Half Wall Design Ideas You Should Try in 2023

Also known under the cute name “pony wall”, a half wall is an emerging trend that promises to stay on trend for the following seasons, all due to the comeback of open-floor interiors requiring intelligent and stylish space partitions that don’t enclose the room. Interestingly, the pony wall is traced to the short walls used for pony stables. 

Back to our subject. Open interiors are highly valued in contemporary design, and half walls have their well-deserved place in this context. Let’s discover the updated design ideas for a trendy and brand-new half wall in your house. These are the absolute musts of the season. You have the designer’s word.

Where to Install a Half Wall

  • In open-concept rooms. Use them to separate combined functional areas in the same room. Or as partitions in studio apartments;
  • In the bathroom. Since most bathrooms are relatively small in contrast with other rooms, use half walls to separate, for instance, the vanity area from the wet zone or toilet, without stealing much space and airiness;
  • In the entryway space. Say, you don’t have a separate room for the entryway. Consider a pony wall to separate the entry area from the rest of the room it enters into;
  • For extra storage. Suppose you need additional storage space in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. In that case, you can easily install a built-in composition of open shelves that will act like a half wall and offer functional and original space for your belongings.

We feel you are ready to dive into our carefully selected collection of the best half wall design ideas. Enjoy!

Pony Wall Counter

Work smarter, not harder. If you are the lucky owner of an open-floor living room combined with a kitchen, a partition pony wall sounds suitable. Even better – use the available space functionally and make a kitchen counter out of the half wall. This works especially for those who cannot set up a separate dining area. 

Half Wall with Window

Opt for pony walls with windows attached for full-room partitions, particularly in studio apartments and open-concept design projects. It works incredibly well when combining a kitchen with a lounge area. This way, the cooking process won’t interfere much with the relaxation space. 

Designers are fond of framed windows painted black or white. Loft and Industrial interiors prefer black-framed windows above the half wall structure. 

Add Open Storage

Use practically the space above the half wall by installing built-in bookshelves. Now, you’ll have space for your kitchen, living room, or bedroom belongings. Moreover, such convenient storage won’t stop the light from fully flooding the room. Your favorite books, framed photos, or personalized decor will always be on display.

Beautify Your Pony Wall

Even minimalism lovers will fall in love with these gorgeous decorative ideas for the half wall. Designers firmly state that decorating the space above a half wall, if it is the case, looks much better than leaving everything as it is. Intricate wooden or metallic constructions, with or without glass inserts, draw the eye and delight your sense of taste. Some of these decorated pony walls may inspire you.

Staircase Half Wall

Out of practical reasons, it would be wise to install a half wall, around the staircase area, on the second, third, or whichever floor. You can leave it as it is, transform it into built-in open storage to allow more light into the staircase space, or even incorporate a mini-home office by adding a functional desk to the pony wall.

Glass Half Wall

A trendy pony wall isn’t necessarily a no-see-through structure. Split-level interiors, like the following Modern Industrial Vacation Cottage Interior Design, elaborated by Hackrea’s top online designer Alex Jolea, are the safest bet for glass half walls. Feel free to get inspired by this high-end interior and its perfect integration of a glass pony wall on the second floor.

Half Wall or Headboard

If you have a large enough bedroom, you’ll most probably like the idea of a half wall at the head of your bedroom. It can functionally separate the sleeping area from the get-ready space and even provide built-in storage. 

Add Privacy in the Bathroom

A mini-half wall covered with tiles is an unmatchable partition option in the bathroom. Use it to separate the wet area from the rest of the room or add privacy to the shower stall. An excellent bonus is using the wall for built-in storage on any side you want.

Pony Wall in an Open-Floor Bedroom

Enjoy yourself and cherish every moment. If you like the idea of a bathtub right in the sleeping space or a personal bathroom, you can enter directly from the bedroom, save space and preserve the room large and well-lit with a pony wall between the two functional zones. More and more designers integrate this design concept into their new projects, claiming it to be an absolute must in a contemporary master bedroom.

Pony Wall: Between Practical and Stylish

If you are the happy owner of a large master bedroom, consider this idea for your next makeover: a center-located half wall, free-standing, or as a headboard on one side. Use it to underline an additional functional area, which can be a get-ready zone for both a masculine or feminine bedroom. 

If you are interested in more design ideas alike, feel free to discover them in our new articles on Men’s Bedroom Ideas and Women’s Bedroom Ideas, put together with love and professionalism by experienced designers. 

Cozy Up the Lounge Area

Stay original and comfortable in your house with a unique fireplace built into the pony wall. The glass fireplace walls will share warmth with all functional areas in the room. Choose solid materials for the surrounding space, such as stone, wood, or concrete.

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