7 Newest Garage Door Paint Ideas with Photos

Are you planning a garage door painting project? Wondering what colors are trending now? Not sure what paint works for what material? These and more will be covered in this ultimate guide on garage door paint ideas. Inspired by the newest exterior house paint trends, we narrowed down a list of the best garage door paint options. 

First things first, here are a few trustworthy insights from experts in the field.

What Paint Works Best on Garage Doors

Experts and homeowners with a huge experience in outdoor painting give their preference to acrylic paint for garage doors, be it wood or metal. Look for exterior paint, in particular, which is created for outdoor conditions. 

What Finish to Choose for Garage Door Paint

Choose between gloss and semi-gloss. Professionals recommend them due to their ability to protect the surface from unwanted scratches. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and work perfectly in humid weather conditions. On second thought, the satin finish is a great alternative.

How to Prepare the Garage Door for Painting

Don’t start painting before you make sure the surface is well prepared. Consider sanding for wooden doors to ensure a smooth finish or scrubbing off the rust from a metal door. Apply a primer for better adherence and proceed to paint the garage door. Use a rust-inhibitive primer when it is the case.

Now, take a look at your neighborhood. There may be a garage door color you like. Before committing, experiment with color samples and consider them in a large picture. Do you want a garage door color that blends in with the exterior house color palette or stands out? No less important are shutters and trim as the other accessories besides the primary exterior color. What comes next is inspirational. Your future garage door paint solution is waiting as follows.

Not to our surprise, neutrals are still a popular choice with designers when it comes to garage door painting. Classic white, gray, and beige take the fore. Besides, they work with any colors, and you won’t have to worry about repainting the whole house for your new garage color. The safest bet is always at hand due to a rich range of available neutral paint colors.

Increase Your Property’s Value: Black Garage Door

Generally, black is also a neutral color. Yet, we dedicated a separate section to it. Unlike white, gray, and beige, black brings more stylistic value to any exterior house. If your main goal is a stately and expensive-looking effect, you should definitely consider black garage door paint.

Authoritative and Formal: Choose Blue 

Other colors would have liked to borrow some professionalism and confidence from blue. That’s why many designers regard it as a perfect color choice for the garage door. Start with darker navy blue that comes next in line after neutrals, or allow yourself the liberty of standing out with a vivid and light blue.

Think Out of the Box: Red Garage Door

Not everybody would agree to paint the garage door red. Still, those who dare try the various shades of this color, from bright red to earthy burgundy, know it is worth the hustle. Surprisingly, red pairs well with any neutral color and various textures, from brick to stone, and it is rated as one of the emerging color trends.

Get that Boost of Dopamine

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Moreover, colorists, interior designers, and design amateurs encourage us to explore more unusual and original options. In this respect, we firmly support bright paint colors on the garage. Here are a few top bright garage door paint color ideas:

  • Yellow. Try it on black exterior walls for an all-year sunny mood;
  • Orange. Pair it with neutrally colored walls or rich textures, such as brick or stone;
  • Green. We mean vivid and eye-catching shades to steal the spotlight;
  • Purple. The key color trend of the season.

In our expanded article on the key paint color trends, you can find specific paint colors from renowned brands for each color option. 

Timeless Combo: Wood and Green

If you plan a full makeover of your house exterior, you may be interested in this evergreen and always on-trend pairing. Try unpainted wooden house walls combined with an organic green garage door. You can use the same green shade for the front door.

Keep It Down To Earth: Brown Garage Door

This color has been underrated for a long time, especially when choosing a paint color for the house exterior. Now, experts give the green light to brown. Pair a brown-colored garage door with white exterior walls and witness the alluring and stylish beauty that unfolds from under a familiar color combination. 

By the way, consider it as an affordable alternative to natural wood. A good brown shade on the garage door is a real find, associated with nature, rendering comfort and efficiently updating the entire look of your house exterior.

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