Hampton style homes: the luxury and elegance you deserve
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Hampton style homes: the luxury and elegance you deserve

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If you are looking for an exciting style and prefer light, uncluttered styles, turn your attention to the Hamptons design direction.

In Australia, Hampton-style homes are slowly but surely winning the hearts of homeowners. This style was born in the USA and got its name from the elite Hamptons resort – a suburb of New York. Residents and vacationers love the modest, but at the same time, cozy and spacious houses. By the way, very wealthy people introduced the style into fashion.

Features of the Hamptons style

“Beach Housing” – this is how the Hamptons style can be summed up. Wooden houses are most often painted in light colors, which has become their distinctive feature. Of course, the original purpose of light paint is to protect from the scorching sun.

Another feature of such housing is the priority use of natural light. In this case, the larger the window, the better. The windows look stylish and modern, and their highlight is the invariable white frames. Wood and natural fabrics are welcomed in the decoration. Wide verandas visually enlarge the living space, giving the house solidity. The ideal design solution is full-wall glass doors. Then the boundaries between the street and the room seem to be erased.