Top 12 fireplace decor ideas for a stylish and cozy environment + inspirational photos

The fireplace is the heart of the house, adding warmness to cold winter evenings and completing the room style all year round. Nevertheless, ensuring full compliance with other elements of the room is at the top, where particularly the decor serves as a binding border for the integrity of the interior design.

An appropriate approach to style, colors, and texture will lead you to a perfect result. We are here to assist you in this sense by revealing the 12 best decor ideas to integrate the fireplace perfectly into any style. Relevant suggestions, inspirational photos, and useful tips, this and more you will discover as follows. 

Essentials to get you started

  • Overall style. You cannot pass the limits of the overall style of the room. Your decor has to complement it rather than stand out as a separate element;
  • Color palette. Consider matching colors to fit the background in this area. Although new shades should be considered, any slight mistake can spoil the entire system;
  • Position. Be it in the near neighborhood or on the mantel, the decorative elements should be chosen based on the future position or even considered for a number of places you can eventually put them on.

Books: the actual heart of the house

If your fireplace is a decorative one and is not being used according to its purpose, a perfect decor idea would be to transform it into book storage. Whether arranging the books in a particular way or installing shelves in this sense, the fireplace will reach a new look. Furthermore, it will bring warmth to the environment indirectly through the calmness that fills your heart every time you pick a book to read.

Bring in more light

For a situation similar to the previous suggestion, consider a decorative system with candles. Simple, neutral-colored candles, even unlit, will preserve the warmness of an actual fireplace. Such a decorative element will add to the aesthetics of the room and brighten the environment, ensuring coziness all year long.

New branches every season

A fireplace can acquire a new feeling if its mantel is decorated with natural branches. The vibrant colors will balance the warmness of this unit and refresh its look. Furthermore, every season you can decorate it with new branches to symbolize particular values, be it the cozy autumn, crispy winter, cheerful spring, or pleasant summer.

Group accessories to fit the style

Decor in this sense will work if approached from a collective perspective since a single unit of this kind will rather spoil the balance than consolidate it. Therefore, a group of accessories is welcome in this respect. Consider a particular style to ensure its compliance with other room elements. Opt for one of the following variants:

  • Keep it simple to make a statement;
  • Go vintage to bring in the old values;
  • Stick to natural elements for a cozy effect.

Mirror, mirror…

Set a fairytale environment with a mirror above the fireplace. It will add a new sparkle and enlarge the space. In this sense, consider simple rectangular mirrors, round shapes, or Art Deco ones for a statement. Additionally, you can opt for other elements to complement the mirror, such as candles or plants.

Black for an accent

The easiest way to decorate the fireplace without adding too many accessories is by painting the bricks black. Besides the fact that this color is very popular in contemporary settings, its bold effect will surely serve as an accent in a neutral-colored room. Additionally, consider particular elements to complete this dark color. A practical suggestion is to use the space above to hang the TV.

Abstract art for a new point of interest

From neutral colors to the boldest shades and the simplest shapes to the most abstract patterns, a painting is enough to add a new splash of color to the fireplace. The interesting patterns will catch your attention and direct it to the fireplace, keeping a balanced contrast between warmness and freshness, particularly if the paintings include cold colors.

Nothing more, nothing less

Adapt the fireplace to contemporary trends by camouflaging it. Leave the fire visible as the accent of the room while covering the rest with concrete. The next step depends on the effect you want to achieve. Either let it be raw to balance the contrasts or consider a stone or wood covering to fit your style. Nevertheless, a simple approach is required to preserve the camouflage effect.

Simple, practical, cozy

A Scandinavian style is all you need to set a contemporary environment that will impress you with its simplicity and coziness. Consider a simple, raw covering with a few accessories and a wood storage place nearby. Nothing will decorate the fireplace better than a simple approach to colors and practical use of space. Add a few minimalist units of decor and organic furniture to enhance comfort.

Embrace new shades of color

Nothing will complement the fireplace better than an appropriately applied color, particularly in this area or the entire wall. Enough with neutral and simple approaches. Consider bolder colors like green, blue, pink, purple, yellow to offer your room a new accent. Although soothing shades are suitable in this sense, bolder undertones will add vibrance to the environment.

Strive for balance

A successful decor depends on balanced contrasts. Besides a balance of shades, consider a particular system of setting the decorative elements. It does not necessarily imply a similar arrangement on both sides of the fireplace. Opt for various units whose number and volume balance the picture from both sides.

Constant greenery for aesthetics

Consider indoor plants as decorative units for a perfect combination of warmness and freshness. If you do not use the fireplace according to its purpose, put in place various splashes of green to complete the space with the missing element. Nevertheless, if you warm up the room by using the fireplace in winter, consider covering it with plants in summer for practical use of space.

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