Gray Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen with Photos

Whether you plan a remodel of an existing kitchen or want to design a new one, this guide on how to style a gray kitchen backsplash will be unexpectedly practical. This kitchen element serves both a functional and stylish purpose, and what other color would fit these features better than gray? It’s impressive how effortlessly it pairs with various design styles, color palettes, materials, and textures. Therefore, you’ll be able to easily integrate gray backsplash ideas into your existing or new kitchen design. The question is: how do you style it? Read on.

Are gray backsplashes in trend?

Color psychology plays an essential role in choosing a perfect backsplash color. A seemingly neutral and simple color like gray hides various features, from sleek character to refined elegance, emerging sophistication, and endless functionality. That’s why homeowners cannot get enough of this color. Whether you want a Modern, Industrial, or Rustic kitchen design, gray will adapt. 

Additionally, a gray backsplash is a perfect background for new accessories or, on the contrary, an irreplaceable backdrop for minimalist concepts. Do you still wonder if a gray backsplash is trendy?

What colors go with a gray backsplash?

Regardless of what space we speak about, gray will always be a versatile color that combines with everything. Still, pay attention to such matching colors as white, beige, or taupe, and allow gray to steal the show while preserving harmony. Nevertheless, you can also opt for more vivid hues to pair with gray if you want to go beyond neutral.

Modern Gray Backsplash Ideas 

Keep your kitchen’s sleek, modern look by decorating it with gray stone slabs on the backsplash space. Paired with neutral cabinet shades and decluttered surfaces, this gray backsplash idea will surely take center stage.

Gray Subway Tiles

Choose from a wide range of gray shades and subway tile design options. Go with the classic pattern, or opt for a chevron, herringbone, or any design you want. Pair this trendy option with neutrally colored cabinets.

Glossy Dark Gray Tiles

There are so many original ways to style a gray backsplash in the kitchen, including dark gray tiles with a glossy finish. You’ll love them paired with dark-colored cabinets or the opposite – light wood texture.

Green-Gray Backsplash Ideas

This gray backsplash idea works perfectly for Modern or Mid-Century Modern kitchens of wood. Interestingly, light wood cabinets pair well with dark sage backsplash tiles, while deep green-gray tiles are a perfect natural touch to light wood cabinets.

Keep It New with Blue-Gray

Instead of traditional gray, consider a blue-gray shade. It will always keep your kitchen fresh and up-to-date. Guess what!  Wood cabinets win here as well. The combo of wood and blue-gray will nurture your need for a comfy and edgy cooking space.

Gray Marble Slabs

Undoubtedly, gray marble is one of the trendiest kitchen backsplash ideas. In addition, consider using the same material for the backsplash and the countertop in a contemporary kitchen with sleek silhouettes and up-to-the-minute features.

Gray Vinyl Wallpaper Ideas

Choose this backsplash idea in gray for a much more affordable backsplash solution. Replicate your favorite textures, such as marble or stone, or opt for more creative design ideas, such as repetitive geometric prints or floral shapes.

On the Trendy Side with Terrazzo

One of the gray backsplash tile ideas that designers cannot give up on is the Terrazzo style. Combining different stone chips on the same tile, all balanced by a soft gray tone is a must this season. 

Gray Backsplash and Green Cabinets

If you want to go further than neutrals like white or beige to match your new gray backsplash, try the no.1 option with a much brighter personality in this respect – green. Moreover, the stone gray color and organic green tone will make your kitchen a thousand times more welcoming.

Gray Backsplash in a Blue Kitchen

You simply cannot skip this trend if you have a blue kitchen or plan on designing one. Pair this refreshing cabinet color with a well-balanced gray backsplash, and witness how a simple cooking space transforms into one of those high-class kitchens you can find in top magazines on interior design.

Color Matching Ideas for a Gray Backsplash

Now is the perfect time to explore new and original color pairings. Luckily, gray works well with any color, and we suggest you fully embrace this trend by combining any type of gray backsplash with bright-colored cabinets.

Stay Consistent: Gray on Gray

The gray backsplash idea with slightly darker gray cabinets will suit you best if you don’t want to leave your comfort zone. Moreover, layers of gray provide the space with a dash of textured beauty without using additional materials.

Rustic Gray Backsplash Ideas 

Out of love for an all-gray kitchen and the desire to add a Rustic charm to the story, we invite you to celebrate the beauty of a gray-cabinet kitchen with a gray backsplash covered with paneling. In addition, think of gold hardware. You won’t be able to take your eyes off such a landscape.

When we think gray is ready to step out, it surprises us with a new performance and proves it is trendier than before. This is your sign to finally opt for a gray backsplash in your kitchen, while our top gray backsplash ideas are here to inspire your next kitchen remodel.

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