Gray bedroom: ideas design and decoration

Neutral gray has long ceased to be a boring color. Pearl, ash, silver, graphite – dozens of shades to create an exquisite atmosphere.

The choice of interior color is an important step in creating a bedroom design project. Modern designers are happy to use a neutral gray palette to create a relaxed atmosphere, which provides a comfortable rest and sleep.

Psychology of gray color

The emotional background of a person depends on his perception of the world around him. The peculiarity of the color palette is the ability to influence the rise or fall of different emotions.

Psychologists note gray as a neutral color. Depending on its shades, a person experiences a characteristic gamut of feelings. Dark shades cause an increase in feelings of anxiety, stress on the nervous system. In such an environment it is difficult to relax and plunge into a calm sleep. Light shades, on the contrary, soothe, relieve tension, set up for a good rest.

Soft shades of a cold tone “push” the walls, add air. Saturation of warm shades narrows the limits, approximating the walls or ceiling.

The right color scheme in the interior will create a comfortable atmosphere.

Advantages and disadvantages of gray in the bedroom

Every detail is important in interior design – lighting, texture of furniture, textiles and accessories. Color schemes in apartments should not impede the restoration of physical and mental strength. The versatility of gray in the bedroom has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include:

  • reduction of emotional stress – helps to relax after a working day, has a beneficial effect on visual analyzers;
  • neutrality – allows you to create interesting combinations with different dynamic loads, with a range from a calm tone to a bright burst of color;
  • the ability to visual transformations – depending on the used shade in the interior, adds space to the room or, conversely, brings the walls and ceiling closer.

The disadvantages include:

  • gloominess – dark cold tones negatively affect the psychological state, causing a feeling of anxiety and cold;
  • ordinary – an excess of color in the design leads to the facelessness of the room, the interior of such a bedroom is not of interest.

Gray bedroom design – perfect combinations

The combination of several colors against a background of different shades of gray is a great option to breathe mood into space. It is important to remember – the atmosphere of comfort and coziness should reign in the bedroom. Excessive brightness provokes aggression and increases the emotional excitability of the body.

Gray and white bedroom – elegant simplicity

White is a symbol of cleanliness, fresh air and spaciousness. It will dilute dullness, adding sophisticated details to the interior. In symbiosis with gray, it is recommended to use different shades of white – warm or cold. So the bedroom will gain a harmony of peace. Massive furniture is not allowed. Lightweight constructions should be preferred.

Gray and pink bedroom – romantic tenderness

The classic combination of warm colors of gray and pink fills the space with an atmosphere of comfort. Delicate shades of pink should not dominate the interior. It is enough to place accents – a few pillows on the bed, a couple of accessories or paintings.

Gray and blue bedroom – sensual coolness

The combination of gray with shades of blue is ideal for a married couple’s bedroom. Light watercolor tones from sky blue to saturated indigo create the effect of lightness and spaciousness. As in the case of pink, blue in the interior acts as a complement, diluting the monochrome environment with bright details.

Gray and yellow bedroom – color energy

Sunny yellow will illuminate the bedroom with a positive natural warmth. Cheerful shades “revive” the design of the room, adding color energy to it. Due to the variety of textures, the interior will not look boring and will be filled with the dynamics of life.

Gray and brown bedroom – comfortable classic

Brown, like any other color, has a wide range of shades. From cream to coffee and chocolate. When developing a design project for a bedroom, it is worth considering the rule of combining these colors. Gray with a yellow undertone looks great with a warm beige tone, with a blue undertone with a cool brown tone.

The combination of two neutral colors creates the calm atmosphere of a classic sleeping bedroom.

Using gray color in the decoration of floors and walls

The modern market for finishing materials has significantly increased the creative capabilities of designers. Depending on the chosen style of the interior, the walls are decorated with decorative plaster, wood, stone, brick, decorative panels, textured wallpaper with a print or just for painting.

When choosing a floor covering, in most cases, a laminate, parquet and floor board, and carpet are used. Rarely linoleum and tile is used.

The color of the flooring is selected based on the shade of the walls. A good option: light walls and a dark floor – anthracite or graphite. The highlight of the interior will be the coloring of one of the walls in a contrasting tone.

How and what furniture to choose 

The main piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Regardless of size, the bed should contrast with the walls. For example, if you decide to stick a dark gray wallpaper, set a bed or sofa in white. If the shades of furniture and walls are still close to each other, play with the colors of bedding. Buy bright pillows with a stylish print, decorate textile objects in any other way. If the walls are painted in light gray, opt for furniture with darker and brighter colors. Light gray color is often used when choosing furniture upholstery, it favorably emphasizes the shape of armchairs, sofas, beds, while it does not look boring. In this case, take care of other color accents. Lay bright pillows, decorate the walls with paintings, murals. 

Do not forget about such an important subject as the door, which should be suitable in color and shape to the bedroom interior. Regardless of your personal tastes and preferences, it is recommended to follow the basic rule for the selection of bedroom furniture.

Lighting in gray bedroom

Gray color sometimes causes a feeling of sadness, longing. To prevent such an effect, and the room has not turned into a dark box, think about harmonious lighting that will fill the room with real comfort and warmth, soften gloomy shades. It is advisable to place lighting devices not in one specific place, but around the entire perimeter of the room, highlighting certain details, focusing on individual objects and zones. 

However, if you are a supporter of the classics or a fan of oriental style, the central source of lighting in the bedroom will be a chandelier, selected in accordance with the general interior. Original nightlights are installed on the bedside tables with lampshades to match the carpet or accessories, floor lamps with high legs are used. 

Do not be afraid to experiment. With lighting, you can play as with paints, adding or removing certain shades. Regardless of the established rules, create an atmosphere for yourself, and the lighting in which you will feel as comfortable as possible. 

Bright accents in the gray bedroom

Restrained tones of the interior of the gray bedroom are not recommended to be diluted with excessively bright elements of decor and textiles. Color solutions should be in a common plane, observing the law of combination – warm colors are in the warm gamut, cold colors are in the framework of cold halftones.

The cool decor of the men’s bedroom will dilute the emerald, blue, red dense textile with a graphic pattern.

Chromed light sources (floor lamps, nightlights, lamps) will support the monochrome interior.

Accessories and white decor fill the space with freshness and purity.

Window decoration

Most designers are similar in opinion that the windows of the bedroom in gray tones should be large, perhaps bay windows, in a light frame. The aesthetics of large windows do not require special decorations.

In the case of the standard size of the windows in the monochrome interior, it is recommended to purchase curtains made of natural materials identical to the shade of the walls. An interesting option with a light silk or satin flowing fabric a couple of tones darker than the interior.


The game of textures looks original – translucent textiles, decorative garlands of crystal beads for curtains.

Opinions about the inexpressiveness of gray are in the past. Numerous photographs of the magnificent interiors of the bedrooms confirm it. The spectrum of neutral shades in combination with the main color palette creates an amazing atmosphere of peace, relieving emotional stress. The range of gray shades is a wonderful canvas for the realization of bold design decisions.

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