Fireplace trends 2022: 10 inspiring designs for a comfy atmosphere

Often regarded as the heart of the house, the fireplace serves as a perfect decorative element that, besides its functional purpose, enriches the environment with a feeling of coziness. It will surely warm the cold winter days, but this does not necessarily mean that a fireplace will spoil the picture during the warm season. On the contrary, an appropriate choice in this sense will complement your interior design at any time of the year.

It should be noted that keeping pace with the latest ideas for a fireplace will surely update the entire style of the room. Therefore, we prepared a list of 10 inspiring designs for a cozy retreat that will complete your interior decor and offer a comfy environment, be it during family gatherings or reading a book. Let’s start this journey and discover the fireplace trends in 2022!

Marble for an aesthetic look

When it comes to mantelpieces, there is no better option than marble, which is particularly popular in 2022. It can either strictly cover the space around the chimney or reach the ceiling. For a trendy look, consider the latter one. Furthermore, the large variety of colors and patterns will fit any preference.

Consider a modern fireplace decorated with marble for a contemporary setting or a traditional one that will suit any style. It should be noted that opting for this material will bring glamour into your room and set elegance within the environment.

Stone for a balanced environment

As one of the 2022 trends consists of using nature-inspired materials, the stone is a perfect option in this sense. Particularly light shades will work perfectly for a fireplace. We suggest you stick to a mantelpiece that reaches the ceiling for a double effect.

With this material, it is easy to set a contemporary environment due to the raw features of the stone. At the same time, a softer texture will surely set a comfy atmosphere to match any style.

Keep it low-key

A fireplace itself is a bold step and will surely bring a new point of interest to your room. Therefore, a minimalist style, which is a leading trend in 2022, requires a simple approach. Consider a neutral-colored fireplace without unnecessary details that will emphasize the cozy effect produced by the fire.

It should be noted that such an arrangement will also suit other styles as simplicity is one of the main concepts within the 2022 trends.

Integrated fireplace to complete the picture

This trend suggests you integrate the fireplace into the decor of the wall and make it a constituent part that will not stand out but complete the existing style. Consider a balanced choice of colors and materials to reach integrity within your decor.

In this sense, we suggest you stick to black or gray for the background as not to suppress the other elements. Furthermore, it will draw attention to the heart of the room – the fireplace.

Contrasting background for a double effect

A contrasting color for the background, particularly a neutral one, will emphasize the fireplace and make it a point of interest. We suggest you stick to a balanced contrast for a subtle transition as not to put too much pressure on a particular element. 

In this sense, white is a perfect option as it would point out any other shade. Nevertheless, the color of the fireplace should also be a trendy one. There is no way of going wrong if you opt for nature-inspired hues that will refresh your room.

Vintage is back as if it had never left

Vintage is surely one of the 2022 trends. There is no other perfect way of integrating it into a room than opting for a fireplace of a similar style. It will fit perfectly a vintage-decorated room by complementing it as the last piece of the puzzle. 

Furthermore, a perfect suggestion in this sense is to opt for neutral colors to preserve the contemporary environment. A great option in this sense is black since it balances the contrasts and sets stability, which is welcome within such a setting.

Practical use of space for a functional setting

Functionality is a priority within the 2022 trends. We suggest you stick to it for practical use of space. Whether it is a living room or a bedroom, it would not spoil the picture but rather complement it to install a fireplace conveniently.

In this sense, we suggest you opt for modern-style fireplaces that integrate perfectly into the wall decor, which can also be used for other elements. A smart decision in this respect will make it possible to save space and set on the same wall a fireplace and a TV.

Modern settings require modern solutions

A contemporary style requires a modern approach when it comes to the fireplace. We suggest you stick to raw materials, neutral colors, and simple designs. It should be noted that a traditional-style fireplace will not fit a modern room. 

At the same time, try to avoid details and focus on the main elements of the fireplace that have to be as minimalistic as possible, reflecting a subtle transition of colors on a neutral background.

Retrospective approach for a cozy atmosphere

A fireplace is not that common in the bedroom. Nevertheless, experts suggest such an option to set a cozy atmosphere. Bring your bedroom back to the centuries when the fireplace was the main source of warmth and decor. 

It is a win-win option. A fireplace will make your bedroom feel cozy and offer a vintage effect, enriching the interior design with a new point of interest.

Room-divider fireplace 

Do you remember about the functional use of space? That’s right! It is one of the leading aspects in 2022. There is another practical approach when it comes to the fireplace. Use it as a room divider, for instance, to separate the kitchen from the dining area or the living room from other spaces. 

It will serve you functionally and play an essential part in the decor by enriching it with new elements and bringing warmth to the environment.

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