French country kitchen design ideas (Provence style)

French country (Provence) style is one of the most notable trends in interior design. It was never super relevant and acutely trendy, as it happened with minimalism, classics, and art deco – however, it has always remained the object of close attention of decorators and designers and was on the list of popular options for decorating houses and apartments. Perhaps this is because the french country style was formed regionally and absorbed the flavor and traditions of southern France, which have remained practically unchanged for four centuries.

Coziness, charm, elusive naivety, and an optimistic light palette, characteristic of Provence, can transform any room in your home. However, most often, this style is explicitly recommended for kitchen decoration. And this is quite logical: thanks to natural materials and a reverent attitude to the decor, the kitchen turns into an incredibly harmonious corner where one can feel the rise of mental strength. It is equally pleasant to do household chores and relax with the family. If these moods are especially close to you, you should learn a little more about French country style kitchen design’s basic rules and features.

Modern French country kitchen: general style features

French country is a relatively solid style, and therefore its characteristic features apply to the design of the kitchen space. Having decided to create such an interior in your kitchen, be sure to pay attention to the following features:

  • a pleasant light color range with a predominance of pastel, slightly faded tones – such as muted white, beige, pistachio, pale blue, mint, light brown, milky yellow, lavender, soft lilac, and muted pink;
  • the dominance of natural materials – wood, ceramics, natural textiles, and stone with small additions of metal;
  • space filled with air and light;
  • the predominance of furniture and items “with history” – including antique or aged, slightly shabby;
  • a variety of textured textiles;
  • abundance of decor, beautiful ceramic and porcelain dishes, dried and lively bouquets.

When creating such an interior, it is essential to maintain the necessary authenticity and not overdo it. If you are not confident in your abilities, you can easily use a designer who will develop a kitchen design project, thought out to the smallest detail.

French country style kitchen finishing and layout

French country originated in cozy country houses in Provence, the south of France. As a rule, the kitchen was the focus of everyday life in them. Therefore it was usually distinguished by an impressive area, a large hearth or stove, as well as all the necessary work surfaces and cozy niches.

Even if your home’s size does not allow you to precisely repeat the layout of the Provencal kitchen, you can recreate its atmosphere in other ways – with the right furniture and precise finishes.


The choice of wall coverings directly depends on the area of the kitchen. Happy owners of country houses can try textured plaster and whitewash, masonry, and wood paneling. For a kitchen in a city apartment, smooth plaster of light basic tones or matte paint are quite suitable, in extreme cases – wallpaper with a natural texture. Inlays made of decorative stone will help to add rhythm and authenticity to the interior.


A proper French country style kitchen has thick wood flooring and stone or terracotta stone tiles. You can use laminate or porcelain stoneware in a city apartment, but you should choose natural textures.


Massive wooden beams are a real must-have for a French country kitchen. These can be either from unpainted, roughly planed wood, painted in the ceiling’s color, or an unobtrusively contrasting shade. However, if your kitchen is small, it is not worth “weighting” space: whitewash or light plaster will be enough.

Doors and windows

Large sizes and a lot of wood are typical for both windows and kitchen doors in the French country style. Doors are made as large as possible and, if possible, swinging to let in sunlight and air into the room, and the windows help to enlarge the space visually.


The furniture sets the tone for the French country kitchen and requires you to take its selection as seriously as possible. The characteristics of the environment for such a room are quite clear, and therefore its study and purchase can give many pleasant moments:

  • Natural materials. Solid wood is the only possible solution if, of course, you want an authentic French country kitchen. Not only kitchen sets should be made of wood, but also tables, chairs, shelves, and cabinets.
  • Monumental, massive kitchen set. Furniture in the French country style is characterized by light or dull-colored facades, without doors or with glass stained glass inserts. There is no need to talk about matte paint: this is an axiom that is not subject to discussion. As for the countertop, it can also be made of stone.
  • Large dining table. For a French country kitchen, this is a kind of symbol of family traditions. Therefore it must be appropriate – substantial proportions, impressive size, and, of course, made of natural wood. You don’t even need to paint it: rough processing in such an interior looks very organic.
  • Comfortable chairs. High backs, sturdy seats, high stable legs are the characteristic features of French country style kitchen chairs. Another prerequisite is soft seats or unique covers that provide comfort and charm to the dining group.
  • Open shelves. Provence loves beautiful, cozy, and just cute things – and suggests not to hide all this. Shelves without doors, on which there are dining and decorative tableware, flowers, and containers with spices, have become an obligatory attribute of the style.
  • A buffet is a must! It is this piece of furniture that sets the charm of antiquity necessary for a Provence style kitchen. If you manage to find a real vintage item, you can consider that you have come close to the ideal interior.
  • Important little things. Vintage fittings in copper and brass and stylized plumbing and appliances provide a complete finish.

Another critical moment for French country style is the charm of antiquity. Patina, small cracks, and peeling paint in places make the interior “real”.


Provence is not only a lot of wood but also a lot of fabric. Characteristic faded shades, monochrome and floral motifs, and, of course, natural textures distinguish elements of the kitchen textile design, which are indispensable for this style full of charm. These elements include:

  • linen and cotton curtains – ordinary straight draperies, roman blinds, and awnings;
  • patchwork or textile rugs;
  • tablecloths, capes, and chair pillows;
  • towels, potholders, and aprons.

Absolute harmony in such a kitchen is created by a textile design made of the same material – so the room resembles a cozy box. However, if this option seems boring to you, you can use combinations of fabrics of different tones and patterns.

Lighting and decor

If the furniture is the basis for a French country style interior, then the decor is responsible for its mood and “soul”. This trend was formed in the appropriate atmosphere – the bright sun, the sea’s proximity, and the scent of herbs and flowers. You can repeat it in your kitchen only with accessories that form the provincial French style already known to many. So you can safely use:

  • graceful forged chandeliers;
  • dishes of the corresponding subject – ceramic and porcelain;
  • containers of various shapes and sizes with spices and different types of pasta;
  • pots with herbs and spices;
  • fragrant herbs in bouquets – first of all, of course, lavender;
  • fresh flowers in pots, wicker baskets, and decorative metal buckets;
  • figurines from porcelain and ceramics.

Created thanks to natural materials, saturated, but not overloaded with charming handmade decor, captivating with light and homely warmth, this interior will add joy to life in a country cottage and an apartment in the center of a metropolis.

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