Furniture trends 2022: designs, colors, and materials for a modern interior

Furniture plays as much an important role in interior design as any other room element. It should be noted that the trends in this sense do not change much from one year to another, adding only some subtle variations. Nevertheless, details are the ones that can influence the picture. Therefore, a thorough analysis of the 2022 trends will help you keep up-to-date with your furniture.

As a starting point, we would like to draw your attention to the main concepts within the 2022 furniture trends:

  • Eco-friendliness;
  • Natural beauty;
  • Neutral colors;
  • Simplicity;
  • Functionality;
  • Eclectic combinations.

Let’s find out the top 5 trends for 2022, including the latest colors, materials, and designs for an indoor and outdoor setting.

The environmental issues and the pandemic have influenced our perspective regarding various aspects. Interior design is not an exception in this sense, as we tend to bring as much outdoors as possible to compensate for the lack of time spent outside and emphasize the beauty of nature. These aspects have been also integrated into the 2022 furniture trends, and we would like to reveal them to you as follows.

Sustainability in the first place

The sustainable materials for furniture designed to last long and bring no damage to the environment are becoming more popular. Among such materials are the particular timber species that, among other aspects, serve as a great alternative to the usual wood. 

Furthermore, sustainable furniture has a natural look and brings nature closer by refreshing any interior design and complementing the particular style.

Functional use of space

The lockdown transformed the houses of many of us in a working place, which emphasized the need for functional use of space. Therefore, this aspect penetrated the interior design and led to particular trends in this sense. For instance, the multi-functional pieces of furniture became a must this year.

In this sense, you can opt for dining tables that can also be used as working spaces or stylish sideboards to store your books or put on your laptop during a work call.

Integrated spaces

Separated kitchens, dinings, and living rooms are no longer that popular. Experts suggest a combined place in this sense for more functional use of space. A practical approach would include all furniture in one large room by arranging it properly and integrating it under one style. 

It should be noted that the multi-functional feature is present here as well. Do not forget that smartly setting a space will benefit both you and your interior design.

Eclectic combination 

The 2022 trends include eclectic combinations of various concepts, bringing together the old and new values. In this sense, a perfect option would be the mixture between the Art Deco, Scandinavian, and Minimalist styles for a modern look. 

As strange as it may sound, an appropriate arrangement of furniture of all these styles will lead to a balanced picture and enrich the environment with new shades of color and values.

Marble surfaces

Marble has always been popular, and this year is not an exception. This material, or at least its design, brings luxury to any space. If previously it was used more in the kitchen, now, marble is applied to pieces of furniture of different types.

Furthermore, it combines perfectly with wood for a classic look and with other modern materials for a contemporary setting. Whether it is a piece of furniture made entirely from marble or containing details of this kind, your room will be instantly filled with glamour.

As regards this aspect, we would like to refer to the top colors suggested by paint companies for 2022 that will complement your interior design. According to Farrow & Ball, the new shades contain vibrant and calm tones for a balanced atmosphere. Let’s find out what these colors are!

  • Babouche. This positive shade will bring sunshine into your room, enriching the environment with bold elements;
  • Schoolhouse white. This nostalgic shade of white will offer you comfort by its familiar look and fit perfectly any traditional or contemporary setting;
  • Breakfast room green. A soft tone of green like this one will bring a new splash of color for a new point of interest and, at the same time, a calming environment;
  • Stone blue. A touch of this soft shade of blue on your furniture will enliven the space and accompany perfectly a modern style;
  • Incarnadine. This beautiful shade of crimson will surely make a statement, keeping it, at the same time, simple and stylish.

Furniture trends in 2022 tend to bring as much nature indoors as possible by using nature-inspired materials. Therefore, some of the most popular ones in this sense are as follows:

  • Classic wood; 
  • Stone for a balanced environment;
  • Leather for a luxurious look;
  • Bamboo to emphasize the beauty of raw materials;
  • Rattan for a stunning effect.

Consider eclectic combinations of two or more materials from the ones mentioned earlier for a double effect by bringing together various values. Furthermore, accompany them with glass for a contemporary look that will enlarge the space.

We suggest you opt for small details of metal, particularly brass and gold, which are trendy this season, to emphasize the naturalness of your furniture.

Sustainability penetrates also the textile trends in 2022. In this sense, we suggest you consider the source of the product and the environmental friendliness of the manufacturing process. Therefore, the next options regarding the furniture upholstery fabric should be considered:

  • Recycled polyester or hemp;
  • Organic cotton;
  • Vegan leather of apples, mushrooms, or cacti.

As you have probably noticed, more and more environmentally friendly alternatives bring nature closer without affecting it negatively. Therefore, these eco-friendly trends point out that we should protect nature, which is one of the main sources of inspiration when it comes to interior design.

The long time spent in the interior lately because of the lockdown made us reconsider the importance of outdoor space. Therefore, particular trends regarding furniture developed in this sense. Here are some of the main tendencies you should consider in 2022:

  • Sustainable materials. As this aspect became part of almost any industry, the one that deals with garden furniture cannot be avoided. Therefore, experts suggest considering sustainable materials and eco-friendly designs for furniture. Furthermore, manufacturers started producing simple seats or larger pieces of furniture from processed plastic that had been collected from the sea;
  • Nature-inspired colors and materials. Particularly popular are green, cream, beige, olive green, and even neutral gray. Consider a combination of these colors, and you will shape the look of your outdoor area. Regarding materials, opt for bamboo, rattan, wood for a similar natural effect;
  • Rope as the main material. Combine flexibility and comfort by using woven rope for your outdoor furniture. Although this material is traced back to ancient times, its practicality and elegance set it at the top in contemporary interior designs.

A bedroom is a place of comfort and calmness. Therefore, any piece of furniture should complement these aspects and not reduce them. It should be noted that the entire interior design can be updated by considering the latest furniture trends. Let’s take a look at them and get inspired!

  • Canopy bed frame for a dramatic effect. A simple bedframe of this kind can lead to an expressive effect and enrich your bedroom with a new point of interest. It should be noted that particularly iron will fit perfectly a contemporary style and ensure the access of light in the bed are;
  • Rattan for a natural effect. This material was particularly popular in the ’90s, and it is back on stage to offer your bedroom a fresh effect;
  • Vintage room divider for privacy. It is a perfect option if you want to divide your bedroom into separated areas. Consider natural materials and vintage design for a new sparkle;
  • Bed headboard as a point of interest. Consider a large bold-colored headboard to enrich the environment with a new splash of color. Particularly popular are the nature-inspired materials that will add a touch of freshness to this piece of furniture.

The trends that reflect the main tendencies in this sense in 2022 rely on such aspects as comfort, naturalness, and style. This is why you should not avoid the following ideas:

  • Comfy sofas. Put an emphasis on comfort and integrate it into your style for a trendy look and cozy environment;
  • Bring in geometry. Geometric shapes should not be avoided in 2022 as they are one of the main trends when it comes to interior design. Consider various forms and colors for a dynamic setting;
  • Soft pink for a soft effect. Although this color is not part of the 2022 trends, experts suggest integrating it into your room by applying it to upholstery or other details;
  • Metal details to emphasize the contrasts. Consider such metals as steel and brass for particular parts of the furniture to add a touch of elegance to the environment.

In this context, we refer one more time to eco-friendliness that should be integrated into the dining room through sustainable furniture. Therefore, the following trends should be considered:

  • Sustainable materials. Consider wood, bamboo, and rattan. It should be noted that they offer freshness, which is much welcome in a dining room;
  • White furniture on white background. Consider white for most of the dining room, particularly the furniture, to achieve a fresh effect. Nevertheless, opt also for another shade to balance the contrast;
  • Stick to simplicity. As minimalist style does not leave the stage in 2022, experts suggest you integrate it into your dining area by opting for simple designs and neutral colors.

Most of the kitchen is covered with furniture, so any slight change in its design can shape the entire picture. But this is why we are here to point you out the main tendencies in this sense for a stylish result.

  • Natural materials. Consider marble and wood for the main parts of furniture as these materials plan on staying in trend for a long time. Furthermore, they will fit any style and complement it by adding freshness;
  • Simplicity at its finest. Opt for handles-free cabinets for practical use of space and a contemporary look. An alternative in this sense would be the “touch to open system”;
  • Functionality in the first place. The practical use of space will always come first in a kitchen. Consider an additional layer of cabinets for storing the rarely-used units. Furthermore, such an arrangement will suit a contemporary style and complement the decor;
  • Matte surface for a luxurious look. Matte surfaces are replacing the glossy ones for a simpler yet more stylish look. As strange as it sounds, the matte effect alone can shape the entire interior design toward a modern appearance.

Bathrooms are most of the time smaller than other rooms, which implies a practical use of space. It should be noted that this aspect should be applied to large bathrooms as well since an additional sense of freedom does not spoil the picture. Take a look at the latest trends for the bathroom in 2022 for a better understanding of the mentioned aspect:

  • Compact basins. Consider tiny basins both for small and larger spaces to ensure their functionality. This particular feature of being compact and the various designs you can opt for will complement perfectly a modern bathroom;
  • Free-standing cabinets. Opt for floating cabinets for functional use of space. Furthermore, consider a “touch to open system” for a convenient setting that will offer your bathroom a contemporary look;
  • Large mirrors. We suggest you opt for large rectangular mirrors as they stay at the top of the 2022 trends. Furthermore, their sharp lines will balance the environment, besides the effect of enlarging the space.

Modern Furniture 2022: key recommendations

As a finishing point, we would like to emphasize that the latest furniture trends do not imply radical changes but rather slight variations for an updated result. Either way, to stay up-to-date and reach a stylish result, consider the next aspects:

  • Redecorate your furniture by using natural colors for a calm environment and freshness within the interior design;
  • Consider a worn-like style for the existing furniture, which can be done at home or by professionals to bring in the vintage effect;
  • Opt for metal details or new sustainable fabrics for the upholstery to breathe new life into your furniture.

One last thing to be added: use your imagination when complementing the furniture with little details for an original result.

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