Kitchen in gray tones: ideas for design and decoration

The gray kitchen in the interior provides an opportunity to realize stylish design solutions and combine the aesthetics of different styles. Thanks to the competent drawing up of the color scheme, you can achieve an original and ergonomic design of the room.

Today, the kitchen is not only a place where many different delicacies are prepared, but also a cozy place for evening tea with family, a romantic dinner by candlelight, friendly gatherings. The modern interior of this room should emphasize the conciseness of the room, aesthetics and functionality. An excellent choice for such purposes is the design of the kitchen in gray tones. Gray color will emphasize the sophistication of details, give an atmosphere of calm and give the room an elegant look.

Features of gray color

Designers believe that smoky shades are a win-win option that goes well with any style of interior: from exquisite Scandinavian to conservative classic. But do not forget about some of the features of gray color, which will help to easily realize all the ideas.

  • Lead color is able to reveal the richness and beauty of its companions. Especially successful combinations are gray with coffee, white, black, blue and green.
  • Light gray tones will visually expand the space and make it more spacious.
  • Certain interior styles look great in gray tones: avant-garde, art deco, eclecticism, classic, Provence, high-tech, minimalism and Scandinavian design.
  • So that this color does not look too cold, it will be enough to install decorative lighting in the form of LED lamps.
  • One of the most successful and proven combinations is the gray color in tandem with wood or stone. It can be decor elements or furniture.
  • In the interior of a gray kitchen, dishes from clay, porcelain and glass will look spectacular.
  • Dark gray color can serve as a good background for paintings or photographs that will become a real highlight of the kitchen.
  • Smoky shades in the kitchen – this is practical, because against their background stains, plaque and spots are almost invisible.

Interior Styles

Gray kitchen in the modern style

This is one of the most common kitchen design options. Modern style includes simplicity, elegance and practicality. Clear lines, furniture with steel facades, eco-friendly items, laconic accessories. In combination with gray shades, the modern interior can look both daring and calmly.

Gray kitchen in the Scandinavian style 

An ideal choice for aesthetes and minimalists. The main features of Scandinavian motifs are the environmental friendliness of materials, the rigor of the shapes and arrangement of furniture, the presence of bright artificial lighting, the maximum functionality of objects and the absence of excess decor. Gray color correctly emphasizes the utilitarian nature of things and freedom of space.

Gray kitchen in the classical style

Mature gray tones and classics are faithful companions. This style of interior is characterized by luxurious furniture, dim lighting, precious metal decor, the prevalence of geometric shapes of furniture. Such a gloss will be impeccable and original against a background of granite or gray-blue color.

Gray kitchen in the Provence style 

Rustic charm, simplicity of furniture and textiles, decor from natural materials, wicker items. This is just a small description of the cozy Provence style that goes well with the light gray. It will create in the kitchen additional light and space. In addition, gray is perfectly combined with the decor of bronze and copper, which is an integral part of Provence.

Gray kitchen in the eclectic style

The unusual term “eclecticism” means a combination of a wide variety of styles in one room. It can be a classic style with ethnic elements or a modern design with antique decor. Such bold and creative experiments are not scary to do against a gray background. It will beautifully accentuate every single detail.


Using a balanced combination of gray shades and the correct application of their gradation, it turns out to form an inspiring interior.

Light gray tones

Light gray tones, characterized by a certain smokiness, are often used to decorate elements such as an backsplash, countertop or flooring.

Truly elegant and rich is the silver color, which allows you to create a festive atmosphere in the room. This shade creates a beautiful contrast with dark and light wall, and also harmonizes with any textures.

Warm gray tones help to set a certain tonal orientation to the room. It make the interior softer, calmer and more refined.

A similar gray scale is used to create a light and calm design, both in classical and modern style. Furniture facades in light gray are perfectly combined with gold, silver fittings, countertops made of white oak, stone or marble.

Dark gray kitchens

Black and gray cuisine is distinguished by its special style and conciseness. This color scheme will look dull in a glossy design, giving the interior a rich gloss and visually expanding the space.

Dark anthracite and graphite tones add depth to the setting and fit best into spacious rooms.

Silver elements for a sink made of stainless steel, faucets, handles, lamps or various jars and utensils with chrome lids are very advantageously combined with a dark gray kitchen.

Combinations of gray with other colors

A modest gray color is able to reveal its merits thanks to certain companion colors.

Kitchen in gray and white colors

Such a tandem is perfect for a relaxed interior without any special design experiments. White color fills the space with purity, light and coolness and perfectly harmonizes with both a dark and light gray palette.

In the photo there is a small kitchen in the style of minimalism, designed in gray and white colors.

The interior of the gray-white kitchen can be advantageously supplemented with stone or wood worktops decorated with patina.

With the help of two-color design, you can distinguish the space of the kitchen combined with the living room. For clearer zoning, you can install a bar, island or other modular designs.

Kitchen in gray and beige color

A light gray-beige duo is often diluted with a third basic snow-white shade. This design solution is quite warm and helps to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in the interior.

The ideal and very subtle color combination is well suited for a small kitchen space. The gray-beige union does not have sharp contrasts, combines with other neutral tones and forms a soft, as if dusty interior.

Kitchen in gray and brown color

With a competent tint combination, it turns out to create an attractive and rather original room design. Ash gray is most often combined with chocolate and coffee shades.

The combination of gray with wood in beige tones or wenge color has a luxurious, yet restrained look. Against the background of walls with ash decoration, furniture is set up, decorated with wooden facades of oak, alder, beech or walnut, which can be left in kind or varnished.

Kitchen in gray color with bright accents

To create a catchy modern interior will help bright shades of red. This rich color scheme is found in furniture facades with a glossy surface, a backsplash or textiles.

With the addition of contrasting pink accents, the atmosphere is endowed with a certain glamor. For a more relaxed design, the use of discreet pale pink tones is recommended.

The interior with the addition of lilac or various purple shades, looks very colorful and elegant. Purple notes will give the gray kitchen romance and femininity.

Gray in combination with pearl or gold tones will look no less luxurious.

In order for the atmosphere in the room to become truly summer and fresh, green, light green or olive colors are used. Those colors can be represented both in furniture and in decor, for example, using plants.

In the interior of a dimly lit gray kitchen, the sunny shades will be an excellent solution. Gray walls in combination with yellow facades or a massive chandelier with a fabric lampshade will look very original.

An interesting combination is with blue colors, which is an ideal option for Scandinavian design. So that the gray room is not too cold, it is equipped with a sufficient amount of lighting.

Monochrome combinations

The monochrome kitchen interior is made in different shades of gray spectrum, without the use of additional colors. Wooden furniture or natural textiles will help to dilute the monotonous and boring atmosphere.

In a monochromatic interior, the combination of different textures and materials are used. With the help of smooth and embossed, transparent and matte surfaces, the design looks much more expressive and dynamic.


The choice of finishing materials for the kitchen space must be approached with particular responsibility.


The most common coating in the interior is ceramic tile, parquet or laminate. Also, linoleum will be an excellent option. Quite often, the kitchen combines floor trim, for example, the working area is laid out with tiled material, and the dining area is decorated with a warmer wood coating.


For walls, it is appropriate to use wallpaper that has an unobtrusive pattern or plain color paintings. A rough texture will allow you to effectively shade gray surfaces, for example, it can be brick, concrete or natural stone.


In the lining of the ceiling, ordinary painting, multi-level drywall constructions with built-in lighting, slats or plastic panels can be used. In color, it is recommended to give preference to white shades. The light ceiling plane against the background of the gray wall finish visually looks much higher.


The backsplash area in the interior is finished with fine mosaics in steel tones or wet asphalt tiles. Gray cabinets will look unusual in combination with an backsplash lined with brick or its imitation. A luxurious solution is the use of materials in the form of marble or painted tiles with ornaments.

For the doors, with a pleasant wood coloring, for example, is better to use a gray oak. These designs do not overload the interior and become an excellent addition to any design project.

Furniture and appliances

The kitchen set for a gray kitchen can be made of wood. A similar design against the general interior background looks stylish and elegant. A perfect solution would be a model with an ivory or cream top and ash bottom.

The dining area is decorated with a pale gray or coffee-smoky table and chairs with iron or bronze inserts.

The furniture is mainly characterized by a laconic form, strict smooth facades or carved cabinets with original fittings. For a more effective design, glossy shiny surfaces in combination with stainless steel elements are appropriate.

For the interior of a gray kitchen in a classic style, wooden furniture elements are suitable, and a high-tech or loft style is favorably emphasized by a glass table with chrome legs.

An ideal complement is a refrigerator with a bronze or steel case. To create a gray-white interior, you can acquire classic white appliances.

The most practical is the countertop of an ash or granite shade, which is in harmony with the facades in any range. To give the surrounding environment extra luxury, choose a base made of natural stone.

Which curtains are suitable?

Silver curtains will help to complete the interior in an original way. For kitchens with facades, decorated glass inserts and chrome fittings, blue curtains are suitable. In a light gray room, ashen shades will be appropriate.

For a dynamic and vibrant design, saturated turquoise, pink, orange curtains can be hung on the windows and combined with colorful pillows, chair covers, towels, tablecloths and other textiles.

The interior of the gray kitchen has an elegant, stylish look and is distinguished by chic and a certain severity. Such a refined, restrained, noble and aristocratic design is very popular and fashionable in modern design.

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