Feng Shui home decorating trends 2022: top 8 creative ideas for a balanced environment

Whether Feng Shui is new to you or you are already acquainted with such a term, we are ready to reveal more about this way of decorating your house to set a harmonious environment that combines love, support, and happiness. It is noteworthy that Feng Shui principles slightly differ from the traditional decoration of the house. Nevertheless, a Feng Shui house stands out through its well-arranged decor and balance of contrasts and emotions. 

If you are looking for ways to set vibrance and joy within your house in 2022, you came to the right place. We will provide you with the latest ideas for bringing harmony to every room of your house. It should be noted that every space, depending on the particular activity, requires a specific environment, which is easy to be set by various Feng Shui decorating ideas. Let’s find out the latest options in this sense and fill your house with positive energy!

Breathe a new life into your house

A Feng Shui house should have a personality. Therefore, an appropriate arrangement can breathe a new life into your house. We will start with the simplest aspect. Consider small changes in furniture arrangement, including particularly trendy pieces that suit your personality. Furthermore, make sure that the furniture matches the particular style. Beware of excesses that bother you, which is easy to be managed by opting for a minimalist style. 

As a second step, consider the function of each area that will indicate the type of furniture you need. Decide on the arrangement by ensuring the accessibility of movement around the furniture. Let’s take a look at the following photos of Feng Shui living rooms. You can notice the balanced arrangement of furniture that ensures the functionality of the space and stabilizes its environment.

Set a commanding position

Whether it is a living room or bedroom, consider the main piece of furniture, which is mostly the bed or sofa, as commanding positions. Do you wonder what we mean by that? It supposes that every time you find yourself on the living sofa or in bed, you are in charge of everything happening in the room, particularly who is entering it. It offers you a better view of the room situation. Here is what you have to do: consider placing such pieces of furniture across from the entering area. Furthermore, consider styling your sofa slightly away from the wall for a fresh feeling in your living.

New sparkle with Feng Shui elements

Nothing will enhance the decor of your house the way a new sparkle of color and motives can. In this sense, we would like to refer to the 5 Feng Shui elements. It should be noted that their integration will help you reach the wanted level of comfort and balance the contrasts. Furthermore, each element implies a particular vibe. You should opt for the one that matches your personality. Let’s take a look at them!


It offers a feeling of stability and seriousness. Although it supposes a harmonious effect, you should balance it as well. An abundance of this element may make your room look boring, while its lack may lead to chaos. Therefore, you should consider a balanced use of this element within your room. It can be integrated in the following way:

  • Earthy shades of color, such as green, brown, sand;
  • Flat surfaces;
  • Sharp edges;
  • Landscape images.


It brings in the balance of emotions, adding inspiration and wisdom. Once again, a harmonized amount of this aspect is required. Too much water can lead to emotional drowning, while the lack of it may set a feeling of loneliness. Consider the following steps for a perfect integration:

  • Mirrors and other reflective surfaces;
  • Deep shades of color;
  • Asymmetrical forms;
  • Items that include water, such as aquariums.


It stands in place for growth, flexibility, and expansion. The abundance of wood units can make the environment overwhelming, while the lack of it can deprive the room of creativity. Opt for the following variants for a perfect integration:

  • Nature-inspired colors, such as brown and green;
  • Indoor plants;
  • Natural fabrics, such as cotton;
  • Wood furniture.


It enhances expressiveness and adds new points of interest. If you want to avoid such feelings as aggression and impulsiveness, reduce the use of this element. At the same time, the lack of it can lead to a cold effect. Consider the following steps for a balanced integration:

  • Bold colors, such as red, pink;
  • Candles, various lights;
  • Animal prints.


It increases productivity by bringing in the organization and focus related directly to your personality. An abundance of this element can make you look too critical, while too little of it can lead to a lack of focus. Opt for the following aspects to set a balance:

  • Natural shades, such as gray or other pastels;
  • Round edges;
  • Nature-inspired materials, such as stones;
  • Metals, such as gold, iron, silver.

Bring in values

When it comes to accessories, consider the ones that bear a particular meaning for you. Furthermore, they should reflect positive energy. If you wonder how you reach such a result, consider the following tips: choose those items that woke up instantly in your heart a feeling of calmness, happiness, curiosity, accomplishment. Do not forget that the environment depends on elements that influence you subconsciously. Be it a beautiful vacation memory, the photos of your loved ones, or units that remind you of particular people, they all count as elements dear to your heart.

Go beyond the room limits

An essential decor element that can enhance the environment of a small room is the mirror. It does not really depend on its type as long as it fits your style. The first factor you should consider in this sense is its placement. First of all, there is no doubt that a mirror will enlarge the space. 

Furthermore, it will double the vibe of what it sees, reflecting it into the environment. It is a win-win option. Additionally, you can consider a mirror in which you can fully see yourself, thus, reflecting your aura.

Fresh effect for a new energy

Nothing will bring more freshness into your house than indoor plants. They add energy to every room due to their natural features. Furthermore, a new splash of green will calm the environment and add a new texture. If you wonder what plants you should opt for to achieve a perfect result, consider succulents, bamboo, peace lily, or any others that reach your standard of comfort.

Balance the contrasts

Feng Shui decoration is about harmony. Therefore, you should consider it in all elements of the room, starting with the most emphasized ones, such as the materials and colors. In this sense, you should opt for more than one material and color to balance both the picture and the environment within the room. For instance, if your room is dominated by raw metal units, consider soft colors and elements, such as pillows, to soften the environment.

Set a good Chi in 2022

In terms of Feng Shui, Chi is the energy set in an environment by a particular arrangement. Since the symbol of 2022 is the tiger, we suggest you consider tiger pictures or patterns for better integration of a good Chi within your room. 

It is not necessary to go bold. You can opt for small details that include this element and guarantee good energy within your house in 2022. In this sense, consider minimalist paintings of tigers to hang in your living room or tiger patterns for the bedding to fill your bedroom with such energy.

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