Striking gold curtain rod ideas: trendy materials, designs, and styles

In a world of minimalism, where functionality has been prevailing for a long time, a tiny sparkle of gold tries to penetrate the interior design. Designers and homeowners have started paying attention to shining elements that bring a bit of elegance and uniqueness to the overly simplified settings. We won’t even mention the extravagant Art Deco, Vintage, or Neoclassical that definitely imply the use of such an accent. 

Today, we will try to add a tiny amount of gold to your interior, which is more than enough to bring your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other room to the next level. Gold acquires even more authenticity when applied in small quantities. The curtain rod, which seems like a functional piece, can instantly become an accent that is striking yet balanced, offering your space a new sparkle delicately and unobtrusively. Let’s go together through the trendiest materials, designs, and styles for a gold curtain rod!

Stay up-to-date with brass

The beloved brass could not go unnoticed in this regard. The most used material to replicate gold through accents surprises us again. Do you know what is most interesting? You don’t have to refer to intricate designs when this interpretation of gold is so imposing that the simplest approach involving it will even draw more attention to its sophisticated appearance. There is more to come! Brass goes with any style and will surely be part of interior design trends for a long time.

Timeless effect with copper

Unlike brass, copper has a few orange undertones and a worn-by-time effect. In combination with contemporary curtains, it reveals its inner sense of beauty to the fullest and redefines the style of the space. Due to its rather vintage appearance, copper would go best with a style alike. However, a splash of Vintage within other interiors, particularly the Modern one, will look no less impeccable. 

Classic shiny gold

The classic interpretation of gold devoid of additional effects is the shiny one with striking yellow notes that sparkles with intensity. Undoubtedly, this type of gold rod goes with the most elegant styles, being no less appropriate for transitioning from Traditional to Modern. One should note that this option is among the most eye-catching ones, and a simple curtain rod is much welcome to be combined with such a material, while a more significant splash would be too imposing.

Industrial chic

Whether it is a DIY project or a bought piece, the pipe curtain rod is at its peak of popularity due to its unusual design. Copper and brass would go best for such an approach to increase the industrial effect. Indeed, a gold pipe curtain rod would work perfectly in a setting with raw surfaces for the Industrial style. Loft interiors seem no less appropriate spaces for such an accent. Still, the golden surface makes a piece of art out of this functional unit that integrates into any style.

Gold & Glass

If an all-gold curtain rod seems too flamboyant for your rather minimalist setting, although a new splash of elegance would not spoil the picture, consider combining gold with glass, which will reduce a bit from the imposing effect without drawing the attention from the gold element. It is a perfect way to adapt the sophisticated gold units to contemporary interiors by integrating modern materials.

And the fairytale goes on

A gold curtain rod is bold, but the result would not be spoiled with an additional element that will indeed make an accent out of this piece. Go on with a perfect ending to this golden story. Consider decorative units of gold for both ends of the curtain rod. The smaller and the more unusual they are, the more attention they draw. Be it the same gold or other material, replicating particular motifs or unique shapes for a touch of authenticity for an already mesmerizing piece of decor. 

Integration to the fullest

If you want your gold curtain rod to integrate perfectly into your interior, the best option is to opt for a combination of gold accents; gold curtain rods and a gold chandelier, furniture details, or photo frames for a relatively minimalist setting. At the same time, you can go with a full splash of gold all over your space. Start with the curtain rods and reach almost any element of the room with considerable amounts of gold for an authentic Art Deco statement or an elegant Empire style. 

Matching curtain colors

We have discussed materials, designs, and styles. It is time to tackle the unit the rod is intended for – curtains, whose design depends on the style, which is not only about the rod. Still, the curtain color plays an essential role in how the rod appears as an accent. Let’s go through the best colors to combine with a gold curtain rod!

  • Classy White & Gold;
  • Intriguing Black & Gold;
  • Contemporary Gray & Gold;
  • Vibrant Pink & Gold.
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