Furniture in the style of Art Deco

Any style of the room requires characteristic furniture. If the choice is art deco style, then you should act extremely carefully and correctly select it. Such a style has exclusive items, tasteful details, a special color scheme, the triumph of geometry – all this makes up a unique interior in the spirit of the 30s of the XX century. The design of Art Deco was a reflection of the creative upsurge in the era of jazz. 

The fashion of the past tends to return again and Art Deco is now again at the peak of popularity. Who doesn’t want to be in the shoes of the elite class? Have champagne while sitting on a luxurious handmade sofa … Want to know more about this stunning expressive furniture style? Read our article, and you will not only understand the spirit of Art Deco, but also learn how to translate this style into the interior of your apartment.

Characteristics of Art Deco

In order to understand what kind of furniture is needed for art deco, we recall the main features of this trend, which is also called the “style of the stars.” Style was born in France in the 20’s. and at first it was a mixture of features of folk art and cubism.

In this direction, style is quite easy to mix, and all thanks to its eclecticism. The combination of several styles makes the interior more original.

Moreover, the direction is considered one of the most difficult to implement in design, because the main thing in this case is to find the very balance between everything: furniture, decoration accessories.

Its basis is furniture and decoration, which set the tone and create the very luxurious atmosphere. In order to realize all this, you need a lot of financial investments, which is fully justified by the result. But elements of furniture in the art deco style can successfully emphasize any room decorated in a different style.

  • Zigzag shapes – for example, in the upholstery of a chair or sofa.
  • “Sun rays” – can be considered in many details: laying the floor covering, the shape of the frills. The characteristic rays are easily noticeable in almost every similar design decorative object.
  • Trapezoid – furniture, decoration, accessories have a characteristic shape.
  • The alternation of dark and light stripes.
  • Contour, frame. So, a contrasting color decoration, a kind of frame, can be applied to the surface. This will help to better emphasize the geometric style. If you transfer this to furniture, then the upholstery is made light, and the frame is dark.
  • Art Deco interior borrowed abstract shapes from avant-garde art.

Materials and color scheme for Art Deco

Materials may be different, but most important – they should look expensive and luxurious. More specifically:

  • Wood (especially popular with inlays), priority is exotic species.
  • Glass.
  • Genuine leather, leather of exotic animals and reptiles. Often there are chairs and even sofas upholstered in eel or shark leather. And this is not an imitation, but a real of such outlandish representatives of the animal world.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Aluminum.
  • Precious metals. And without that, expensive wood can be gilded or silvered.
  • Varnished surfaces
  • Other materials – ivory, mother of pearl, crystals. Most often they are used for individual elements, jewelry.

The color palette also matters. The most common solutions are fairly neutral tones: black, white, gray, silver, beige, brown. Tones of “tanning”, metallic are popular. Other colors are used little and very sparingly, most often it is green, blue, golden, red, burgundy.

Also, such furniture is characterized by angular, faceted surfaces. Another feature is the dome. So, it will be possible to find a sofa or chair with a characteristic domed back, which is like an inverted open parachute.

Accent elements of a furniture set emphasize vintage style. Often, chairs, beds, sofas, cabinets are made of wood, less often of metal. Mandatory requirement – conical edges. Light shades are perfect for living rooms with high ceilings.

Art deco furniture in different rooms

In order to understand what furniture you need to choose for this direction, you should consider the features of a particular room in the house.

Art Deco furniture in the bedroom

The considered style in this room is often created by creative people, those who appreciate the beautiful. There is not much to do here – a bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe. It is required to find a fine line between modern and classics, elegance and luxury.

It is worth emphasizing the softness of the forms. So, in the bedroom of art deco the bed with a soft headboard looks great. It can be rectangular or oval, there must be a drapery made of fabric. You should also pay attention to color. If the decoration is light, then the furniture should be contrasting, that is, dark, and vice versa.

A required element is a table. An indispensable attribute of style is the mirror, because it make the space brighter and lighter. Such surfaces can be on the facades of cabinets.

Art Deco furniture in the living room

Here it is necessary to combine geometric shapes with characteristic curves. As for materials, the preference is given to a wood of valuable species. Facades are not painted over so as not to lose their characteristic features and natural pattern. Be sure to use glass facades, metal handles.

The decor of cabinets, tables, chairs with ornaments, original cubist patterns is welcome. The decor in this form showed itself perfectly:

  • Crocodile, shark, stingray leather
  • Inlaid with semiprecious stones
  • Ivory
  • Bamboo

Such rather extravagant materials perfectly emphasize the style. This room will become a real center of aesthetic pleasure for everyone.

In the living room you can use a combination of glass and metal, for example, in the interior partition, doors, on the stair railing.

In furniture upholstery it is recommended to use the following colors and solutions:

  • Dark shades, for example, brown-beige range
  • Monotonous saturation with contrasting patterns
  • Inlay of glass and mirror surfaces

Bright, colorful accents are unacceptable – they look alien here. The main criterion in choosing such furniture is luxury. It is optimal to make it to order from designers who specialize in this area. Unusual shapes look original, for example:

  • High backs of chairs of non-standard geometric shape
  • Curly legs of armchairs in a contrasting shade
  • Inlaid countertops
  • Original throne-like chairs and armchairs

Art Deco furniture in the kitchen

Materials used for kitchen cabinets:

  • Wood – polished, inlaid, varnished
  • Metal – stainless steel and aluminum
  • Genuine Leather
  • Glass
  • For the upholstery of chairs – satin, silk, striped fabrics

In furniture and decoration, the black and white color scheme should be maintained – this will be the main “feature” of the interior. You can also successfully use mirrors here – this technique is combined with the art deco style. 

Art Deco furniture in the bathroom

Many elements of furniture are not here, the main emphasis is on decoration and plumbing. The black and white range is welcome in the decoration. Here you can also quite successfully enter original elements, for example:

  • Sink stands in silver colors with embossed legs
  • Glass surfaces
  • Hanging stands
  • Soft padded stools with velvet finish

Vintage home furnishings and some elements of furniture and decor emphasize the status of the owner. 


Art Deco – the style of celebrities and people of art. It will give you inspiration, a positive attitude and the joy of life, and your guests will always be delighted, barely stepping over the threshold. Create an island of chic and sophistication at home! It’s quite difficult to find furniture in the art deco style, and it has to be made to order from the designer. But this is definitely one of the most original choices for the interior. 

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