Galley kitchen ideas: an ultimate guide with stunning design ideas to make it work
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Galley kitchen ideas: an ultimate guide with stunning design ideas to make it work

Irina Tomsa / November 28, 2021 - views 0 - 0 likes

A galley kitchen differs a lot from a traditional layout and, although it is considered infamous for its narrowness and unusual way to set the cabinets, there is always a place for surprises. This article will prove that you can make the most of the uncommon kitchens if the process is approached from the right perspective and includes appropriate solutions.

If such a term is unfamiliar to you, here is a clear insight: a galley kitchen has a hallway-like layout, where the cabinets are placed on both sides, although only one side can be considered as well if there is a lack of space. Even with small places in this sense, you can still add a splash of style to your kitchen, and we will show you how. Let’s break the stereotype and find out the best galley kitchen ideas!

Simple and exquisite design

Sometimes you can reach a stunningly perfect result even within the smallest space with the simplest design. Apply the minimalist style and go with a neutral set of colors and materials. Particularly well works white or black with wood. What comes next: avoid eye-catching handles or opt for a “touch-to-open” system. It will visibly free the space, besides the fact that such an approach is trendy. Store all the kitchenware in cabinets and let the space breathe. There should be no unnecessary details or additional colors; just a rule to follow: keep it low-key, and the result will speak for itself.

Keep it neutral all the way

In a galley kitchen, there is no place for bold colors that will immediately suppress the space. Only light or soothing shades are allowed, and a classic in this sense is white. Nevertheless, the palette of colors suitable for this space comes with a wide range of shades of this kind, from soothing blue and green to gray and beige with calm undertones. Do you know what the trick is? Your galley kitchen will look larger and brighter. What else could you dream of?

Nothing but light and smart

Here is another option of going with a light environment for your galley kitchen; opt for light wood. Why smart? It is all due to the fact that you will add texture but keep it fresh at the same time. The welcoming effect of the wood surfaces will make the kitchen seem more inviting, and you will totally forget that it has a hallway-like layout if this does not fit your liking. One more thing: natural materials are very popular now, and a wood kitchen will surely keep you up to date.

Don’t forget about originality

Even if it is a smaller space, it does not mean that a unique result is not an option. You can add as much individuality to a galley kitchen without risking the overall look of this place. Now that we have covered the essentials regarding the cabinets, it is time to find out the flooring variants. This is where you will use your imagination as much as possible. Go with unique designs for the tiles and enrich your kitchen with new shapes and colors. It will prove one more time that your sense of beauty can make the most of small spaces like this.

Farmhouse style

What a perfect chance it is to use a style both for its trendy features and functionality. Farmhouse style includes all you need for a galley kitchen: light colors, laconic design, and comfort. It is usually not that easy to keep them all together, particularly in small spaces, but that is the uniqueness of this approach. Do not hesitate and go for it, especially now that the contemporary techniques offer a modern farmhouse approach that relies on functionality and beauty at the same time.

A backsplash to match the space

It is quite a small element of a kitchen, but what a great influence it has on the overall look. To be most precise, the backsplash is the face of any kitchen, and a galley one is not an exception. There are three ways you could go in this sense to expand the space and keep it stylish:

  • Subway tiles. Their long shape will visually expand the length of the cabinets and ensure the contemporary look of your kitchen since the subway style is a “must” today for those who look for functionality and a stylish look;
  • An expansion of the countertop. The fewer new elements you will add, the larger the space will appear. Go with a backsplash material similar to the countertop to ensure integrity and avoid suppressing the environment with a new texture;
  • Reflective surfaces. You will probably not be surprised to find out that reflective surfaces add light and space; what a perfect combination and the exact one that a galley kitchen usually lacks. It is a win-win option, and you will surely be on the safe side if you decide to go this way.

More space, light, and style

Win all three ways by considering open shelving instead of upper cabinets, at least for particular spaces. You will be amazed to discover how refreshing your kitchen will become. Furthermore, it is a great chance to show off your pottery or tableware collection. Depending on the particular style, you could opt for wooden shelves to emphasize the rustic dominance or consider metallic details for an industrial setting.

A new style through small details

Does a laconic design seem boring to you, but the space availability limits you in bold decisions? No worries; we are here to help! First of all, it is not mandatory to opt for a whole makeover to integrate a new style. You can adapt the existing setting by adding particular elements. Secondly, real beauty finds itself in small details. For instance, the Vintage style is easy to apply by adding aged wooden units or metallic details, such as brass handles or lamps.

Ceiling alternatives

Here is a lack of space; there is a lack of space. Where do we go then? Exactly, we work with the ceiling. It depends on the particular approach. A great idea in this sense is to opt for windows right in the ceiling, which is, of course, not possible in all cases. However, you should go for it if the location of your kitchen and your budget allows it. Besides an outstanding view, your kitchen will be filled with natural light. 

An alternative is to decorate the ceiling, be it wallpaper, wood paneling, or paint. Your only limit is your imagination and, of course, an appropriate play with colors. Do not hesitate to opt for original designs and add individuality to your kitchen.