Floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves: practical tips and original design ideas with inspirational photos

Floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves: practical tips and original design ideas with inspirational photos

The personal library at home has become more popular lately, and many try to integrate such an element into their interior design. Besides the practical purpose of such an idea, particularly for those who own a lot of books, a library of this kind offers the house a renaissance environment and enriches the decor with an element of interest. It does not necessarily mean that you have to dedicate an entire room to this purpose, particularly if there is not enough space. A built-in bookcase is everything you need to bring in for the same effect. 

Simple to install, looking fabulous within any style, a floor-to-ceiling bookcase is a win-win option. Therefore, we would like to tackle some of the main aspects regarding the purchase and installation of such a piece of furniture. Additionally, we will provide you with practical tips and stunning design ideas to fit any style and preference of yours.

Starting points to consider in advance

  • Take the exact measurements since a built-in bookcase will have to fit perfectly the space;
  • Consider the functionality of this unit depending on its purpose. If you plan on using it to store only books, the shelves do not have to be very large. Nevertheless, using it for decorative elements as well requires deeper shelves;
  • Opt for practical use of space. If you lack enough free space and think about installing yourself a built-in bookcase, consider the functional use of any free corner or even a closet;
  • Consider that a built-in bookcase is a unit you install for a long time, which means that it will be forever part of your interior design. A redecoration once in a while will work for a change. Furthermore, you can repaint it and adapt it to the new changes within the house.

Floor to ceiling built-in bookcase: main approaches

  • Consider a built-in unit, which is entirely part of the wall, avoiding other materials than the wall itself. It should be noted that such an approach requires an appropriate coverage of the shelves for practical use, for instance, paint;
  • Use wood elements within the built-in structure to emphasize the idea of a bookshelf as known from centuries ago. Opt for natural wood for a fascinating result since it combines perfectly with the multi-color palette provided by books. At the same time, you can paint the wood to integrate it better into your style;
  • Opt for a structure built entirely for books or consider additional low drawers to store other units as well. It should be noted that a similar approach to materials and colors has to be considered so as not to draw attention from the main purpose of the bookcase.

Now that we have covered some of the main aspects to consider as regards a built-in bookcase, it is time we speak about floor-to-ceiling bookcase designs. We prepared a list of the best ideas, considering various styles, materials, colors, and purposes. Let’s discover how you can make the most of such a unit within your interior design!

Modern perspective

Consider a built-in bookcase from a contemporary perspective. Keep the shelves and nothing more. Go with such construction from floor to ceiling and opt for floating shelves. Such an approach will suit perfectly modern settings, preserving the purpose of the unit and keeping it simple since the latter is one of the core principles to follow within a contemporary interior design.

Classic bookcase

The classic wood bookcase will never get out of date. Instead of adapting it to the current trends, consider the well-known structure with wooden shelves and enrich it with the colors of your books. Particularly suitable for a living or home office in the same traditional style. Nevertheless, such a piece of furniture will complement perfectly a contemporary interior, serving as an element of interest.

Perfect integration into background

If a classic bookcase does not fit your liking, a suitable option that is both neutral and fills the space perfectly is a white bookcase. With such color, your bookshelves will integrate into the background, particularly if the walls are white, and serve as a perfect contrastive color for the richness of shades that are being brought by books.

Play with contrasts

The best way to play with contrasts in this context is to opt for a bold color. A balanced yet eye-catching shade in this sense is black. Its popularity within the last few years has reached unprecedented levels. Therefore, the trendy effect is ensured. Furthermore, a black bookcase will serve as a perfect decorative element within a dining room or a completing accent wall in a living room. As regards a home office, such an approach will set a conservative and formal environment, which is welcome within a working context.

A flow of knowledge around the window

If the space does not allow the integration of a bookcase against a plain wall, you have nothing else to do than set it against the wall with a window if there is such a possibility. Furthermore, such an approach is welcome in contemporary interior designs. A perfect combination of books and daylight; what else can a reader dream about? Such a bookcase will fit a reading room or any other space that you find suitable.

Expand the limits

Go further with an entire wall of bookshelves, particularly where there is a door to enhance the uniqueness of such a structure. It should be noted that such an approach works perfectly for those who do not have a separate room for a personal library. Instead, they can set the bookcase within the existing space between two rooms. Practical and stylish, a bookcase like this will surely make a statement and become an element of interest.

Add a matching background

If your built-in bookcase consists only of shelves and the frame that keeps them together, consider a matching background to complete the picture. In this sense, you can opt for wallpaper or paint. Either way, go with neutral shades since the books are enough to add color to such a structure. If you consider particular patterns, go with simple ones so as not to suppress the already rich in shades environment.

Two-in-one construction

Consider a built-in bookcase with a desk as part of the construction. Such an approach will work for a home office, including a workspace and storage for books. The functional use of space will make you win in two ways: a stylish integration of the bookcase and convenience of use.

Throw a new light on the bookcase

The appropriate lighting sources for a bookcase will ensure enough light in such a context and the stylish look of this unit. In this sense, you can opt for inside light strips, wall lamps installed on the bookcase, or outside lighting fixtures installed above the bookcase. Practical, stylish, and flexible, any of the earlier-mentioned lighting sources will complement the bookshelves perfectly.

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