Hardwood Flooring Trends 2023: Texture, Color, Pattern, Finish, and Layout

Hardwood flooring tops the list of the latest flooring trends this season, which is not surprising in the context of environmental protection when natural wood planks substantially overshadow the other floor covering alternatives. What is actually hardwood? Hardwood flooring is made of the natural wood texture of the available species, which are pretty hard and long-lasting. Oak flooring is the most popular, yet you’ll probably be surprised to find out that bamboo and cork are also to be found among walnut, mahogany, cherry, and many others. 

Take note – if you opt for brand-new hardwood planks, make sure they are the product of sustainably harvested forests. On the other hand, you can always opt in favor of reclaimed hardwood planks, which are more affordable and come with a bonus – the beloved aged effect that is so trendy in contemporary spaces. All in all, hardwood flooring works for ultra-modern apartment designs and traditional residential houses, which makes it suitable for any style, besides the impressive sturdiness, possibility to refinish the surface, and long-lasting feature of this floor covering. So far, so good, but what are the design trends for hardwood flooring this season? Let’s find out!

For a hardwood floor to look quite impressive, you need to pay close attention to the surface texture. In 2023, preference should be given to the following processing methods:

  • Brushing – such a floor has a pronounced relief since soft fibers are scraped out of the boards during production; brushing emphasizes the specificity of the wood and brings a light atmosphere of creativity and spontaneity to the atmosphere;
  • Antique effect – on such hardwood flooring, you can notice deliberately made cracks or scuffs, creating a feeling of long-term use and elitism; do not try to age your floor on your own since factories use a particular serif method for this purpose;
  • Planing – this method of processing makes the surface slightly wavy. The hardwood flooring looks unusual and expensive; this season, non-standard textures will be especially relevant, emphasizing the difference between individual boards, so you can safely purchase this type of floor.

Of course, if you prefer a perfectly flat surface, you can easily choose the option without specific effects. Such floors are considered classics by right, so they never go out of fashion.

In 2023, natural woody shades will continue to be in vogue. However, experts also recommend taking a closer look at more original color solutions. Let’s name the colors that are supposed to be popular:

  • Natural color. The untreated natural wood color cannot be replaced by any available alternative. Depending on what type of hardwood you opt for, your floor will be provided with a new identity filled with naturally colored grains of wood;
  • Light shades (gray and whitewash). Bleached hardwood floors come from Scandinavia. Among their advantages is that they always look fresh and visually expand the space. Such a floor seems slightly aged since a darker one looks out from under the upper light layer, which makes it especially in demand. As an alternative, you can choose gray hardwood floor for specific design projects;
  • Earthy brown and orange. Warm colors enliven the interior and give it extra comfort. This trend will be relevant for a long time, as it allows you to experiment with styles and shades safely. You can install furniture made of wood in such a room, creating a classic harmony or bright contrast. Metallic elements add brightness and originality to the interior;
  • Black. The room, finished with solid black hardwood, instantly acquires refined elegance. Glass, metal, and strict lines, so characteristic of hi-tech and minimalism, will be entirely appropriate here. However, do not overuse dark shades in the interior. Otherwise, it will seem overly gloomy and official. A perfect solution would be to “soften” the black with clean and light tones of walls, furniture, and curtains;
  • Chocolate. This luxurious rich shade will brighten not only an elegant living room but also a modest bedroom or hallway. Since the dark color masks surface imperfections well, such a floor always looks new. It will be good in combination with walls of ash, blue or orange hue.

If you find it challenging to decide on your preferences, then, especially for you, we will mention another trend – boards that differ in tone. The difference can be both subtle and significant, up to apparent contrasts. Such a floor will undoubtedly become the object of your guests’ close attention since it seems voluminous and involuntarily mesmerizes the eye. And the most important aspect – it stands out from the crowd, which is the base design concept of the new trends.

The most popular in 2023 will be wide boards with a pronounced pattern of wood rings. This trend is explained by designers’ desire for maximum naturalness, which can sometimes go to the detriment of aesthetics. We advise you to pay attention to the following selection (varieties) of hardwood flooring:

  • Natural – in the upper layer, there are annual rings and noticeable transitions of shades, small knots, sapwood, and eyes are also acceptable;
  • Rustic – has a variegated pattern formed by knots and sapwood up to 10 mm in size.

Such wood floors look very picturesque in the interior and harmoniously combine with most design solutions.

Glossy surfaces are rapidly falling out of fashion, being replaced by practical, slightly roughened floors. In this regard, the following finishes will be in demand:

  • Satin – such boards are distinguished by a subdued, barely noticeable shine, which makes the room neat and elegant without apparent pretentiousness; besides, the satin surface masks dirt better than gloss;
  • Matte – such floors look very modern and reliable, of course, if high-quality wood was used for their production.

If you want to make your home even more attractive, we recommend purchasing an uncoated floor and applying varnish or oil to it yourself. This processing is carried out after installation. As a result, the boards begin to look as natural as possible since their natural texture is emphasized.

For solid hardwood flooring to fully reveal its potential and become a real interior decoration, it is necessary to consider the installation method in advance. The boards must look stylish and match the characteristics of the room. 

Going with the classy diagonal layout of large-size boards is the no-fail option. If you want something more special, go further. The trend of parquets with any design you can imagine has become very popular recently. Such flooring involuntarily arouses curiosity. Experts say that such styling will be in demand for at least several more years, so lovers of bold experiments in the design should try to diversify the interior. Begin with herringbone or chevron as some of the timeless choices, or get a personalized layout. 

If your room is too large and you want to make it a little cozier and more compact, choose only longboards. And for small rooms, short elements can become a real find, which visually gives them the necessary space by crushing the area.

Key Findings and Recommendations

Hardwood flooring is a modern design solution that will be at the peak of popularity for more than one year. To make your home look stylish and in line with fashion trends, adhere to the following rules:

  • Give preference to natural textures – brushing, planing, and some other processing methods help to emphasize the beauty of wood fibers;
  • Use natural shades – however, it is not at all necessary to stop at brown, beige, and gray: you can safely adopt rich chocolate, black, and copper tones;
  • Consider the configuration of the room – for large rooms, purchase longboards, and for small ones – miniature;
  • Do not strive for perfection – scuffs, cracks, and knots look interesting and enliven the interior.

When choosing a solid hardwood floor for your home, remember that there should be no more than 50% wood in the room. Otherwise, it will not be possible to achieve the effect of originality. Designers claim that dark wood feels “heavier”, golden shades make it cozier and warmer, and discreet muted cools down the space. Therefore, if, for example, you have made a choice in favor of a black floor, try to add a little lightness and liveliness to the atmosphere.

Thus, wood floors provide many possibilities for creative ideas. Modern fashion trends also almost do not limit you in expressing your imagination. Don’t hesitate to express yourself when arranging your home!

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