Flooring trends 2022: best ideas, colors, patterns, and designs to keep every room of your house up-to-date

Flooring covers an enormous part of the interior design, which leads to its substantial influence on the general picture of the house. It affects the appearance of every room and the atmosphere that is being set. Therefore, a particular choice will affect the decor at various levels as flooring also serves as a background for other room elements. Whether you plan on a new room arrangement or want to change the flooring based on the existing room units, consider the latest trends and integrate them into your style for a perfect result.

We are ready to assist you in both senses by revealing the latest flooring trends in 2022 and providing you with practical tips on integrating them into your interior design. Furthermore, we promise to meet your standards and offer you a lot of inspiration during the process. Let’s dive into this adventure and find out the newest flooring trends!

Flooring trends change over the years as there are new standards to be met. Furthermore,  the development of technologies allows a greater variety in this sense. The new styles and concepts within the interior design lead to new ideas for the flooring, which can change the whole perspective upon this subject. Therefore, we prepared a list of the best flooring trends in 2022 to offer you an insight into the main tendencies for a stylish result. 

Bleached wood for a softening effect

Wood has always been part of the flooring trends as it offers the room a natural effect and fills the atmosphere with warmness. Nevertheless, the natural brown tone is not that popular in 2022, being replaced by a softer look. Therefore, one of the flooring trends consists in using wood that has been bleached. The process consists in removing the brown covering by using a particular chemical. The result is a whitened and softened wood.

We suggest you opt for this flooring if you want to brighten the room and offer it a softer effect. Its neutral shade will fit perfectly any other elements of the room and allow you to play with the decorative elements any way you want.

Aged wood for a vintage result

The worn effect of the wood flooring has been popular for a long time now and it does not plan on getting off the stage. It should be noted that the chemical process that offers the wood a worn surface brings in an unusual effect and fits perfectly a rustic style. There are various procedures in this sense, depending on the wanted result. Therefore, you can opt for different shades of color and designs to fit your style.

Consider this particular flooring if you want to bring more nature into your room and offer it a vintage look, taking into account that the latter has become more popular lately.

Concrete tiles for a contemporary setting

The current trends are directed towards raw looks, avoiding glossy surfaces and rich colors. One option in this sense is the concrete tiles. Their neutral color and patterns serve as a perfect background for any room and bring stability. Furthermore, they best suit the contemporary and industrial styles that are the most applied ones today. 

Consider such flooring for your living, bathroom, or kitchen if you opt for a modern setting. There is no way of going wrong with concrete tiles for the flooring if you want a contemporary result.

Graphic tiles for an artistic approach

Graphic shapes and patterns are part of the 2022 trends due to their unusual effect on the environment, balancing the picture and bringing in something new. This trend does not imply necessarily making a work of art out of your flooring. On the contrary, it allows you the liberty to play with various geometrical forms for a unique result.

We suggest you consider this type of flooring as it can be adapted to any preferences, whether you want a bold or natural result. There are tiles with repetitive patterns and ones that fit each other like a puzzle to meet any standards. Furthermore, depending on the colors you opt for, you can achieve any effect you want: you can go wild and stick to bold shades or stay simple and pick neutral tones.

Porcelain tiles for a classic perspective

There is no doubt that porcelain tiles are part of interior designs in 2022, and they do not plan on getting out of date. The variety of shapes and patterns offers you great liberty when it comes to design. We would like to draw your attention to the most popular ones: the hexagon-shaped tiles, chevron, and herringbone style. 

Nevertheless, you can opt for any shape you want, adding the preferred color. It should be noted that large sizes are to be considered in this sense as one of the leading trends.

This year, the colors that dominate the flooring trends start with the popular gray and reach the lighter shades, with a natural look in all cases. Although dark colors are not out of trend, they are not that popular in 2022. Experts suggest you avoid such undertones as the red one. Let’s find out the most popular shades in this sense!

  • White or white undertones. Stick to light white or such undertones for wood or tile flooring to soften the environment and brighten the room;
  • Classic gray. Opt for various tones of classic gray that will match any style and serve as a perfect pairing color for any other shade;
  • Comfy walnut. Stick to the natural brown color for wood flooring or tiles that resemble wood to set a calm and cozy atmosphere.

When it comes to flooring patterns, there are various options to fit any style and preference. It should be noted that most of them tend to repeat themselves for years. Nevertheless, new variations are added that enlarge the possibilities in this sense. Therefore, you can opt for classic variants or their new alternatives for a trendy result. Take a look at the latest trends for flooring patterns.

  • Classy pattern. Consider a horizontal or diagonal pattern for your flooring as it is the most popular one, and there is no way of going wrong with such a choice;
  • Herringbone pattern. Opt for the well-known pattern if you want to add a new sparkle to your flooring that will complement the particular color and enrich the environment;
  • Chevron pattern. Consider the fact that it can be confused with the previous pattern. Note that herringbone implies 90-degrees angles while chevron – 45-degrees angles. Whether you like it or not, this slight change can lead to a whole different picture. Therefore, consider this pattern if you want a more unusual look for the flooring;
  • Unusual pattern. For unique flooring, consider unusual patterns and use your creativity at the maximum. Your only limit is your imagination

Besides the stylish effect of the flooring, you should consider its practical features when referring to the kitchen. It should be noted that such aspects as high humidity and traffic are peculiar to this room. Therefore, the latest trends imply both functional and stylish options in this sense.

Experts suggest considering ceramic and porcelain tiles for kitchen flooring. These materials are long-lasting and do not need any special care. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of color and pattern options when it comes to design. You can opt even for wood-resembling tiles if such a texture is closer to your liking.

The same practical aspects have to be considered here as with the previous option. Therefore, there is no doubt that tiles are the best alternative. Nevertheless, there are various options regarding colors, shapes, and patterns for any preference. Let’s discover them!

  • Bold-colored tiles. Quite a bold step to start our list with. Nevertheless, a flooring like that will offer a new sparkle to a neutral-walls bathroom;
  • Mosaic arrangement. Opt for this interestingly patterned flooring to add a point of interest to your bathroom;
  • Black herringbone for a statement. Consider this popular pattern, particularly in elegant black, for a dynamic result;
  • Mermaid-shaped tiles. Combine this shape with a neutral color and reach a balanced environment within your bathroom;
  • Terrazzo style. This stunning design, which implies various particles of stone and marble on a neutral background, will bring a new sparkle to your bathroom;
  • Royal green. This popular shade of green will offer your bathroom an emerald effect and set a royal environment.

The living room is the face of your house, and we are sure that you would like it to look as stylish as possible. The 2022 flooring trends come with options that are practical and imply such aspects as simplicity and naturalness. Here are some of the most popular ones in this sense:

  • Laminate flooring. It imitates perfectly the natural wood in various shades of color, particularly the brighter ones that are found in 2022 trends;
  • Terrazzo style. As with other rooms, this design also penetrates the living room flooring trends. The small particles of various materials within concrete lead to a fascinating result that also implies eco-friendliness;
  • Gray hardwood. You will never go wrong with such a natural material as wood and neutral color as gray, which have been very popular for a long time;
  • Textured laminate. It is a great alternative for the classic laminate if you want to keep it simple but add a new sparkle. This feature will shape the usual laminate surface by reducing its smoothness and bringing it closer to natural wood;
  • Scraped wood. This design will fit perfectly rustic or industrial styles that have been particularly popular lately;
  • Large hexagon pattern. Consider large sizes and hexagon shapes for the flooring to enrich the surface with new elements and enlarge the space.

A personal space like this requires a special approach. The latest trends suggest natural materials and neutral colors for a comfortable environment. Take a look at the following trends and get inspired:

  • Vintage floor. Consider worn-like parquet for a vintage look to refresh the environment and offer your bedroom a new sparkle;
  • Chevron pattern. Opt for this eye-catching pattern for your bedroom as its familiar look offers comfort to the environment;
  • Different-width parquet panels. This unusual type of parquet will surely make a statement, preserving at the same time the calmness due to its natural look;
  • Whitewashed laminate. Consider such a design for a fresh look and soft environment that will balance the contrast within your room;
  • Classic style floor. Opt for bleached wood flooring for your bedroom if you consider a classic style. This particular feature of the floor will ensure the softness of the environment;
  • Original pattern. Consider unusual patterns for the flooring in any shade you want, depending on the wanted effect, to make a statement

Along with other rooms that are featured with high traffic, this one implies both stylish and practical flooring. Considering the latest flooring trends and the functional aspect, you can opt for the following ideas:

  • Concrete tiles. This natural and neutral-colored type of tiles is easy to take care of and will complement perfectly a minimalist room;
  • Bright-colored wood. Consider wood flooring with bright undertones to fit the soft atmosphere and brighten the room;
  • Hexagon pattern. Opt for this particular shape, adding an earthy color to enrich the interior design with a new point of interest and bring nature closer;
  • Classic herringbone. This classic design will perfectly fit any style and complement other elements for a balanced picture.

Last but not least is the laundry room that requires as much attention when it comes to flooring. You have probably noticed that 2022 trends rely on such a concept as functionality, which is most of all applied to this room. Nevertheless, the stylish aspect should not be avoided. Take a look at the latest trends in this respect:

  • Concrete tiles. Consider this natural material for a balanced environment and its neutral color for a stylish look as it will fit perfectly any other shades;
  • Original design. Opt for original patterns for the tiles to complete the picture with a point of interest and bring something new to the environment. Even a small room as the laundry one requires an interesting approach to the interior design;
  • Walnut wood. Consider wood flooring in this particular shade to match the aesthetics of a white background. At the same time, you can opt for wood-resembling tiles to ensure the practicality of the floor, considering the purpose of this room.
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