Golden wallpapers in the interior: features, style, and colors

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Golden wallpapers in the interior of any room look expensive, elegant. They are quite versatile, as they have a vast palette. With their help, the luxurious design of any room is easily created. A bewitching sparkle attracts attention, reflecting warm light. How many golden shades of wallpaper are, combination with other decorations of different rooms of the apartment, how to choose them for a certain style, more details in the article below.

Features, characteristic, color shades for golden wallpapers

Golden is the color of energetic movement, solar heat, physical activity. This is the color of victory and wealth, prosperity and radiance, beauty and glory, and wisdom. In some countries, it symbolizes immortality, truth, enlightenment. When used in the interior, it improves appetite, digestion, and cheers up, allowing you to stay awake all day. Still, the abundance of its various shades can overly tire, even in a short period.

In the interior of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, it was very popular – only wealthy people could afford gold because then this color was considered a symbol of abundance, luxury, prosperity in the house. In modern design, it should be used carefully; an excessive amount of gold is a sign of a lack of taste. Therefore, only certain parts of the room are designed this way.

This color is a mixture of orange and yellow. Thanks to the metallic finish, the gilded wallpaper will easily fit into almost any interior, which will immediately sparkle with new colors, will become bright, unique. There are a great many shades – from muted yellow to amber-bronze. This is the warmest color, which means it has the property of expanding the space; when using it, one should strictly adhere to the chosen style, to avoid chaos and bad taste.

Design and texture for golden wallpapers

There are various types of golden wallpapers:

  • from paper – eco-friendly, diverse, breathable. But they fade in just two or three years, stick only on very even walls, and strongly absorb any smell. Well suited for bedrooms, nurseries;
  • with fabric fibers – on a non-woven, paper basis with a top layer of fabric. They look good, but get very dirty; they are difficult to clean from pollution;
  • non-woven – dense, but allow air to pass through easily, smooth out minor defects on the walls;
  • from vinyl – have a durable layer of PVC based on non-woven, paper, often imitate wood, stone, moisture resistant, do not fade for a long time. They are entirely impervious to air; some varieties contain harmful additives, chemicals. Great for pasting a bathroom, hallway, kitchen;
  • for painting – paper, vinyl, non-woven are produced. In essence, this is a white canvas with a pattern, a bas-relief, or prints. You can repaint them at least three times;
  • liquid – breathable, applied in the same way as plaster, hide any irregularities on the walls. They include dry glue, filaments, cellulose, pigments. 

Wallpaper with a complex curved texture diversifies the interior, look good with textured curtains, and an excellent backdrop for expensive furniture. With the help of a correctly selected drawing, the shape of the room is easily changed – vertical stripes visually make the room taller, horizontal lines wider, longer.

The most common patterns:

  • floral;
  • geometric;
  • meanders;
  • monogram;
  • suns;
  • damask.

For cramped rooms with low ceilings, white wallpapers with a golden pattern or golden with beige are chosen, for more spacious intricate black weaves on a gilded background acceptable.

What style suits golden wallpapers

Golden wallpapers will perfectly decorate the interior of the following styles:

  • art deco, art nouveau;
  • classic, neoclassic;
  • rococo, baroque;
  • modern;
  • shabby chic;
  • minimalism;
  • high-tech;
  • ecological;
  • futurism;
  • oriental.

Strict geometric patterns best fit into the style of art deco, hi-tech, industrial, but it is essential that the curtains, floor decoration have a uniform texture. For a romantic, ecological style, floral ornaments are suitable. For the classic – a variety of monograms, damask patterns, meanders framed by borders, gilded moldings, elegant ceiling rosettes. For a children’s room, a futuristic living room, cosmic 3D images are suitable, with which only one wall is pasted, on which there is nothing more.

Golden wallpapers combined with other colors

The traditional, almost “canonical” combination is golden yellow with blue – are located on opposite sides of the color wheel. Also often used beige, brown, dark gray, orange tones.

Other successful combinations:

  • sunny gold with white;
  • golden straw with olive;
  • gold with emerald;
  • golden green with burgundy;
  • antique gold with terracotta;
  • golden honey with graphite gray;
  • palm gold with turquoise;
  • golden smoky with pink;
  • acid gold with black;
  • golden peach with milk.

The combination with turquoise, silver will create a strict classic interior, burgundy, black will add solemnity, pale pink, and pistachio will set in a romantic mood.

Gradient transitions from golden-orange, bronze to any other look very advantageous in modern interiors.

How to choose the right curtains

When choosing curtains, you need to follow a few rules:

  • monophonic curtains should be selected for wallpaper with complex, colorful patterns and vice versa;
  • bright curtains look fabulous, preferably warm colors;
  • it is desirable that the walls contrast with the design of the windows, and not merge with it, but the option of combining is also possible;
  • if the curtains are selected in tone with the wallpaper, they should be at least two to three tones lighter or darker;
  • curtains should be in harmony with other textiles in the room – upholstery, carpets, pillows, wardrobe trunks, draperies on beds, armchairs, etc.

Curtains with vertical or horizontal stripes, against the background of plain wallpaper, slightly change the geometry of space. Light, thin curtains are almost always inappropriate here. 

In the case of blinds are selected with alternating canvases – gold with brown, blue, silver, pink, etc.

Japanese curtains can imitate the pattern of the walls, and Italian curtains have only a gold lace to pull them in the right place. Austrian or London are decorated with gold ribbons, can have a wide golden cornice, in harmony with the wallpaper. Curtains in the shape of an hourglass tied in the middle are inserted into the frames of the partitions that zone the studio apartment’s space or kitchen-living room. They duplicate the texture, drawing curtains on the windows, color matching with wallpaper, or contrasting with them. Interior curtains for a golden interior sometimes look like a crumbling “rain” of gilded beads.

Light curtains with or without a pattern will fit the theme for almost any interior; dark shades are used only for the most spacious rooms, wide corridors.

Combination with furniture, ceiling, floor

In most cases, the floor coating is chosen a couple of tones darker than the walls of the room. With golden wallpaper, a varnished floorboard, parquet, laminate in wood shades, floor tiles, linoleum goes well. An option for the nursery will be a light blue ceiling with a chandelier in the form of sun that kind of illuminates the walls.

The furniture looks best contrasted with gold wallpaper; it is chosen a few tones darker or lighter. Gold accessories are used in moderation, do not disturb the room with many statuettes or vases. Enough will be the central gilded chandelier, the golden edging of the carpet.

The design of the golden walls in the rooms

Particularly bright golden wallpapers are pasted in rooms with windows facing to the north – they will give a feeling of “sunshine” in the absence of natural sunlight. Darker ones – chocolate-gold or black-gold – are used in spacious southern rooms, where daylight is abundant throughout most of the day. You should not use too much shine – this visually complicates the interior, so an excessively bright gilded finish should occupy no more than one-third of the room.

For which rooms it is better to use gold wallpaper:

  • living room – various shades are acceptable, in combination with beige, cream, silver, terracotta, fuchsia, emerald, purple;
  • bedroom – as little glitter as possible, the ideal option is gilding on a light background;
  • kitchen – gilded decoration should be neat, but not overly shiny;
  • nursery – suitable for very calm children, light muffled colors are preferred;
  • dressing room – the walls are not particularly visible here, because their color does not matter much;
  • home office – nothing should distract from work here, so the brightness is chosen to a minimum;
  • loggia or insulated balcony – the walls are decorated in the same color, texture as the whole room.

Any overlapping wallpaper should start gluing from the window – even if they peel off a little along the edge, the seams will not be noticeable, the general appearance will not be disturbed.

Golden wallpapers in the bedroom

The golden walls of the bedroom will turn it into a beautiful apartment. Here you can fall asleep and wake up, imagining yourself in the royal chambers. The minimum amount of gloss should be used – it can interfere with normal sleep, sharp, vivid contrasts are also inappropriate. Muted shades give the effect of antiquity, especially the color of red gold.

The most popular options are:

  • he wall at the head of the bed is drawn in gold, the rest of the walls are decorated with white;
  • the wall opposite the bed is decorated with golden murals depicting natural species or abstractions, the rest of the walls are plain;
  • all walls are glued with light wallpaper with a golden pattern.

Gold wallpapers with images of animals of the savannah or desert will decorate a unique children’s room artistically.

Golden wallpapers in the living room

A large bright living room, made in the classical style, with a high ceiling, light brown curtains, carved furniture, wallpaper with the embossed damask pattern, will decorate. If the hall is narrow, then many light sources, combined with white wallpaper, covered with gold ornaments, light furniture, floor design two or three shades darker than the walls, will visually expand it.

It uses a lot of brilliance to create a festive atmosphere. The furniture is also selected luxurious, preferably from solid oak, pine, spruce, beech, mahogany, rosewood, walnut. It can have forged elements, which are also decorated with gilding.

A considerable sofa upholstered in brown leather, combined with the same leather chairs, an oak wardrobe, a round table similar to it on carved legs will perfectly fit into such an interior. The draperies on the windows are combined with the upholstery of the furniture, and the wallpaper – with carpets, decorative elements placed on shelves, countertops. Plastic stucco on the walls and ceiling is often covered with gold, but darker or lighter.

When the room is excessively large, uncomfortable, the golden wallpaper is glued with stripes, alternating with any others that have a neutral color and vary in size, the texture of the picture.

Golden wallpapers in the in the kitchen

Gold in the kitchen should be used very carefully – usually, there are too many shiny details. The ideal option is matte white, light beige, or straw-colored wallpaper with gold ornaments. In this case, a headset will suit almost anyone: red, black, white, orange, violet, olive, green, etc. Floor tiles are preferable matte, with an ornament that combines with the wallpaper pattern without shine. Since the humidity in the kitchen is continuously increased, and the likelihood of drops of fat is high, washable coatings are usually purchased for it.

Golden wallpapers in the hallway

Warm gold, combined with several full-wall mirrors, will significantly expand the hall, which has no windows in most cases. If the corridor is small, narrow, then the wallpaper is selected as light as possible. For large rooms, use a large print, any bold combination – with emerald, eggplant, burgundy, azure, fuchsia. But when the whole apartment is decorated in bright colors, the hall should be made a maximum of a couple of tones darker or the same as all other rooms. Gold-plated frames for mirrors, elements in the decoration of furniture are used only if the wallpaper is not completely gilded, but only has a picture on a neutral background. 

The golden decoration in a modern city apartment, a country mansion, is no less relevant than in the chambers of the kings, emperors of the past. The golden background in the interior gives the impression of an elite, rich, warm, comfortable room.

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