Gray flooring ideas: practicality and stylish look for every room of your house

Gray has been on the stage for a long time, and designers are not ready to give up on it. Maybe it is not that emphasized; it does not have a clear contrastive note and may look even a little depressing; these are just small details besides the irreplaceable benefits that this color has on interior design. Do such features as a sense of belonging and security sound appealing to you? There is no doubt that the last months have made us look for these particular aspects. Nevertheless, besides offering calmness, gray is accompanied by a draining effect. This is why experts suggest we use shades that resonate with us, particularly the calm ones with yellow undertones and refreshing shades with blue undertones. 

When it comes to specific parts of interior design, this neutral color works perfectly with larger elements, serving as background and source of inspiration for the environment. One of the main elements that put the basis for the general look of a room is flooring. Although it sounds unusual, gray is a favorite in this respect. Be it a minimalist setting, where gray complements the functionality of style, or a maximalist design, where it serves as a perfect backdrop for the array of colorful and textured elements that are part of this space. This color is impressively versatile and easy to work with regardless of what room we speak of. Therefore, we came up with the top design ideas for perfect gray flooring that will ensure a timeless effect and functionality within your house, which are some of the main features experts in the field look for when designing an interior. 

Living room flooring ideas

The room where we spend most of our time should radiate values close to you. Although flooring does not sound like a source for this kind of reflection, it completes the overall design and helps achieve the wanted effect that fills the space with the right amount of comfort. Undoubtedly, wood is the first variant that comes to mind, and believe us, the variety of gray shades opens to you an array of possibilities. Let’s see what the options in this sense are!

  • Gray hardwood. From the lighter shades for a lifting effect to the darker ones for a better resemblance to natural wood, a hardwood floor will surely make coziness a permanent guest of your living;
  • Gray wood effect tiles. For increased functionality, experts suggest opting for tiles, even for such spaces as living. You will preserve the wood texture from a visual perspective while keeping it practical;
  • Aged gray wood. Wood for coziness, gray for a trendy look, and aged effect for visual interest. What else could you dream of? Such an option will fit perfectly modern settings, adding a scent of the past centuries, and complement the rustic, Farmhouse, Vintages styles;
  • Gray herringbone. Are you looking for functionality? Stop at wood effect tiles. Do you want more comfort? Nothing will provide it better than wood. Regardless of which way you go, the herringbone pattern combined with gray is the pairing of style, texture, and up-to-date effect. Too much herringbone lately? Go for chevron!

The wooden floor can be replaced successfully only with tiles. Although we have already tackled the wood effect tiles, we exclude here wood at all. Be it a glossy or matte surface, a simple or sophisticated pattern, gray will balance the contrasts. Let’s find out what this variation has to offer!

  • Gray marble gloss. Elegant, full of charm and chic notes, such a variant for the floor will complete a formal setting and add glamour to the simplest designs;
  • Gray stone texture. The raw surface texture, which implies the gray color naturally, will serve as a perfect companion for a Scandinavian setting or a rustic design;
  • Gray porcelain tiles. A variety of shades and patterns can be considered within this context. Nevertheless, we suggest opting for as neutral designs as possible, benefiting from a similar effect from gray. The top variant is to opt for tiles that replicate stone, which is more affordable than the previous option and easier to take care of.

Bedroom flooring ideas

The further we go, the more personal it feels, which means we need more comfort and individuality added to interior design. As you have probably noticed, we tend to seek coziness in natural elements. This is why we refer again to wood. Let’s discover what it has to offer for bedroom flooring!

  • Textured gray wood. Rich in texture, emphasized by contrasts and shaped by an aged effect, a wooden surface like that will serve as a perfect backdrop due to its neutral color and add visual interest to the interior;
  • Whitewashed wood with gray effect. Warmer gray undertones for a calmer feel or colder shades for an airy effect. It is up to you which effect fits your space better. As regards the rest, the whitewashed feature will add individuality to your style.

Of course, wood is a timeless variant, but there are plenty of other options to suit any style and preference. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones!

  • Full covering with carpet. For the lovers of extra-comfort, here you are: a floor covered entirely with carpet. It may seem out-of-date, but this is when gray benefits your space most of all by making the floor look like a perfect background, which appears to be comfortable at touch;
  • Matte gray tiles. A little bit uncommon, maybe too bold, but definitely outstanding. A modern bedroom will have a lot to gain from a floor like that. The matte surface will keep it within the limits of visual comfort while gray will add a splash of raw scent that has been extremely popular lately;
  • Gray laminate. Although resembling wood, its synthetic structure made us include it separately. Easy to install and take care of, such an approach is a favorite among DIY lovers. Particularly gray is popular in this respect, and it will not be hard to find laminate in this color, choosing a design that suits your preference.

Kitchen flooring ideas

Although there is a wide variety of options, your list of preferences should be led by options that put the emphasis on functionality and, of course, style. We hasten to assure you that it does not limit you in any sense, and the list of possibilities is still large.  One should note that a similar approach also has to be applied to the dining area. What do you say if we dive into the best options in this respect right now?

  • Gray hardwood. Your flooring will instantly become a point of interest due to the natural grain and achieve a cozy environment since the wooden texture is all you need to add comfort. Consider a specific surface layer to avoid any damage to wood;
  • Gray laminate. Unlike the previous option, this one offers you the possibility to choose a particular design; what a coincidence that specifically wooden texture is a favorite. Nevertheless, laminate is easier to work with and take care of;
  • Gray porcelain tiles. From herringbone to beehive pattern, play with shapes and opt for a gray shade that will complement the color of the cabinets or add contrast;
  • Gray marble tiles. Matte surface for an ultra-modern setting and polished one for an additional note of elegance, the gray marble tiles are ready to elevate your interior to another level;
  • Raw gray stone. Raw surfaces are an outstanding trend in interior design, and they are easy to integrate by opting for such materials as stone, particularly for flooring. Actual stone or stone effect tiles will surely complete a rustic, Farmhouse, or industrial design to the fullest.

Bathroom flooring ideas

Functionality comes here in the first place. Therefore, tiles are your true companions in this respect. Large or small, simple or bold, it all depends on the style of your bathroom. Let’s go through some of our favorite options that we promise you will fall in love with!

  • Play with patterns. Gray is neutral enough to keep it balanced, which offers you a large variety of possibilities when it comes to patterns. Do you look for a sense of stability? Repetitive herringbone is at your disposal. Do you feel like your bathroom is missing something? Add a playful effect with mosaic tiles. Does it seem like your bathroom lacks individuality? Culture-inspired gray patterns on a white background will solve the problem.
  • Terrazzo style. Our beloved Terrazzo style is back with a new variation. A seemingly simple design, although full of texture, will fill your bathroom with stability, add visual interest, and shape the environment towards a unique effect;
  • Raw again and again. We are aware that the raw effect of stone has been mentioned in this article a lot of times, but what can we do with a popular trend rather than integrate it? When it comes to the bathroom, a different approach is required. Forget about stone effect tiles and consider only actual raw surfaces that radiate texture. In combination with a constituent element of the bathroom, which is water, such texture will fill this space with a fresh accent.
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