Flooring Trends 2023: Latest Materials, Colors, and Styles

The flooring trends in the new interior design season are about timeless flooring solutions meant to last for years, which is pretty reasonable. Nobody would want to change the flooring every new season, although there are a few fresh design ideas that align with the current interior design features, which implies going beyond yourself and what has been trendy so far. Quite intriguing and promising simultaneously! Let’s take them one by one and discover the flooring trends room by room that will prevail in 2023!

Of course, every room requires a personal approach to flooring. Still, there are a few defining features of what the floor should look like in a contemporary interior. In a few words, a comprehensive intro into the main flooring trends in 2023.

Sustainable Materials

Since designers and homeowners are more aware of the current environmental situation and opt in favor of eco-friendly solutions with no harm to the environment, the rise of sustainable flooring options is impressive in the new season. Therefore, considering floor covering of natural materials, such as wood, cork, or bamboo, and naturally textured carpets, such as the ones of sisal, will keep you in trend, but most importantly, pay tribute to the protection of nature. For more inspiration on the latest carpet styles, check out our article on the newest carpet trends

Aged Wood Flooring

The aged wood flooring has been popular for a long time now, and it does not plan on getting off the stage. The distressed surface has an unusual effect and perfectly fits the Rustic style, although it can also be used in other styles, offering them an unusual feel. Just imagine an ultra-modern interior with contemporary furnishing and rich-grained aged wood flooring – raw, textured, and naturally fascinating. 

Combined Floor Covering

The years of the pandemic, remote work, and our lifestyle led to a major transformation in our homes, seen under the separation of the same spaces into functional areas. Consequently, flooring trends in 2023 also imply combined types of floor covering, which can be different materials, textures, and styles. 

For instance, you can choose a combination of wood and tile flooring in the kitchen, with tiles for the cooking space and wood for the dining area. The same goes for the bathroom, with tiles for the wet area and wood for the rest of the room, in case it is an open-floor bathroom.

Raw-textured Flooring

Concrete and stone flooring with a raw texture and untreated effect is the top-tier trend among the best flooring styles in the upcoming season. People are tired of the classy wood planks and repeatable tiles. The naturally-grained flooring offers this feel of uncommon, challenging, daring, and simply standout – mandatory features if a trendy interior design is a must for you.  

Creative Patterns

This is when the fun part begins. Enough with formal and usual. For those courageous enough to take on the challenge, the designers have prepared the boldest flooring trend ever – colorful and intricately patterned flooring tiles. If bright-colored flooring seemed too much for a living space a few years ago, now it is a high-class solution that experts predict to be trendy for the following seasons.

This year, the colors that dominate the flooring trends start with our favorite neutrals, with gray, white, and beige topping the list, and reach the trendy earthy shades, with brown and orange prevailing. And we cannot help but celebrate the relevance of the newly-set trend – bright pops of color, which can be applied to tiles or simply used for painting the existing wood flooring and giving it a contemporary refresh. 

If the ceiling paint color trends or, say, the kitchen wall paint color trends suppose well-defined bold shades that work best for these spaces, as for the flooring, everything is much freer – throw a few splashes of your favorite bright colors on the wood flooring and witness the update. 

When it comes to flooring patterns, there are various options to fit any style and preference. Most of them tend to repeat themselves through the years. Nevertheless, new variations are added that enlarge the possibilities in this sense. Generally speaking, you are free to design your flooring whichever way you want, yet the three trendiest flooring patterns are as follows.

  • Herringbone patterns. Opt for the well-known pattern if you want a 100% timeless design solution that will keep you in fashion for the next few seasons;
  • Chevron patterns. The same as with the previous option, yet consider that it can be confused with herringbone. Note that herringbone implies 90-degree angles while chevron – 45-degrees angles. Whether you like it or not, this slight change can lead to a whole different picture;
  • Customized patterns. For unique flooring, consider personalized patterns and use your creativity to the maximum. Your only limit is your imagination. Think beehive – original, with a Biophilic plot twist.

Fashion is fashion, but you should also consider the practical features when referring to kitchen flooring. It should be noted that such aspects as high humidity and high traffic are peculiar to this room. Experts suggest considering ceramic and porcelain tiles since they are long-lasting and do not need any special care. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of color and pattern options regarding design. You can opt even for wood-resembling tiles if such a texture is closer to your liking. 

But … there are exceptions. For lovers of kitchen aesthetics who put shape slightly over functionality, the trendy natural wood, raw surfaces, and untreated textures are at your disposal.

Visit our new article on kitchen flooring trends with a comprehensive list of the best floor-covering trends for the season and get more inspiration for your future kitchen makeover.

Choose a flooring style that contributes to the desired environment. If you are not sure about that, check out the tastiest dining room trends of the season. Is it a pleasant ambiance for daily family gatherings, a cozy mood for hosting your beloved ones, or an ultra-modern air that works for your edgy decor? Wood is considered to be the most welcoming flooring material. Tiles are the best option for high-traffic areas. As for the color and patterns, everything relies on how much of a bold or familiar statement you want to make.

  • Concrete tiles. This natural and neutral-colored type of tile is easy to take care of and will complement perfectly bolder accents;
  • Light wood. Consider wood flooring with bright undertones to fit the soft atmosphere and brighten the room;
  • Hexagon patterns. Opt for this particular shape, adding an earthy color to enrich the interior design with a new point of interest and bring nature closer;
  • Classic herringbone. This timeless design will perfectly fit any style and keep pace with almost any decor and color scheme.

There is no doubt that tiles are the best bathroom flooring type since this space constantly interacts with water. Still, the variety of color and pattern options will not disappoint you. Let’s discover them!

  • Bold-colored tiles. Quite a bold step to start our list with. Nevertheless, a floor covering like that is everything designers talk about in the new season;
  • Mosaic arrangement. Opt for this interestingly patterned flooring to visually dilute the formality of a neutrally colored bathroom;
  • Black herringbone. Consider this popular pattern, particularly in elegant black, for a dynamic result;
  • Terrazzo style. This stunning design, which implies various particles of stone and marble on a neutral background, will bring a new sparkle to your bathroom.

The living room is the face of your house, and we are sure that you would like it to look as stylish as possible. The freshest living room trends bet on comfort – a space where you can pleasantly spend your free time and feel welcome at all times. The latest flooring trends are all in for this design concept. Here are some of the most suitable choices:

  • Terrazzo style. This design penetrates the living room flooring trends as it did with other rooms. The small particles of various materials lead to a fascinating result that also implies eco-friendliness;
  • Gray hardwood. You will never go wrong with such a natural material as wood and a neutral color as gray, which have been top solutions for a long time;
  • Textured laminate. It is a great alternative to the classic laminate if you want to keep it classy yet updated. This feature will shape the usual laminate surface by reducing its smoothness and bringing it closer to the natural wood;
  • Scraped wood. This design will fit perfectly Rustic or Industrial styles that are trending in the upcoming season;
  • Large hexagon patterns. Consider large hexagon shapes for the flooring to enlarge the space and compensate for the lack of a visual focus if it is the case.

A personal space like this requires a special approach. The latest trends suggest natural materials and neutral or slightly bold, meaning pastel colors for a comfortable environment to unwind and relax. Take a look at the following trends and get inspired:

  • Vintage floor. Consider worn-like parquet as an alternative to classy wood;
  • Chevron patterns. Opt for this all-time beloved source of familiarity and visual interest that spreads from the textured wood planks; 
  • Whitewashed wood. Such a design blends in with the monochromatic palettes and serves as a great background for the bold accents of the upcoming trends; 
  • Original patterns. Consider unusual patterns for the flooring in any shade you want to underline this space as a representation of your personality.

Last but not least is the laundry room, which requires as much attention when it comes to flooring. You have probably noticed that the 2023 trends rely on such a concept as functionality, which is most of all applied to this room. Nevertheless, the stylish aspect should not be avoided. Two main trends are identified:

  • Concrete tiles. Practical and trendy covering with a timeless feature to last you for years and adapt to the existing color code;
  • Walnut wood. Consider wood flooring in this particular shade to match the aesthetics of a white background. At the same time, you can opt for wood-resembling tiles to ensure the floor’s practicality, considering this room’s purpose.
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