10 Gray Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas from Top Interior Designers

Farmhouse is a highly demanded design style nowadays, and we see why. The coziest design concept brings calmness and peace most beautifully through color, texture, and pattern. No wonder so many homeowners want their bedrooms decorated in this style. Primarily associated with the countryside life, Farmhouse may be regarded as a difficult style to integrate into a contemporary urban home. That’s when gray comes to the rescue. This timelessly versatile color is your safety net while you dive deep into the magical world of Farmhouse design. Thus, we did some research and came up with the best gray Farmhouse bedroom ideas you’ll absolutely love. Enjoy and get inspired!

Modern Gray Farmhouse Bedroom

Pair modern with traditional by combining rustic elements peculiar to Farmhouse, such as exposed beams or reclaimed wood, with modern colors, primarily gray for the walls. Not least, enjoy the updated Farmhouse bedroom design decorated with handwoven baskets and live greeneries.

Dark Gray Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Dark gray is often used in modern interiors due to its minimalist and sleek effect. Therefore, use it for your Modern Farmhouse bedroom walls. Those can be decorated with wall paneling or the renowned shiplap.

Light Gray Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

In contrast with dark gray, a light tone of the same color feels calmer and softer. Choose light gray in small bedrooms to make them seem more spacious. Even more, pair light-gray walls with light wood texture in a Farmhouse bedroom.

Moody Farmhouse Vibe

Get in the moody vibe with a dark gray color palette, almost charcoal, subdued lighting, blackout curtains, and plenty of patterned textiles. Imagine all these accessories with a few candles here and there – the perfect ambiance to relax. Moreover, this gray Farmhouse bedroom idea is ideal for a fall bedroom design concept.

Buy the Look with a Gray Headboard

If gray on walls doesn’t seem right in your bedroom, try accents, say the headboard. Combine it stylishly with white-painted walls, adding many richly patterned textiles. In addition, think of natural wood-textured furniture and pots with plants on nightstands.

Switch to Textiles

Try gray textiles instead. It can be the bedding, an area rug, the curtains, or a throw blanket. That’s the easiest gray farmhouse bedroom idea if you want a fast makeover of the existing design. Additionally, consider Farmhouse accessories like baskets, reclaimed wood accents, or lush indoor plants.

Gray Farmhouse Bedroom Idea: Vintage

Go fully traditional with a gray-colored bedroom decorated with reclaimed wood furniture, distressed finishes, flea-market findings, abundantly patterned bedding, warm throw blankets, vividly colored cushions, soft drapes, and distressed area rugs.

Invite Industrial: Black Iron Bed

One of the most original gray Farmhouse bedroom ideas is to choose a black iron bed on a gray background. Get that authentic rustic feel by adding untreated wood surfaces and decorating the space with warm-colored fabrics.

Gray Barn Door

In an all-neutral Modern Farmhouse bedroom, integrate a feature barn door in gray. Let this subtle farmhouse detail add coziness to your contemporary sleeping nook. 

Gray and Green Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

In terms of Farmhouse design, gray and green is the perfect color match that reads both modern and traditional. Opt for gray walls and green textiles, such as the bedding, or the opposite. Let this gorgeous combo bring harmony and emphasize the comfortable side of your farmhouse bedroom.

Undoubtedly, Farmhouse is one of the trendiest design styles you can choose for your bedroom. Moreover, keep it up to date with the stylish gray shades. Don’t lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pair simplicity and coziness for the best bedroom design ever, and our unique gray Farmhouse bedroom ideas are all at your disposal. If this design style sparked your interest, feel free to discover other Modern Farmhouse trends and recreate an original state of comfort in your home.

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