Fireplace Trends 2023: 10 Inspiring Designs for the Comfiest Echo

Regarded as the heart of the house in times when only a fireplace could warm up the cold winter days, this essential design element now serves as a symbol of style and formality without losing its primary purpose of making comfort a favorite guest. Undoubtedly, it still works great during cold weather, but this does not necessarily mean that a fireplace will spoil the picture during the warm season. On the contrary, an appropriate choice in this sense will complement your interior design at any time of the year.

The latest interior design trends are noticeably switching from the standards that reigned for a long period and invite you to embrace new design choices that rely on expressing your taste and standing out from the crowd. The fireplace trends for 2023 follow suit. Find out how to choose a fireplace, what designs are trending now, according to experts, and get the most of the fashionable fireplace styles that all designers will talk about in the new season!

Choosing a Suitable Fireplace in 2023

A fireplace is a great asset for your house, yet it comes with responsibilities. Before passing to design possibilities, it is worth considering what fireplace and what fuel should be looked at in the upcoming season. Let’s see what experts have to say.

According to designers, the open fireplaces that offer you an open view of the flames are losing popularity because of the energy loss. Therefore, it is more reasonable to opt for closed hearths that prevail in efficiency. At the same time, considering transparent inserts will allow you to save energy and enjoy the visual sensation as well. 

When we reach the part of what fuel you should choose for a trendy fireplace in 2023, it is true that solutions are plenty. If you stick to the classic wooden variant, you should find wood that will appropriately heat the space and last till the cold season ends. Oak and beech wood are the first choices. If you are from Europe, consider that new pollution-reduction standards will be set in 2023. Still, this fuel type is a favorite solution in an era of eco-friendly design options. On the other side, a gas fireplace is easier to control through a thermostat, although the gas price is not so appealing now.  Last but not least, the electric fireplace looks right like the classic one, only it doesn’t produce as much heat. It is safer, although not suitable for larger spaces. 

Taking into account your space, the fuel type that suits your budget and local area, and the design you fancy, you can easily start your search for the hottest fireplace. All clear with the first two steps. Let’s get to the part with the design!

Top Fireplace Materials 2023: Statement Stones

When it comes to mantelpieces, there is no better option than expensive-looking stones, which are particularly popular in 2023, with marble, slate, and granite topping the array of options. It can either cover the space around the chimney only or reach the ceiling. Of course, the latter is a top-tier solution. 

The main role of such a fireplace surround is to make a statement through natural materials, perfectly revealing two of the primary fireplace trends – to stand out and to keep it as close to natural as possible.

With Low-key Steps to Perfection

If you follow the latest design trends, you surely know that the new season is preparing something unmatchable and unseen before in terms of color and shape. New pops of color are waiting to unfold their beauty, while the geometric forms promise more variety and impression. 

In an era when everything wants to stay bright and outstanding, the fireplace trends for 2023 still slightly stick to the standard of the last years – simplicity. Why so? The symbol of fire is enough to add accent and personality to the space, and a bold decor would steal a bit of attention. If you want the main source of comfort to preserve the role of the main focus, keep a simple and minimalist surround.

Top Fireplace Colors 2023: Contrasts

Totally opposing the previous trend, this one perfectly fits in the list of the latest tendencies. Everybody is talking about the fabulous showtime of bright colors that people turn to in the hope of diluting the daily routine with the tiniest drops of vivacity. Alike an accent wall, the fireplace surround is allowed to reveal in the new season one of the boldest shades found in the trendy 2023 colors, particularly if we speak about painting since paint manufacturers have prepared lots of new vibrant shades for the upcoming years. 

Vintage is Back as if It Had Never Left

Vintage is surely one of the 2023 trends. There is no other perfect way of integrating it into a room than opting for a fireplace of a similar style. The curvaceous forms, the worn effect, the elegance of design, and the perfectly chosen color are all a design solution like this requires. Experts claim that Vintage may not be all in for the stylish bright colors. Yet, it still wants to stand out, and the most reasonable approach is to consider a dark-colored fireplace surround that preserves the formality of the old-time patterns.

Practical Use of Space

Borrowing functionality from the previous seasons, the 2023 trends still bet on the practical use of space. Whether it is a spacious living room or a small bedroom, saving a few inches wouldn’t be inappropriate. Professionals highly advise considering the fireplace and the TV on the same wall. It simply favors another interior design trend that urges us to keep our spaces as decluttered as possible, appreciating the freshness and calmness of large and well-lit rooms. 

Modern Settings Require Modern Solutions

Another pearl for those who are not ready to switch to the self-expressing and bold design trends yet. The contemporary style that requires a modern approach to the fireplace has not left the stage. If unobtrusive layouts appeal to you, stick to raw materials, neutral colors, and simple designs. Try to avoid details and focus on the main elements of the fireplace that have to be as minimalist as possible, reflecting a subtle transition of colors on a neutral background.

Top Fireplace Design 2023: Hanging Style

The favorite among designers is surely the hanging fireplace with either an open or closed hearth. The nostalgic possibility of experiencing the warmth and visual allure beautifully blends with the ultra-modern feature that allows for integrating this piece into the most contemporary space that requires the slightest Rustic plot twist. Take a look at the Modern beige and gray living room, where the hanging fireplace seems an irreplaceable element of the space. 

As an alternative, experts suggest opting for the partially hanging fireplace with the lower constituent part on the floor, which can be admired in the Industrial vacation cottage interior, where the fancy fireplace warms up the cold winter days through the provided heat and the out-of-a-magazine style. 

Room-divider Fireplace 

Functional, stylish, and trendy. More and more designs are underlined by this fashionable way of separating functional areas, such as the living room from the kitchen or the kitchen from the dining space. Instead of opting for a classic wall, consider a fireplace to share its heat and comfort with all functional areas at once. Designers revealed a secret – such a trick can make a space look well-planned and thought-out up to the last detail.

Wallpaper Surround

No tiles. Wallpaper. The first aspect we want to draw attention to is safety. Ensure no unexpected surprises will result from this solution. As regards the rest, wallpaper is the second best choice after bright colors, since it serves as a source of dashing patterns and colors to the fireplace surround. What’s intriguing about this way of decorating the space in the close neighborhood is its relevance in both modern and traditional styles.

Fake It till You Make It!

Over the years, the fireplace has become a rather stylish than a practical piece in interior design. It doesn’t necessarily have to produce heat. If you simply like the comfort-inducing effect of fireplaces, yet don’t fancy integrating a real one, particularly if you live in warm regions, don’t step back from fulfilling your dream. The new season is the era of self-expression; express your taste the way you find stylish.

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