What color walls work best with green carpet: 7 perfect combinations

When it comes to the choice of carpet color, most people consider natural shades as they are easy to combine with other interior design elements. Nevertheless, if you decided to go bold and opted for a green carpet, there is nothing to worry about, as this color brings a lot of positivity. Although a bright color in its nature, green tends to stabilize the energy in your room and bring a touch of freshness to the environment. 

Stay with us, and we will reveal to you the best options you can consider when it comes to the appropriate combination between a green carpet and the color of the walls. Get prepared because the journey is long and obstacles are many, but you will totally love the result. We prepared a list of colors that would match a green carpet and invite you to go through it and get inspired. 

Snowy white

The choice of a green carpet itself is a bold step, so when it comes to the color of the walls, we suggest you opt for neutral shades to balance the contrast and add stability to the interior decor. 

One of the best options in this sense is white. It will match perfectly the bright green carpet and serve as a flexible background for any decorative elements.

Fresh mint

You are probably wondering how two shades of the same color would look together. You will probably be right if you think that it is not the best combination for interior design. But there is one thing you have to consider: you should not opt for a mint green, but a light shade of mint, which is relatively different from the previous one and offers the room a touch of freshness. As in the example mentioned above, this color will also serve as a perfect background for other decorative elements and, at the same time, add harmony to the existing atmosphere that was set by the green carpet. 

Vibrant coral

This contrasting color will perfectly match a green carpet. It will bring a summer breeze into the room. You could go two ways in this sense: a bolder shade of coral for a bold-green carpet or a soothing coral for a pale-green carpet. Either way, the combination is unreal and brings you back to the color mixtures that can be met in nature.

Light gray

There is no doubt gray can seem cold and set a serious environment within a room. But this is not the case because the green carpet will fill the space with warmth and vibrance. This combination will result in a perfect contrast of two different concepts. Therefore, the interior decor will be enriched with harmony.

Pale yellow

A pale shade of yellow is everything a room with green carpet is missing. The colors may seem different, but being combined, it is like they are two parts of the same whole. Is it hard to imagine? We can explain. Green and yellow stand next to each other on the wheel of colors, which leads to the perfect matching between them. Nevertheless, we suggest you use a pale shade of yellow to make a subtle transition from the bold green.

Berry blue

It is quite a complex combination. Both colors are bold, although it should be noted that this particular shade of blue gives a colder vibe. This is the reason why they go well together, as the bold green fills the space left by the blue. Of course, this combination will not match any interior design, but if there is the case, and you would like to make a statement, the floor is yours.

Creamy beige

This particular shade is not far from yellow. Thus, there is no need to explain its perfect matching with green. Furthermore, it is a neutral color, and it will fit well a bold-colored carpet by setting stability to the interior decor and harmony to the atmosphere. It should be noted that the creamy feature of this color brings calmness into a room filled with vibrance, which, of course, is the effect of the green carpet.

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