Kitchen backsplash in the french country style: varieties, selection, beautiful ideas

Kitchen backsplash in the french country style: varieties, selection, beautiful ideas

The french country style is considered the embodiment of comfort and harmony. It is not surprising that it has not lost its popularity. When designing a kitchen in the style of provincial France, it is essential to take all the nuances into account. The backsplash, which covers the space between the tabletop and the upper cabinets, is no exception.

Therefore, it is vital to create such an atmosphere so that it is relaxing and cozy, setting you up for a pleasant time with your family and loved ones. 

Style features

The french country style combines simplicity and provincial charm. Such an interior is appropriate both in country houses and in city apartments. This style is characterized by:

  • gentle tones;
  • natural materials;
  • the simplicity of lines and shapes;
  • floral patterns;
  • forged items.

Classic french country involves the rough surface treatment, the effect of antique furniture, and decoration. Modern interpretations allow for neatness and elegance.

The atmosphere of lightness and charm of the French countryside in such cases is created thanks to the original prints, shapes, colors.

Walls are usually decorated with paint, plaster, or wallpaper for walls (plain, striped, small flowers). The furniture is made in vintage style. Plumbing that is appropriate in appearance is selected. Lighting is organized using lamps with twisted elements, forging, or with fabric lampshades. A backsplash for a kitchen in this style can be made of various materials but in compliance with the general tendency.

Traditional kitchen backsplash in french country style 

Village houses in the south of France were finished using local materials, and these were often a wide variety of clays – from the classic terracotta to the blue and purple that are unique to the area. The latter set the color scheme of the french country style.

A traditional Provence style kitchen backsplash could be designed in two ways:

  • applying a layer of colored clay to the walls;
  • using ceramic tiles.

Over time, other techniques for decorating a backsplash in french style have appeared, but all of them, to a certain extent is a reference to classic kitchens in houses on the Riviera.

Modern finishing methods

In a modern interior, a kitchen backsplash in Provence can have a much more varied finish. Let’s take a closer look at the main ways to create a work surface in the kitchen:


This classic kitchen wall material is perfect for the french country style. Practical and beautiful tiles will set the tone for any interior. An apron for a Provence style kitchen is usually trimmed with square ceramics, and the size of the tiles is small – this is just a tribute to tradition since it was challenging to make large tiles in the past.

The tile can be:

  • monochrome,
  • textural,
  • with patterns,
  • augmented panel.

If we talk about colors suitable for a backsplash in french country style, then these are white, gray, milky, champagne, blue, lavender. It is in these shades that monochromatic tiles are most often chosen. As for textures, imitation of natural materials look best – granite, marble, basalt, stone, etc.

Use patterned tiles to add color accents to your interior. The wall panel for the kitchen in Provence can be lined with tiles with the same or different models. If the kitchen furniture is designed in neutral shades, a bright and colored backsplash will look great. Panels look no less attractive – when a drawing is created on several tiles concerning Provence.


Brick fits perfectly with such style, but for the kitchen, it is not the most practical choice. A kitchen backsplash in Provence can be finished with wall panels with imitation of bricks – it persists in a moisture-resistant design. If you still want to keep the brickwork, you can paint the surface or cover it with a permanent varnish that can be washed and cleaned with detergents.

But no matter how beautiful and stylish the kitchen backsplash is, kitchen accessories will help make the design complete. You can buy cute towels, potholders, tablecloths, kitchen utensils, flower pots, flower pots, and many other decor items in the french country style in the Lavender Decor store. 

Color spectrum

The traditional design of the room in the french country style suggests pastel, dusty colors. This technique creates the effect of surfaces burnt out under the sun’s rays. Light colors are usually chosen for walls. Furniture can be painted in blue, pistachio, olive, gray-purple, blue. And also use all shades of brown.

A kitchen backsplash should harmoniously fit into the color scheme chosen for the room. If bright wallpaper is used to decorate the walls, it is better to make the surface above the countertop plain. You can stop at the universal white color. This backsplash will look great, regardless of the shade of other elements. If the range of finishes and furniture is warm, you can choose a white or beige tone for the backsplash.

If the walls are painted in one color, you can add brightness to the interior using a colored backsplash. Combinations of white with blue or light blue, beige, or gray with brown look especially good. The main thing is to remember that the backsplash print’s shade should be in harmony with the tone of the cabinets.


Drawings on all decorative elements (curtains, tablecloths, etc.) should also match the style. This also applies to the backsplash. Floral motifs fit perfectly into the style of french country. However, the flowers should not be photographed but painted in a vintage style. These are usually roses or tulips.

Images of vegetables, fruits, various herbs, ears of wheat, national ornaments are acceptable. The panel often depicts traditional villagers – roosters. As for the landscapes, drawings of lavender fields and old French roads are relevant here.


A french country style kitchen backsplash can be made from a variety of materials.

Ceramic tile

This is the most common method for decorating a Provincial kitchen. There are many design options here. It can be a plain tile or a material with small light streaks that imitate scuffs. Interesting choices for the combination of two colors (staggered or according to another principle). Sometimes monochromatic elements and patterned tiles alternate. And also, let’s say a print on every piece of material.

For the french country direction, a square tile is usually chosen, which can be laid using the traditional method, and diagonally, and sprawling (by analogy with bricks). The most popular size is 10×10 cm. 

Another option is patchwork tiles. It is a combination of square elements with different but matching patterns (for example, made in the same style or shade). Fragments are stacked randomly. The result is a patchwork quilt effect.

The decision is quite effective, but bold. This design is not suitable for everyone; therefore, it requires careful thought.


This type of tile is “aged” using a particular technology. Elements are made of porcelain stoneware. They look rough, have a rough surface. Usually, this option is chosen for the design of summer cottages, where the atmosphere of a french country is created, as close as possible to the provincial life. The idea is complemented by wide seams that match the vintage style.

Mosaic, panels

A backsplash with a panel always looks beautiful. Typically, a large image is composed of tiles and placed above the hob or anywhere else. The drawing can be created manually. These are the most expensive options. Pictures obtained by photo printing are much cheaper. However, they look no less attractive.

As already mentioned, the images should have a provincial theme. For example, it can be a sketch from village life, still life, or a flower arrangement.

Mosaic is sold as separate elements (tessera) and whole matrices. The second option simplifies styling. It is worth noting that the cost of the mosaic is also quite high.


Natural stone is useful but expensive material. You can replace it with an authentic ceramic imitation. Such material is affordable, resistant to dirt, and its appearance makes it easy to create a spectacular stylized interior.


Brickwork is another sign of a rustic lifestyle. Together with a massive hood, such a backsplash can create the illusion of a real stove. This can be either natural brick (raw or stained) or ceramic tiles, which give the visual effect of a beautifully laid brick.


Tempered glass is a modern design option for kitchen space. So that the glass surface does not stand out from the general setting, it must be stylized.

For the kitchen in a city apartment, decorated in the spirit of the french country with modern touches, black and white (like pencil) drawings of French landmarks, rural hand-drawn landscapes, fruits and flowers are suitable.

Beautiful ideas

French country style kitchen backsplash ideas:

  • a mosaic backsplash allows you to make the interior bright without going beyond the style;
  • lovers of dazzling whiteness can create a romantic and airy kitchen design;
  • imitation of brickwork in gray in combination with a white set is a strict but stylish solution;
  • a dark brown backsplash and beige wardrobes – another contrasting option, but already in a warm range;
  • even a small panel above the stove can add zest to the kitchen design;
  • lavender is a traditional element of french country aesthetics;
  • the modern interpretation of the romantic French style allows the use of modern technologies, particularly skinned with photo printing.
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