Feng Shui home decor 2021: basic principles and trends

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that strives for balance and harmony between its main elements, such as wood, water, metal, earth, and fire. While Feng Shui principles apply to many areas of life, they are usually practiced in interior design because the tools used in Feng Shui analysis are easiest to apply in the home context.

If the introduction of all Feng Shui philosophy’s techniques seems to be something impossible to do for many of us, integrating some concepts will help fill the house with a positive energy flow and create a relaxing, calm atmosphere. So what should you pay special attention to in the year of the White Metal Ox?

Use round objects

In Feng Shui, circles mean harmony and unity. How can they be applied in decoration? There are many examples: round dining and coffee tables, chairs, armchairs, lamps, ottomans, decorative cushions, vases, and other accessories without protruding corners will contribute to good qi energy in the room.

Keep the balance

Reflective elements such as mirrors, metal, and glass objects help to maintain a sense of energy and life in the space, which is an essential component of Feng Shui. However, the excess of such surfaces can be distracting. Therefore, it is important to mix them with warmer and more comfortable materials – wood, natural textiles, etc.

Create a clean atmosphere with plants

Make plants part of your living room or bedroom decor. They filter the air to create a healthier and cleaner environment and also attract vibrant qi through their vitality. But not all flowers reflect the philosophy of Feng Shui. It is best to use species with soft rounded edges, such as succulents with heart-shaped leaves, but the cactus does not comply with the principles of Feng Shui, as it is considered prickly, “unfriendly”. Here is a list of the most favorable plants:

  • Bamboo of happiness;
  • Peaceful lily;
  • Ficus;
  • English ivy;
  • Palm;
  • Boston fern;
  • Philodendron.

Place your favorite things above eye level

An interesting piece of lighting that rises above the rest of the space or a beautiful painting at a height will draw the eye upward, which is considered a significant mood boost. If it doesn’t make sense to have artwork high in your room, try another attractive strategy by installing window frames against the ceiling or painting it in a pleasant, soothing tone.

Provide extra lighting in darker locations

In Feng Shui, all areas of the room must have access to light. It really makes sense because light activates energy and sets it in motion. Think in advance of the right multi-level lighting and take care of additional light sources such as cute lamps or floor lamps to activate good energy in all rooms.

And of course, candles are another favorite, as they create a special intimate atmosphere in the room that cannot be achieved with other lighting options.

Color of the year: the optimal palette of 2021 according to Feng Shui

Most people believe that a neutral palette perfectly reflects the principles of Feng Shui. As a rule, these are more earthy tones, and the earth personifies stability, support, grace. But apart from the primary tones, you can also include any that you like. In 2021, take a look at the following colors:

  • Blue – personifies calmness, communication, spirituality;
  • Red – invigorates energy, attracts wealth and luck;
  • Green – activates monetary luck, peace, balance, healing;
  • Purple is the color of wealth, high spirituality;
  • Brown – attracts care;
  • Black is the color of strength, especially when paired with red;
  • Orange – ideal in the northeastern sector of the room, attracts knowledge and wisdom;
  • Yellow – activates creative luck, appropriate in the western part of the room.

If you follow the theory of Feng Shui, then the choice of color for a particular part of the house will depend solely on its location, be it north, south, east, or west. In fact, it is much more important to focus on your preferences and the perception of color in general in the interior. An absurdly painted, nondescript wall of any shade will feel exactly that – ridiculous and unpresentable. In contrast, a freshly painted, perfectly flat surface of the same tone will fill the entire space with the right energy.

Feng Shui office 2021: What is Important to Know to Attract Success and Career?

It doesn’t matter whether you work in an office or a home office. Your workplace should be as comfortable as possible for mental activity and making important decisions. Career, health, and success in life depend on it.

So, the basic principles of organizing working space in Feng Shui:

  • Perfect order. The most critical advice for organizing any Feng Shui room, including an office, is to eliminate clutter. Layout must be thorough: overloaded cabinets, shelves, unnecessary papers, obsolete or broken items all negatively affect the flow of qi. Save only those accessories and things that you like or have special meaning to you. Up to 70% of the space on the table should be free.
  • Only valuable decor. Decorate your office with a few important things, such as a statuette brought from another country or a family photo. Do not clutter up space with unnecessary decor. And don’t forget to add plants as their energy helps you focus.
  • The correct palette. Subtle shades of green and yellow will help focus attention, while red details bring the interior to life. Earthen tones contribute to sustainability and stability in business.

Furniture and its location matters

It is essential to consider the following rules here:

  • The larger the table surface, the more opportunities for success. Therefore, a table with an elongated tabletop would be an excellent solution. Place it in a dominant position, that is, in a place where you can see most of the room (including the doorway). This gives a position of power. Thus, you will feel safe on a subconscious level and will be more effective in managing your own space.
  • A chair without an armrest will not work. There should be no gap in its back. It should be smooth and reliable. If there is still a gap, hang a lovely blanket or stole to hide the gap.
  • Feet under the table should be as comfortable as possible. Often, trash cans, all sorts of bedside tables under the table, make it difficult to sit comfortably.

The right feng shui decor will never scream attention or fight style, but rather, on the contrary, create happy energy that harmoniously complements the already existing personality of the house without disturbing the visual aesthetics of the space.

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