Floor cushions: Japanese comfort at your feet

In modern rooms, designers try to free up as much space as possible and make the room spacious and stylish. One of the easiest ways is to get rid of bulky chairs and sofas. But in this case, you have to replace them with cushions so that you and your guests have a place to sit. This is where floor pillows come to your aid. You will learn about what it is and how to select and combine them correctly with other interior details from this article.

What are floor cushions?

Let’s see how these pillows differ from ordinary ones. First of all, let’s remember the most obvious argument – because they are designed to sit on the floor. Such products do not belong to the category of bedding, but furniture.

Such soft pillows can be massive or small. This type of pillow is used in many modern environments. They are most appropriate for interiors in Japanese and Turkish styles. In Japan, minimalism is appreciated; therefore, they choose laconic plain pads. And for the inhabitants of the East, this is just a tradition. They have such soft items distinguished by bright colors and an abundance of shining decorative inserts.

Seating cushions are not always square. They can be round, shapeless, or vice versa, made in some unusual shape. There are even modular pillows to help create a complete design that decorates the room.

Features and benefits of floor cushions

Besides the fact that pillows of this type fit perfectly into a minimalistic interior, they have other advantages. Let’s take a look at them to appreciate how useful such a design idea is.

First of all, by purchasing several of these pillows, you can solve the urgent problem of placing a large group of friends. If guests often visit you, then at any time, you can use several cushions, so your room doesn’t feel cluttered.

This design decision seems interesting. It looks more beautiful and much more comfortable than buying a few chairs.

Well, and one more important point – such items are perfect for children’s recreation. So if you have kids at home, you can buy several soft ottomans, on which they can have tea, spend time at coloring pages or just play. It’s much better than playing on a cold floor, risking your health. True, when buying pillows for children, you need to be especially demanding on quality.

Varieties of floor cushions

Floor pillows are now being made for different rooms and different audiences. Therefore, the variety of assortment is quite large. Let’s take a look at a few popular options where you can sit back and relax.

Solid color:

  • First of all, you should pay attention to the colors. There are also plain products and decorated with various prints. But it is the decorative elements made in one color that is the most popular option.
  • A dull gray and white, blue, or red pillow will perfectly fit into a modern Art Nouveau interior, for example. Such products can be made of soft textiles and wool. There are also cozy knitted pillows that make the room truly homey.
  • Knitted braids or only embossed patterns will make the pillow more attractive. So if you do not want to buy a patterned product, but solid-colored pads seem too boring, you can opt for just such a find.


  • Bright decorative pillows, on which you can also sit, are perfect for a small apartment, made in soothing colors. If the interior of the room is neutral, then you can quickly diversify it in this way. Choose several pillows in different colors or put together a set of items made in the same color scheme. In any case, it will look stylish and cozy.
  • Try to choose a pattern in a color that matches the primary colors of your interior.

Cushions in leather cases are also trendy. Firstly, it looks stylish, and secondly, this material will last longer than conventional textiles. With proper and regular maintenance, the material will not wear out for a long time. Leather ottomans are a stylish design solution for both apartment decoration and modern office space decor.

Pillows, which are made especially for children, deserve a separate approach. Here it is essential to pay attention not only to bright design but also to quality. The filling and upholstery must be hypoallergenic and of high quality. So your child can play peacefully without harming his health. If you are in doubt about the quality, then it is better to contact a trusted manufacturer.

For the child to sit with pleasure on it, and not on the floor, the pillow should be bright and beautiful. There are childish models, such as a pillow in the shape of a yellow sun or a pouf that looks like a berry.

Such beautiful products will look attractive in the interior of the nursery.

How to fit floor cushions into the interior?

In general, pillows of this type are quite versatile. Therefore, combining them with other things and furniture, as a rule, is not difficult. When buying another detail, try to think over how organically it fits into the interior that you have already created.

Designers recommend starting from the dominant color. Focus on those shades that take up the maximum free space in your interior. In addition to it, you can choose either equal things in tone, or play on contrasts.

You can use this alternative to solid furniture in the bedroom, in the living room, and other areas up to the kitchen or balcony. Using floor cushions, you can divide the space into zones.

For example, if you have a small studio apartment, you can create a cozy place to relax in the corner opposite the bed. Place a small coffee table next to the pillows, take care of the right lighting, and relax alone or with friends. A warm blanket will help to add comfort to this whole composition.

In children’s pads, you can put them next to toys or spaces reserved for the play area. So the baby will get used to the fact that he should sit there. Also, this design of pillows and soft plush animals will look more beautiful than just a chair in a corner.

Floor pillows in different countries

In some countries, since ancient times, floor pillows were not just a part, or decoration of the interior, but also a functional piece of furniture.

For example, in Japan, guests were traditionally placed on floor cushions, pillows were also used as a place for a meal. Since minimalism and simplicity in everything in Japan are considered a part of the culture, pillows in the Japanese style look discreet and restrained – plain from natural fabrics or woven from herbs, not lush and at the same time elastic.

In Arab countries, where luxury and riot of colors have always been held in high esteem, floor pillows of the brightest colors, embroidered with gold and silver threads, decorated with braid, were widely used both for the floor and as sofa. Such cushions are luxurious and come in a variety of sizes.

In India, floor cushions are not as common as in Japan, and have been used for a long time to accommodate servants or as a footrest. They are distinguished by the richness of intricate ornamentation and shades of precious stones.

Floor pillows for different rooms

In which room, or rather, in which place of one or another of the rooms, floor pillows will be most appropriate? In the living room, they are best placed around the coffee table, next to the sofa. Pillows can also completely replace a couch, and a tall and resilient floor pillow that retains its shape can even replace the coffee table itself. The space near the fireplace will also be a right place for floor pillows. Floor pillows are better suited for those living rooms where there is a minimum of tall furniture, and the center of attraction of the eye is shifted closer to the floor. In this case, a carpet on the floor or a mat will also be obligatory.

In the children’s room, you can also throw several pillows on the floor because children often spend time on the floor playing or doing something, both toddlers and teenagers.

Floor pillows can also be appropriate on a summer cottage terrace, because they are the best way to dispose to rest and peace. The filler for them should be a moisture resistant material that does not deform when moisture gets on the pillow.

When purchasing floor pillows, you should also think about how well they fit into the interior, and create a general composition along with the pieces of furniture, textiles, and accessories already in the room. When choosing colors, you can focus on the color of the carpet, curtains, furniture upholstery – the pillows can either match them in color or contrast.

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