sweet and soulful simplicity, reminiscent of a calm life in the bosom of nature. Interiors in this design style are popular with people who create an oasis of warmth and joy at home. One of the essential elements of a farmhouse is curtains with simple plaid or floral prints. They fit perfectly into kitchen interiors, look cute in bedrooms and children’s rooms. However, farmhouse curtains can also be used in living rooms: they create an ideal atmosphere for gathering the whole family.

Do you want to create a charming, cozy, and genuinely homey interior? Get inspired by our selection of farmhouse curtains!

Features of farmhouse style curtains

Curtains sewn in this manner have the characteristics that make them well recognizable:

  • Simple print – either check or floral. As a rule, the drawing is on a white background.
  • In most cases, farmhouse curtains are shortened. The optimal length is just below the windowsill. These curtains are ideal for a rustic kitchen.
  • Traditional decorations for farmhouse curtains are tiebacks and wide frills. But they should look “cute and simple”. 
  • Pelmet, if any, is a simple wide tape, gathered and echoed with frills.
  • The fabrics for the curtains are natural. It is often a simple chintz, but for the living room, it is quite possible to take cambric and even silk.
  • The palette can be varied and saturated shades, but the bright color must be set off with white. For example, white curtains with an orange plaid pattern will perfectly fit into the farmhouse style: fresh and juicy!

In modern interiors characterized by eclecticism and experimentation, there are interesting interpretations of the farmhouse style. Roller blinds or roman blinds with a plaid pattern decorate the windows.

Basic models

You don’t have to puzzle over the choice of the type of farmhouse curtain. Because everything is straightforward here, basically, these are rectangular panels with or without hooks, decorated with frills, lace, and lambrequins.

For the living room or bedroom, you can choose long curtains from dense fabric that will decorate your windows at night, and light transparent tulle will show off during the day. As for the colors, plain panels with bright inserts or trimmings in the form of lace or frills look stylish in the living room and do not overload the interior. Lush pelmets will complement the look of simple curtains and make it more festive. Plaid and stripe look both austere and rustic cozy on farmhouse style curtains.

To create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom of a young lady, you can hang cotton curtains in light colors. It is better if it is a light background with the image of the corresponding pattern: flowering plants, birds. You can use bright saturated colors for the background, characteristic of the style: bright green, brown, terracotta, red.

Farmhouse style curtains are not only long. Simple cropped curtains up to the windowsill are often used in the kitchen. This technique further emphasizes the simplicity of the style, its romance, and its rustic charm. Austrian and Roman frameless curtains can also decorate the windows of a farmhouse.

The beauty of farmhouse curtains lies in the fabric and additional elements – frills and lace. Keep this in mind when creating your unique look filled with farmhouse spirit and romance.


Curtains that look harmonious in a farmhouse are made from natural materials:

  • Cotton. Products are considered durable; they have an increased service life. Cotton curtains can be easily combined with decor made from other raw materials. The material is not afraid of sunlight and damp environments. Main disadvantages: curtains can turn yellow over time and lose shape; the fabric is easily wrinkled.
  • Organza. The curtains will be light and transparent; the surface of the product can be matte or shiny. Organza is one of the most common materials for creating window decorations.
  • Flax. The raw material is suitable for making farmhouse style curtains. Linen textile products will not cause allergic reactions, and the material is environmentally friendly. The fabric will not shrink after washing, and it is difficult to stain it. Textured and plastic fabric is considered durable and retains its original appearance well.
  • Curtains made of satin, velvet, silk, and blackout go well with farmhouse style. With the help of dense and durable fabrics, decent insulation is created, that protects from bright rays in summer and cold in winter.


When choosing farmhouse curtains, take a responsible approach to the choice of pattern and colors of curtains. The most common option is light-colored curtains: milky, beige, peach, light blue, and pistachio.

The most attractive option, according to experts, is a floral print. Plants in the picture should be as small as possible, print color – not saturated, pastel. White or ivory is perfect for the background.

Another design version can be a combination of a couple of shades from the same range.

Farmhouse style lace curtains

Lace curtains are recommended for small spaces. They perfectly highlight antique and worn furniture. In order not to overdo it with the rustic style, choose plain curtains.

Lace is often used to decorate bedrooms, with the fundamental goal being to create a romantic atmosphere.

Farmhouse curtains in different rooms

Farmhouse curtains in the kitchen

The living space, made following the farmhouse’s style features, can emphasize the beauty of the rustic flavor. This design indicates strong ties with the traditions of the people and looks quite refined.

In kitchen design, you should choose the right curtain materials for curtains, decorative napkins, and furniture. Look for shorter options that are practical and comfortable. They allow you to turn your kitchen window sill into a separate area where you can put various cooking utensils. Long curtains with catchy hooks can be a decoration of any farmhouse kitchen.

If the window visually needs to be expanded, refer to a pelmet made of lightweight tulle fabric.

Farmhouse curtains in the bedroom

For the bedroom, linen, chintz, or cotton curtains are best suited. You should not choose complex shapes, pay attention to airy models with ties or loops. Use ruffles or neat ruffles to decorate the hem of the fabric.

Curtains with tie-backs will make the room more comfortable and evoke a calm and relaxed mood among homeowners. To make the bedroom look harmonious, the bedspreads and pillows must be made of the same material as the curtains. Opt for natural wood curtain rods.

Farmhouse curtains in the living room

It is advisable to use neutral pastel colors in the living room, and floral patterns will not be excessive. Natural fabrics, ruffles, and pelmets are perfect for the overall design. The correct design of the curtains will emphasize the total originality of the interior. The color can be any; the repeating pattern of stripes or cells is trendy.

You should not add luxury items to the living room; a room that matches the chosen style should look simple and romantic.

How to combine correctly

In the interior design, curtains have a vital role to play. They should create comfort and, at the same time, be practical to use. Well-chosen fabrics will be able to visually change the room’s height, make the home more spacious and bright, and save the space from minor imperfections.

Curtains with wall

Before buying curtains, you should pay attention to what will be next to them. Walls must match well with the curtains.

Often, the curtains are too similar to the wall or do not fit the color palette of the home. As a result, all design work does not make sense, and the room looks inharmonious, it becomes uncomfortable to be in it. In order not to come to similar results, adhere to the following recommendations from experts:

  • Check out the rules for color matching before shopping.
  • When choosing the right curtains, make sure the wall coverings and curtains match the texture.
  • Be attentive to the observance of the peculiarities of the stylistics. If the room is small, do not purchase curtains with extensive patterns, they will visually significantly reduce the space.
  • Do not combine dark home decor with dark-colored curtains. The window area is best done in light shades, emphasizing the importance of natural light.

Remember that walls and curtains should not be made in the same tone – choose several similar shades.

Curtains with furniture

When working on a design, consider not only the features of the wall. Pay attention to the furniture also. Curtains can be chosen lighter, darker, or to match the interior items.

The dark furnishings go well with the contrasting decor. Lighting plays an important role. If the room is in the shade most of the time, be sure to use light textiles. The window does not stand out much in the space – It refers to the curtains in white.

The curtains will visually act as a continuation of the window frames, and the room will be brighter. 

Curtains do not have to be in the same shade as the decoration, and small differences will not be critical. The color doesn’t matter either. The main thing is that all elements are in harmony with each other.

Furniture in light color can visually increase the space. When choosing curtains, do not forget about the rules for combining cold and warm colors. In a farmhouse, contrasting colors are allowed, which will make the interior more comfortable and varied.

In some design work, curtains and furniture may have the same shade or even pattern, and this is permissible. The print mustn’t repeat itself on the walls. The room will look clumsy and too bright. Textiles should be diluted with colors from a suitable range so as not to overload the space.

Care advice

Farmhouse curtains do not require too much maintenance. Like other textiles, curtains need to be washed and ironed regularly.

Colored materials typical for farmhouse interiors should be washed without bleach, curtains do not need to be soaked beforehand. It is best to wash in cold water, and you will need neutral detergents. It is better to clean the products manually. Dry the textiles flat, and ironing should be done when the fabric is still slightly damp. Observe the temperature.

Use a steam cleaner to freshen the material. You have to perform the procedure once every three months.

Farmhouse curtains blend in well with a rustic room, providing the space with a homely atmosphere, adding coziness and family warmth to the home. All this is necessary to touch wildlife, forgetting about the urban pace of life.

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