Halloween wedding 2022: stylish tips & newest trends with 30+ photos to get you inspired

A Halloween wedding is not something ordinary, but it is becoming more popular. If you and your future-to-be spouse are Halloween amateurs and plan a wedding in the same style, we will make sure that you are provided with the best hints in this respect and the latest 2022 trends of a Halloween-themed party.

Whether you are planning on a cozy wedding party or consider a spooky-scented one, either way, we are ready to guide you through all types of choices in this sense.  Furthermore, we will help you reach the perfect result – a Halloween wedding that you will remember years after and will impress or even inspire your guests.

As a starting point, it should be noted that a wedding is first of all about you – future-to-be newlyweds. You probably have some ideas but don’t know how to put them together in a stylish way. Therefore, we will provide you with a variety of possibilities to set up a Halloween-themed area. Furthermore, we will offer an insight into the newest trends of a Halloween wedding so that you spend this important day in an up-to-date environment that would lead to long-lasting memories.

Classical Halloween wedding

You are probably wondering how these two concepts of “classic” and “Halloween wedding” can be combined. There is not such a complex idea behind this aspect. Halloween weddings are not a novelty, meaning that they already have a particular structure that is traced to traditional Halloween elements. One of these consists of the colors peculiar to Halloween, these ones being orange and black. If you want to stick to the classical Halloween concepts, there is nothing easier to do than picking these exact colors for all the decor elements. It should be noted that classical elements will never be out-of-date.

Haunted wedding ideas

If you want to add a new sparkle to your Halloween wedding, we suggest you consider a haunted wedding theme. It will emphasize the originality of the environment and of the wedding itself.

  • Dark and bright colors. This specific atmosphere is easy to incorporate into the wedding decor by choosing a contrastive combination between two opposite shades of color.
  • Mysterious decor. Enrich your wedding decor with unusual and scary elements, such as a combination between skulls and flowers of different shades.
  • A touch of serenity. It does not mean that you have to be quiet. We refer to the idea that you have to bring serenity within the wedding decor so that your guests will be scared to say a word within such an environment, ironically speaking.

Go all black

There is no doubt that black is not common for weddings. Although, it should be noted that it has become more popular within such events. Furthermore, if used appropriately, it offers a touch of elegance to your wedding. If you think that all black is a little bit extra for your wedding, we suggest you add another shade of color. Take a look at the photos below and make your own impression.

Add a sparkle of golden

Regardless of any other colors involved, a touch of golden would enrich the wedding decor. It emphasizes the beauty of autumn and gives a fresh perspective upon the general picture of the other wedding elements.

Indoor Halloween wedding

  • Classical white. If you want to keep the classical color of a wedding, we suggest you stick to it as regards the main elements of the decor and add tinier details that would slightly remind the guests that this is a Halloween wedding.
  • Stuck in the spider web. A spider web all over the place would emphasize the idea of a Halloween wedding. Furthermore, you can improvise a spider-web table cloth, which would be both practical and unique.
  • Pick your treat. Set a “pick your treat” area in a particular style. We suggest you stick to a specific color and keep the decor as simple as possible as not to draw attention from the main parts of the decoration.

Outdoor Halloween wedding

  • Play with the lights. As the wedding will take place outside, you have to ensure that the setting will have enough light when the night comes. You can do this in two ways, either by decorating the area with artificial lights or putting in place a lot of candles.
  • Outdoor decor. An outdoor wedding decor requires specific elements that would not lose their originality in the context of natural beauty. We suggest you stick to bold colors and cute elements that would slightly emphasize the idea of the wedding.

Halloween scented dishes

If you want to impress your guests even when they are eating at your wedding, pick Halloween-themed dishes. Taking into consideration that we talk about a wedding, it is worth noting the fact that the wedding dishes have to be directed toward an elegant style. We suggest you stick to a particular color combination that would match both the Halloween theme and the wedding setting. In this sense, you can consider such combinations as black and golden, royal blue and golden, burgundy and golden.

Halloween wedding cake

Of course, the cake relates, firstly, to the wedding dessert, but as it is one of the main elements of a wedding, we find it useful to suggest to you some examples of a Halloween wedding cake. It completes the picture of a Halloween wedding, and it is essential to pick a Halloween-themed cake. Take a look at the photos below for inspiration.

Dark Halloween wedding

If you are an Halloween amateurs and want a wedding that would not only impress your guests by its uniqueness but also by its creepy character, then we are more than happy to suggest to you the best ideas in this respect.

  • Creepy elements of decor. We suggest you stick to such Halloween elements as skulls as much as you want as long as they match the background color. You can place them either on the table or other parts of furniture to integrate them perfectly into the picture of the wedding setting.
  • Sleepy cocktail dishes. If you want to impress your guests when inviting them to a drink, what you have to do is pick poisonous-looking glasses and let the effect speak for itself.
  • Scary wedding ceremony setting. To impress your guests and set up a wedding ceremony that you would never forget, not only because of the event itself but also due to the setting, we suggest you pick a particular place in the woods that would add some mystery. Take a look at the picture, and you will get the hint. 

We hope you took into consideration some of the tips offered by us. Here is another one: don’t be afraid to try something new. Let the imagination play its role, stick to our hints, and you will not regret taking this bold step for the perfect themed wedding.

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