French oak flooring: features and benefits

Oakwood is one of the most valuable materials both in the furniture industry and in decoration. Excellent strength and long service life, resistance to the sharpest changes in humidity and temperature, exceptional bactericidal properties – a lot have already been said about this breed’s advantages, and they all do not lose their relevance for decades.

If you are already fascinated by the classic and at the same time the natural beauty of oak floors, there is little to do – decide which variety you like best! Not everyone knows that trees growing in different parts of the planet differ in both shade and texture; from time to time, one species becomes more popular. Today, designers take a particular interest in French oak – and you will probably be interested to know why floors made of it are considered the height of sophistication.

French oak: origins and key differences

No matter how surprising it may sound, experts came to use oak wood for floors through winemaking! The thing is that it is from it that barrels are made for aging and storing various wines, as well as healthier drinks – and each of its varieties has its unconditional advantages.

Wine barrels can be made of Serbian, Russian, or Caucasian oak, but the most prestigious and high quality are considered rocky (American) and the same French one that grows in the Limousin region on dry soils not oversaturated with iron. Its advantages are aroma, high tannin content, and unique processing technology. However, back to oak as a flooring material.

French oak, suitable for parquet and solid wood production, grows in five regions – Allier, Vosges, Trons, Nevers, and all the same Limousin. The peculiarities of the soil in them provide the following advantages, valuable from a decorative and practical point of view:

  • Wonderful grain. This is what it may be called the veins, which in the wood of French oak are located too close to each other, from which the pattern on the saw cut looks rich and very thin.
  • A special shade. American oak and European oak are generally light brown or deep brown with reddish undertones. Hardwood from France is easily recognizable by its warm yellowish hue, turning into amber honey.
  • High tannin content. In winemaking, this property is valued in terms of insecticidal and antibacterial properties and imparting a unique aroma to noble drinks. In the production of floor coverings, tannin wood demonstrates excellent adhesion and uniform coverage with stains and varnishes and its preservation for many years. Such a floor looks natural and expensive, does not fade, and colors do not form on its surface during processing.

Another important point is the peculiarities of the production of floorboards. In France, oak blanks are sawn through to reveal the unique pattern of the wood.

Also, one cannot fail to mention such a concept as recycled oak floors. Often in the production of flooring, old beams and the same barrels are used. You should not be intimidated by such material. On the contrary, the restored floors do not lose their strength and at the same time conquer with the nobility that is characteristic of solid antiques.

French oak floor: trendy style combinations

Do not think that oak parquet is a classic, just a classic and nothing but a classic. The charm of French-sourced hardwood will honor almost any design – including the following sought-after destinations:

  • Modern. If you can afford a costly interior in line with modern trends, French oak is more than the right solution. Deck or waggle styling and cool grayish tones provide the necessary harmony.
  • Retro. In this case, even herringbone or braided styling will come in handy, and the natural warm golden tint of the floor will create an authentic atmosphere.
  • Mediterranean. French oak flooring works well with style-specific elements like masonry, colorful furniture, and metalwork – especially if you opt for a calm golden beige tone.
  • Country and rustic. In this case, wood with an uneven pattern, which is often found on restored floors, comes to the rescue.

For lovers in French oak: useful tips

Suppose you are interested in this exquisite material, and you are seriously passionate about the idea of decorating a floor with French oak. In that case, the following tips will certainly come in handy:

  • Purchase authentic and quality material. Designers strongly recommend ordering French oak boards only from trusted suppliers with an excellent long-term reputation: they carefully check compliance with standards, correct cutting, as well as the shape and size of each element.
  • Take care of looking for professional handlers. If you were hoping to find a detailed installation manual for French oak parquet, we have to disappoint you. This material is so valuable and sensitive that only specialists can work with it competently.
  • Remember that this coating requires proper care. The principle of “bed and forget” here, of course, will not work, but it is straightforward to maintain its perfect condition. It is enough to regularly remove dirt and sand with a soft brush, use only microfiber mops and a minimum amount of water, and forget about any aggressive detergents forever.

And finally, a little advice from designers: if you have chosen a French oak floor, you should not clutter the room with furniture or lay carpets. The beauty, value, and fantastic warmth felt from this tree do not deserve to be hidden. Feel free to demonstrate your impeccable taste and ability to choose excellent solutions!

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