Gothic bedroom: 12 ideas our designers love

Romantic and creative characters often choose the design of the bedroom in the Gothic style. Such an interior harmoniously combines unique elements, exquisite details. In general, such a design decor speaks a lot about the wealth of its owner.

Gothic became popular in the late 18th century, and Queen Victoria of England was one of its biggest admirers. The style supposes the presence of light pointed forms – high sharp arches, which came to the design of home interiors from churches and temples. Dark shades and upward-looking designs add mystery and a sense of mysticism to the atmosphere. Each piece is designed to make a dramatic solid impression.

Features of the design of the bedroom in the Gothic style

  • Color palette. You don’t have to fill the entire space with shades of black. The Gothic color palette is wide enough and includes blue, purple, red, gold, brown, gray, green, blue, and white. Black can be chosen as a spectacular accent, but not the main background. And other colors can become the basis. You can add elements of yellow and orange.
  • The floor of a Gothic bedroom should be solid – stone or ceramic. Dark wood can be used.
  • The walls are trimmed with natural or artificial stone, wood, pasted over with wallpaper with patterns of heraldic lilies, painted on stone and stucco.
  • The ceiling is necessarily high, which corresponds to the aspiration upward. Its color can match the tint of the walls.
  • Carpets. Aubusson French carpet on the floor will help create an authentic atmosphere. It is worth choosing rugs that match the color of the walls.
  • Tapestries and paintings depicting people, landscapes, and houses are another essential style element. Wallpapers in golden tones are perfect, which are in harmony with all other shades of the decor.
  • Textile. Curtains, bedspreads, decorative pillows are best made of luxurious fabrics – velvet, brocade, and jacquard. Use brushes and fringes for decoration. It is vital to choose bedding in the same color scheme as the rest of the interior. The repetition of the pattern on linen and curtains looks interesting.
  • Lighting. It should be varied. An impressive pendant chandelier, table lamps, and wall sconces in the form of torches and pendant candle holders, as well as floor lamps, will give that feeling of Gothic style. 
  • Gothic-style furniture is sturdy and durable. In the 18-19 centuries, it was made of wood, most often oak, and wrought iron. The details of beds, pins, door hinges, and other elements were made of metal. At the same time, wooden parts should be solid and heavy, and forged parts should be light and airy. Gothic upholstered furniture is also present: add a cozy armchair with velvet or leather upholstery to create a cozy atmosphere. Place a coffee table in the seating area. And don’t forget the roomy wardrobe. You can also put a chest of drawers or a chest made of wood and with iron fittings.
  • Gothic decor – heraldic crosses and lilies, decorative wooden boxes, metal jugs and glasses, and, of course, candles. It is good to decorate the bedroom with pieces of art that were made in the Middle Ages.

Classics style

Let’s start with the most stylized interior. The walls with imitation of old brickwork will help to recreate the atmosphere of a medieval castle. A graceful wrought-iron bed with soaring arches adorned with exquisite metal patterns will become the centerpiece of the bedroom.

The effect will be complemented by mirrors in gilded hardwood frames, in front of sconces imitating candlesticks with burning candles. A picture in an elegant frame on the floor and wooden chests with wrought iron hinges and locks add authentic accents to the room’s decor.

Elegant luxury

The interior of a gothic bedroom can be luxurious and elegant at the same time. For this, the walls are covered with plaster as if tarnished over many centuries. The ceiling is decorated in the same colors. The floor is made of wide planks of dark-aged wood. A large bed with a richly decorated headboard and wrought iron ornaments are placed in the center.

They add luxury in the form of gilded baguettes around the perimeter of the ceiling, a huge chandelier with imitation of candles, a beautiful table lamp, and a bearskin lying on the floor. For comfort, place a bench with “lion” legs “and a chest of drawers of the same design.

The restrained gray color palette is diluted with bright accents of decorative pillows.

Abundance manifesto

An abundance of expensive furniture and accessories will help make a gothic bedroom a practical reflection of the wealth of its owner. A hardwood bed painted black and worn, with sharp-angled arches and turrets topped with Catholic crosses. A comfortable armchair upholstered in natural leather and expensive jacquard, accompanied by a coffee table on forged curved legs. Lots of velvet throw pillows scattered across the bed and chair. Heavy brocade curtains. Wooden sideboard with antique dishes. Mantelpiece with metal cups. The picture is in an elegantly decorated frame. Plus, an Aubusson carpet on the floor and a large wrought iron chandelier. And all this is set against the background of whitewashed brickwork, white walls, and a ceiling.

Mysterious black

A surefire solution for creating a gothic bedroom is leading black combined with muted gray and a touch of golden tones. Let all furniture – bed, dresser with a mirror, cabinet, wardrobe- be black. A black carpet will accompany them on the floor. The gold can adorn the carved decor of the headboard and foot of the bed or mirror frame.

Splashes of white – ceiling, lamps, textiles- will add lightness and make this mystical interior more pleasant.

Clarity of lines

For those who prefer a minimum of details combined with expensive finishes and materials, you can limit yourself to monochrome black walls, floors, and doors, as well as a bed with twisted pillars in four corners without a canopy. Pure white color, which seems to be reflected in white bed linen, will help “raise” the ceiling.

Hardwood table lamps with a gilded base will add a sense of luxury. And the colors will add dark red inserts in the design of the wall niches.

Purple mystic

Lilac and purple hues add mystery to the Gothic bedroom. These tones look amazingly harmonious in the luxurious fabrics of which the bed canopy, curtains, bedspread, and decorative pillows are made—walls and ceilings in the same color complete the effect. Even the floor can be decorated in the same shades. 

Purple becomes even more mysterious when you compliment the interior with elements of black color, for example, a mirror frame and ruffles on the canopy.

Royal chic

Do you want a bedroom like of the queens? Then start decorating your interior by choosing a bed. Let it be very comfortable and truly luxurious. Necessarily exclusive. As in the past centuries, the exquisitely carved wood decor of the headboard and footboard goes well with the leather elements. Small curved-legged bedside tables with pull-out drawers. A large chandelier in the shape of a candlestick with pendants is in harmony with wallpaper with a repeating monochrome print of stylized flowers. A gothic “flavor” will give such an interior a color scheme: choose black as the primary color, complementing it with a light background of the wallpaper and a bedspread of a similar shade.

In a blurry haze

A bedroom in gray tones in a modern Gothic style seems to envelop in a mysterious light haze. Soft shades blur the lines between reality and fiction. Thin wrought iron headboards and legs of the bed without a canopy but with graceful columns for it seem to dissolve in the air. A painting depicting a scene from life in the Middle Ages reminds us of ancient times. And the luxury of the Gothic is mainly fully manifested in the heavy curtains of thick taffeta, decorated with fringe, picked up by large tassels. Laconic and, at the same time, very expressive.

Cozy Gothic

A gothic bedroom can be cozy and even cute. To do this, it is worth choosing calm beige tones for the walls, ceiling, and floor. Next, choose a bed with laconic wrought-iron headboards with floral patterns, complementing it with a wrought-iron table with a tabletop made of natural stone and a bedside table imitating a chest.

A stylized canopy made of dense fabric with a plant pattern in brown tones and the same curtains with a lambrequin will help bring romance. Light bedding and light upholstery of a chair or armchair will get a feeling of spaciousness and freshness.

Gothic minimalism

Fans of modern minimalism should not give up luxurious Gothic. After all, it is not necessary to decorate the room with ornate decor and an abundance of various accessories, gold, carved wood, and wrought metal.

To create a natural effect, you can limit yourself to black. Order a bed with a minimalist black base and a canopy frame made of simple smooth wooden beams. Throw a large piece of taffeta over it – black or with a discreet gray pattern. Cover the bed with black linen and a blanket of the same color. This will help create the atmosphere of a medieval castle. And if also the walls or ceiling have an arched shape and will be lined with brickwork, the effect will be unique.

Arched structures

In this bedroom, furniture and other furnishings are only vaguely reminiscent of the design of a medieval castle. However, the sheer Gothic mood is felt very well. The secret is in the form of windows and ceilings. They are made in the form of arches, as is customary in Gothic temples. Light lancet structures seem to fly upward, imparting weightlessness to the entire room. Gothic is also evident in the dark shade of the bed upholstery and the luxurious silk or velvet bedspread.

Zoning in gothic bedroom

Using the techniques of Gothic architecture, you can zone the room unusually. To do this, separate the bed from the rest of the space with wooden partitions reminiscent of the turrets of Gothic cathedrals.

Walls with wood paneling in the same shade, ceramic floor tiles imitating stone, and an arched door with stained glass will complete the impression. Aubusson carpet will add the gothic spirit. Decorative velvet pillows and a picture on the wall in the same color will bring brightness.

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