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Halloween decoration 2021: trends & ideas to match your interior design and 20+ inspirational photos
Irina Tomsa -

Halloween decoration 2021: trends & ideas to match your interior design and 20+ inspirational photos

Irina Tomsa / August 25, 2021 - views 144 - 2 likes

Autumn is in the air, and with the autumn breeze come pumpkin shades of scent, which means that Halloween is not far away. There is no doubt that this spooky period in the calendar is awaited by many people worldwide, especially by kids, but not only. For the adults, this is the perfect occasion to put into practice their imagination and bring some changes to their interior decor.

It has become a tradition to decorate the house during Halloween, and we are sure that you would like to keep pace with all the new trends in this respect. Whether you want to add a sparkle of mystery to your house or you want to go farther and make a real horror place out of it, we are happy to give you some up-to-date hints that would satisfy any preferences.

Halloween is not only about ghosts and candies. It is also a possibility of showing what a genius you are when it comes to home decor. One thing is to choose the appropriate decorations. Another one is to integrate them properly into the design of your house. This is why we come with an array of tips that would bring this specific atmosphere to your house while matching the interior design of your room.

Halloween decor for kitchen in 2021

Who said that Halloween decor is only for a particular room. You can decorate your house as much as you want. At the same time, your decorations have to be in harmony with your colors, style, and general kitchen picture. Here are some thematic and stylish ideas for this particular part of the house:

Be as extra as possible

The more Halloween decorations, the spookier the atmosphere is. All you have to do is find a particular space in your kitchen that you don’t use much while cooking and decorate it as much as you want. It should be noted that this idea refers more to neutral color kitchens as the amalgam of Halloween elements would be emphasized within these conditions.

Go traditional

It may sound boring, but we are sure you know there is no Halloween without its formal elements and colors. We suggest you stick to the usual shades, mainly orange and black. As they are bold colors, they will match any kitchen background. As regards the decorations themselves, there is an array of possibilities: pumpkins, bats, crows.

Switch to Halloween dishes 

As we talk about the kitchen, we suggest bringing in dishes that would match the specific atmosphere. You can either use them as actual dishes or integrate them into the design of your kitchen. Either way, we are sure you will like the result.

Decorate the ceiling

Halloween is in the air. Isn’t that right? Then why not making it look like this atmosphere is really in the air? Nothing complicated about that. You have to hang some decorations and be surprised by them every time you enter the kitchen.

Halloween decor for the living room in 2021

You spend most of the time in the living room, where you also invite all your guests. Of course, you would like to make sure that it matches your and their expectations about the perfect Halloween decor. Here are some of the new ideas that would impress both of you:

Minimalist Halloween

You are probably wondering how the Halloween decor can be minimalist. If you play appropriately with the colors and elements, you can receive an interesting combination of simplicity that would match the room design and Halloween elements.

Halloween pictures

As pictures are becoming increasingly part of the home decor, especially the minimalist ones, why not introduce Halloween-specific pictures and add a mysterious sparkle to your room. There are various possibilities in this sense, whether these are images of Halloween elements or short words that refer to concepts peculiar to this period.

Switch to Halloween mood

Another idea is to change the clothes on your sofa. You can go in two ways in this sense. You can either bring more color by choosing orange, which, of course, is peculiar to Halloween, or black, which finds itself in the same category, but it is more of a neutral one. If your interior design of the room includes neutral colors, you can opt for both variants. At the same time, we suggest you choose the most appropriate color combination if your room has more than two shades of other colors.

Halloween decor for bedroom in 2021

The bedroom is a more personal space. This is why you better choose decorations that would match your personality. In this respect, we suggest you opt for bold decorations if you are more of an energetic person and minimalist decorations if you would not like to disturb the silence of your room decor.

Go bold

Halloween lasts one day. Nevertheless, the decorations last longer as they are put in place much ahead of this actual day. If you are willing to feel this particular atmosphere as much as possible, do not hesitate and use as many decorative elements as you want.

Go minimalist

As you have noticed, minimalism continues to be in trend. Whether your room is colorful or neutral, this type of decoration will match both of them perfectly. In this sense, we suggest you opt for neutral colors and a smaller number of decorative elements.

Bring in some Halloween scent

Candles have become a must for interior decor, especially the bedroom, where you want to feel relaxed. There are various thematic candles you can choose from, either minimalist or extravagant, that will add a bit of a spooky atmosphere. Furthermore, you can opt for Halloween-scented candles, for instance, the pumpkin ones.

Halloween decoration ideas to match your imagination: spooky ideas + inspirational photos

If you came so far, it means you are looking for something unique. You didn’t come here to play games. You want to make this atmosphere being felt in your house. There is nothing else to be said other than the fact that your only limit is your imagination and one more fact, how spooky your decorations wouldn’t be, they have to match the interior design. There is nothing to worry about. We always have solutions in this sense.

If you want to scare your guests, the perfect variant is to make your house look and feel like it is haunted. Easy to say, right? But how do we put this into practice? It is also simple if you follow our tips:

  • Spider web all over the house. Not the best idea for those who don’t like spiders, but this is what you want, to make it look scary.
  • Invite a skeleton bartender. What if your guests will be served a drink by a skeleton? It will totally increase their Halloween mood. That’s not all. We hope you didn’t forget about the interior design. We suggest you put this decoration on a neutral background, in a convenient place.
  • Pick your poison. Believe it or not, but a simple picture may change the perspective. In this respect, we suggest you put on walls different pictures that would make your guests regret they came to you, of course, in an ironical way.
  • Play with the lights. As simple as it sounds, lights play an enormous role in the way the house looks. The darker the room will appear, the spookier the guests will feel.

As you have noticed, you can use Halloween decorations to match your interior design with the up-to-date trends and, at the same time, put in practice some of the scariest ideas. Feel free to use your imagination. As regards the perfect way to combine it with the interior design of your house, have another look at the list of hints we provided you with and be sure that you will like the result.